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News from China
China to launch campaign targeting irregularities by patent agents
26th April 2019

 The National Intellectual Property Administration will launch the nationwide campaign "Blue Sky" targeting illegal and irregular activities by patent agents and agencies to promote the healthy development of the sector, the administration said.

The patent agent system is a pillar for protecting inventors' rights and interests and promoting scientific and technological innovation. As of the end of 2018, China had 18,668 licensed patent agents and 2,195 patent agencies.
According to officials, regularizing patent agent activities plays an important role in improving the level and quality of innovations and ensuring the smooth operation of the patent system.
Zhao Meisheng, a deputy department-level official with NIPA, said at a quarterly press conference that the administration will speed up the establishment of a fair and efficient supervision mechanism covering various aspects of work by patent agents and agencies.
Source: Shanghai Daily, April 26, 2019
Logo, website unveiled for Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations
25th April 2019

 The logo and official website were unveiled Thursday for the upcoming Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations.

The main pattern of the logo resembles a peony with six petals representing the six geographic regions of Asia. Nonrepresentational figures of the hand-in-hand humans are embedded in the logo to symbolize communication between different cultures. The seven colors of the petals indicate the colorfulness of Asian civilizations. The acronym of the conference — "CDAC," is displayed in the center.
The official website ( will provide related and updated news and service information on the conference in both Chinese and English, including information for sub-forums, the Asian cultural carnival and Asian food festival.
Registration for guests and media will also be available on the official website.
The conference, scheduled to be held in Beijing in May, will focus on the theme of exchanges and mutual learning among Asian civilizations, as well as a community with a shared future for Asia and for humanity.
Source: Shanghai Daily, April 25, 2019
China's planned space station to support hundreds of experiments
24th April 2019

 Science facilities on China's planned Tiangong space station could support hundreds of space research projects after it's completed in 2022.

Sixteen experiment racks will be installed in the core module and two lab capsules of the space station, and an extravehicular experiment platform will be built.
Each rack is regarded as a lab that can support various space experiments, and astronauts can upgrade and replace the facilities.
In addition, a capsule holding a large optical telescope will fly in the same orbit as the station, according to the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
The facilities will support a large number of research projects in fields such as astronomy, space life science, biotechnology, microgravity basic physics and space materials science.
The CSU has made breakthroughs in key technologies and a test version of the experiment racks in the core module is almost finished, said Wang Ke, director of the CSU Integration Technology Center.
At about 1.8 meters high, 1 meter wide and 900 cm deep, each rack weighs less than 500 kg.
Although the racks are smaller with about half the weight of the racks on the International Space Station, they could have similar and even better performance. "We believe more important scientific results can be achieved on China's space station," said Wang.
The space station will carry a hydrogen clock, a cold atomic clock and an optical clock to establish a high-precision time and frequency system.
"The margin of error is less than 1 second every 3 billion years," said Zhang Wei, director of the Utilization Development Center of CSU.
The time and frequency system, as well as an ultra-low temperature cold atomic experiment system, will support research in general relativity, gravitational physics and quantum physics, said Zhang.
China is seeking international collaboration in experiments on the station to promote sustainable global development and cooperation.
Almost 100 international cooperation proposals have been received, and about 30 have passed the initial evaluation, said Zhang.
Source: Shanghai Daily, April 24,, 2019
Report on BRI progress and contributions released
23rd April 2019

 China yesterday published a report elaborating on the progress, contributions and prospects of the Belt and Road Initiative.

The document, prepared by the office of the leading group for promoting the BRI, was released ahead of the second Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation to be held from April 25 to 27 in Beijing.
The Belt and Road Initiative is an initiative for peaceful development and economic cooperation, rather than a geopolitical or military alliance, said the report. “It is a process of open, inclusive and common development, not an exclusionary bloc or a ‘China club.’”
“It neither differentiates between countries by ideology nor plays the zero-sum game. Countries are welcome to join the initiative if they so will,” according to the report.
The BRI has turned ideas into actions and vision into reality, and itself into a public product widely welcomed by the international community, the report said.
Since 2013, the BRI, with policy coordination, connectivity of infrastructure, unimpeded trade, financial integration and closer people-to-people ties as its main goals, has advanced in solid steps, the report said.
“Significant progress has been made, including a number of landmark early results. Participating countries have obtained tangible benefits, and their appreciation of and participation in the initiative is growing,” according to the report.
With a view to building a global community of shared future, the BRI upholds the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, the report said.
“Through the initiative, China has made a constructive contribution to the reform of the current global governance system and to economic globalization,” according to the report.
The report said China would face many problems and challenges in pursuing the BRI in the future as well as unprecedented opportunities and prospects for development.
“We believe that with the passing of time and the synergy of all parties, Belt and Road cooperation will definitely become deep and concrete, steady and extensive,” the report said.
“The Belt and Road will become a road of peace, prosperity, opening up, green development, innovation, connected civilizations, and clean government. It will make economic globalization become more open, inclusive, balanced and beneficial to all.”
Source: Shanghai Daily, April 23, 2019

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