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News from China
Domestic investors remaining cautious
21st June 2017

 CHINESE investors are expected to remain conservative this year as most of their investments are allocated to traditionally defensive asset classes, according to an investment survey released yesterday.

The survey, conducted by Legg Mason, a US-based asset management firm, said more than 68 percent of investments are allocated to traditionally defensive asset classes — cash (23.8 percent), fixed income (27.5 percent), investment real estate (10.7 percent) and gold or precious metals (6.4 percent).
Most investors are bullish on domestic assets and support the country’s measures to strengthen China’s economy.
“A significant portion of Chinese investors are bullish on domestic assets. Besides local business investment, Chinese investors also believe domestic stocks offer the best opportunities over the next 12 months,” said Freeman Tsang, director of business development of Legg Mason Global Asset Management.
Up to 44 percent of Chinese investors endorse ongoing reforms, 42 percent agree with efforts to support strong international trade, and 38 percent support continued infrastructure spending.
“Chinese investors are more interested in domestic investment than other investors. Around 88 percent of Chinese investors hold investments in their own country, compared with 80 percent of Asian investors and 76 percent of global investors,” Tsang said.
Source: Shanghai Daily, June 21, 2017
Reforms for industrial workforce
20th June 2017

 CHINA will introduce reforms to strengthen its industrial workforce as part of a national strategy to become a manufacturing powerhouse.

A reform program, released by the Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council yesterday, characterizes industrial workers as a pillar for creating social wealth and innovation, as well as building China into a world manufacturing power.
Reforms are needed to relax restrictions curbing the healthy development of the industrial workforce and to boost worker enthusiasm and innovation.
The program puts forward 25 reforms, including measures to sharpen worker skill and using the Internet to strengthen the industrial workforce.
Source: Shanghai Daily, June 20,2017
Digital: new model for film profits
19th June 2017

 NALYSTS and major players are generally optimistic about the impact digital platforms and technologies can bring to the film industry, with more efficient marketing and an easier reach for potential audience, the Chinese Film Industry Summit Forum heard yesterday.

Yu Yongfu, chairman of Alibaba Pictures, said his company hoped to provide digital infrastructure services for film distribution, marketing and development of film or TV series derivatives.
Michael Shamberg, American TV and film producer whose credits include “Pulp Fiction” and “Django Unchained,” said: “China is way ahead of the US in terms of audience reach (through digital channels) and online streaming to audience.”
Some US production houses and Internet companies are also applying tech mentality to the film business and have in some ways helped reduce the cost of production and marketing.
Source: Shanghai Daily, June 19,2017
A-shares stand higher chance of MSCI inclusion
16th June 2017

 THE possibility of including China’s domestic A-shares in the global benchmark of index provider MSCI Inc this year has risen, Standard Chartered Bank said yesterday.

Alexis Calla, global head of investment and advisory of Standard Chartered’s group wealth management unit, said A shares have a 60 percent chance of being included in the MSCI World index this year, up from last year’s 50-percent chance.
The MSCI World index covers equities in 23 major markets globally and has US$2.7 trillion in assets benchmarked to the index.
“China is the second largest equity market in the world, which is a strong reason why it should be represented in the MSCI,” said Calla. “A lot of things have been done by the authorities to facilitate that.”
He referred to efforts to add a Shenzhen-Hong Kong stock connect late last year after the existing Shanghai-Hong Kong stock link.
A Shanghai-London stock connect is also in discussion by authorities in China and the UK.
Calla said it is likely for MSCI to first include shares under the stock connect programs to bypass some of China’s capital market restrictions.
MSIC in March renewed its plan of including Chinese A shares into its global benchmark by cutting the number of component companies from 448 to 169, mainly large-cap firms.
If approved, the weightage of A-shares in the global index would be 0.5 percent.
Observers have said the inclusion would not impact the market immediately due to the small weightage of the A-shares.
Source: Shanghai Daily, June 16, 2017

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