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News from China
China shipbuilder delivers large container ship
30th May 2018


The Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co Ltd has delivered a 20,000-TEU ultra-large container ship, the company said.
The ship, named the Cosco Shipping Virgo, is 399.8 meters long and 58.6 meters wide. It has a maximum capacity of 200,000 tons. It measures 73 meters from hull bottom to top.
The ship was delivered to China COSCO Shipping Corporation Ltd and will be used for shipping lanes between the Middle East and Europe.
It is the third new ship the Shanghai shipbuilder has delivered in May after finishing two 400,000-ton very large ore carriers, the company said.
There are 79 container ships above 19,000 TEU worldwide, and 50 more are still under construction. The China State Shipbuilding Corporation Ltd, Waigaoqiao's parent company, has 17 orders, about a third of the global total.
Earlier this year, Waigaoqiao delivered the Cosco Shipping Taurus, also a 20,000-TEU container ship, to COSCO Shipping.
Source: Shanghai Daily,May 29, 2018
No casualties reported after 5.7-magnitude earthquake hits China's Jilin
28th May 2018


No casualties were reported after a 5.7-magnitude earthquake hit northeast China's Jilin Province early Monday morning, local authorities said.
The quake struck Ningjiang District in Songyuan City at 1:50am, damaging the residences of more than 1,500 households in the district.
"We are not injured, but dare not enter our home again," said Wang Xiancheng, 48, in Yamutu Village, Ningjiang. Wang and his 80-year-old mother have been evacuated to safety.
The village suffered a blackout following the quake, and the power supply has resumed, said An Pinglai, deputy head of the district.
More than 20 rescuers have arrived at the village, where homes of 50 households were damaged, An said, adding that tents and other relief goods are being sent to the village.
Residents in Ningjiang, Qianguo County and Da'an City felt strong tremors, and many people rushed out to the streets after the earthquake.
Power supply remained normal, while mobile communication was affected.
Local government workers are checking safety hazards in infrastructure facilities, such as reservoirs, dikes, and pipelines, as well as chemical businesses
Source: Shanghai Daily, May 28, 2018
Just zipping out to the shops: Mountain dwellers soar over angry rapids in China
25th May 2018

 Cha Huilan, a mother of two living in a Chinese mountain village cut off by a raging river, dangles from a harness hooked to a zipline every time she crosses its violent rapids and jagged rocks on frequent trips to buy medicine for her mother.

Using a boat is out of the question for the villagers of Lazimi, which lacks proper roads and bridges because the rocks and foaming waters of the Nujiang River, whose name means "angry" in Chinese, make it just too dangerous to risk.
"If they built a bridge, that would be nice, but for now we can't get over there," said Cha, who has come to see the zipline as just another inconvenience, even if her 2-year-old has to cling to her for dear life on every visit to a Saturday market.
Most villagers, who are members of the Lisu ethnic group, also zip across every Sunday for mass services at nearby churches. The nearest bridge over the river is 20 kilometers away from the mountainside village.
The villagers have applied their own ingenuity in building the ziplines, inclined downhill and relying mostly on gravity, to cross river, which snakes from Tibet along China's border with Myanmar through the southwestern province of Yunnan.
People estimate about 20 to 30 hamlets in the region still rely on the ziplines as their primary means across the river, although the lines are not always reliable, since they become slippery when it rains and too dangerous to use.
Several zipline villages remaining in Fugong County, an eight-hour drive from Lazimi, are swiftly being connected to the outside world with bridges built by road construction projects.
"Right now, conditions are a bit better and they're building bridges, so these ziplines are being torn down," said Yun Zeqing, an engineer who has maintained the zipline in one of the Fungong villages for decades.
"Here we have no bridge, so we get across with the zipline."
Source: Shanghai Daily, May 25, 2018
China unveils plans to deepen reform, opening-up in FTZs
24th May 2018

 China has published plans to further deepen reform and opening-up in pilot free trade zones of three coastal areas to better business environment and push for wider opening to the world.

The reform in FTZs in Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian will focus on high-quality development, supply-side structural reform, institutional innovation and risk prevention, according to a document of the State Council, China's Cabinet.
A better business environment that is law-based, international and accommodating will take shape in the FTZs.
The FTZs will be granted bigger decision-making power in reforms to help make new ground in pursuing opening-up on all fronts, improve government management, and foster new growth drivers and competitiveness.
China launched its first FTZ in Shanghai in 2013. In late 2014, Guangdong, Tianjin and Fujian were allowed to set up the second group of FTZs. Another seven were added across the country in August 2016.
Source: Shanghai Daily, May 24, 2018

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