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News from China
Walmart CEO hopes for collaborative relations between US, China
24th August 2020

 Walmart CEO Doug McMillon said on Wednesday he hopes the United States and China will build a "collaborative" relationship amid worsening bilateral relations.

"It's obviously a very important relationship, the relationship between the United States and China. China still plays a important role in our supply chain. We also have stores and clubs and e-commerce investment in China," Doug McMillon said in his appearance at Fox Business' "Mornings with Maria."
"It is our hope that these countries will work together, this administration and in years to come, to find ways to have a collaborative relationship," he added. "We want to be able to do business in China. I know a lot of American businesses and farmers and others want to as well."
Despite the decrease in unemployment, a slow job growth and further spread of COVID-19 have cast shadows on US recovery pace.
Walmart has hired roughly 500,000 people since mid-March, but many of those roles are temporary. McMillon also called on the government to support small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic.
"A lot of those people lost jobs. They've got to have jobs to go back to. We need Congress to come together to figure out what steps needed to be taken so small businesses are protected," he added.
The company has more than 400 stores and clubs in China, and has been building e-commerce operations there since the end of 2010.
According to the earnings Walmart shared on Tuesday, the retailer's profit spiked 79 percent in the three months through June as more customers ordered goods online while riding out the COVID-19 pandemic from home.
Source: Shanghai Daily, August 24, 2020
China's investment in B&R countries up 28.9%
21st August 2020

 China's non-financial direct investments in countries along the Belt and Road stood at US$10.27 billion in the first seven months, up by 28.9 percent year on year, data showed on Thursday.

The investments accounted for 17 percent of China's total non-financial outbound direct investments in the same period, up by 4.5 percentage points year on year, according to the Ministry of Commerce.
In terms of foreign contracted projects, Chinese enterprises have signed new contracts worth US$67.18 billion in countries along the B&R in the January-July period.
The new contract value accounts for 55.2 percent of China's foreign contracted projects in the same period.
The completed turnover of foreign contracted projects in B&R countries was US$40.43 billion, accounting for 57.8 percent of the country's total.
Source: Shanghai Daily, August 21, 2020
Cui Tiankai says China has 'no intention or interest' to influence US domestic politics
20th August 2020

 China remains committed to building a comprehensive, stable and constructive relationship and has "no intention or interest" to get involved in US domestic politics, Chinese Ambassador to the United States Cui Tiankai has said.

"China remains committed to working with the United States to overcome the difficulties and build a future-oriented relationship based on coordination, cooperation and stability," said Cui in a keynote speech at a webinar on issues related to China-US relations at the invitation of President John R. Allen of the Brookings Institution on August 13.
"Lately there have been official statements from Beijing with this clear message," said Cui, referring a recent article on the China-US relationship from a historical perspective by Yang Jiechi, Member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and Director of the Office of the Central Commission for Foreign Affairs.
State Counselor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and other senior officials also reiterated China's commitment to the healthy development of China-US relations in their speeches and interviews, he added.
"We look forward to positive responses from the US side," the ambassador said.
"Maybe some people believe that China is just waiting for the result of the US presidential election in November. Let me make it very clear here, we are not waiting for anything, and we are never willing to waste time in waiting," he said. "Besides, American domestic dynamics is well beyond what we can predict or influence. We have no intention or interest to get involved."
"During his visit to China almost 50 years ago, President Richard Nixon cited Chairman Mao's poem, 'We should seize the day, seize the hour.' Today we still need to seize the day, seize the hour," Cui said.
"We are ready to work with the current administration to search for solutions to existing problems anytime anywhere, even today or tomorrow. I just hope that they will free themselves from the panic and paranoid, which is costing them common sense in such a shocking way," he said.
"People from all walks of life in China and the United States should stay guarded against vicious attempts to push the bilateral relationship to confrontation and conflict," he said. "We should firmly resist any resurgence of McCarthyism, and expand two-way exchanges and cooperation, so as to get the China-US relationship back to the right track as soon as possi
Source: Shanghai Daily, August 20, 2020
Xi urges efforts to improve disaster prevention capability
19th August 2020

 Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has said that the country must improve its capability to prevent and combat disasters in its effort to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way.

The ability to prevent and combat natural disasters should be modernized, Xi said Tuesday during his inspection tour in east China's Anhui Province.
The Chinese nation has been fighting against natural disasters for thousands of years and has accumulated valuable experience. And the fight will go on, he said.
"In this fight, we should respect nature, conform to the laws of nature and live in harmony with nature," he said.
Source: Shanghai Daily, August 19, 2020

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