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Plastic production equipment. registration certificates of main units
135 series secondary soft plastics and PET Raw materials equipment
145 series secondary soft plastics and PET Universal Raw materials equipment. Includes degassing and feeding of the equipment
Mounting of the equipment
Machine servicing
Machines for recycling of various types of plastics
Wet milling and moisture eliminating equipment
Plastics crushers
Washing crushers
Two-shaft extruders
Washing plastic recycling equipment
Washing, water removal and PET materials drying equipment
Tubular film production equipment
Washing, water removal and PET materials drying equipment
Accessory and auxiliary equipment
Hi-fi foam plastics equipment including plastic manufacturing production line
Packing bags equipment
Packing film and bag equipment. Color printing
Plastic tubes production equipment
Main features: Cost saving price, quick recoupment, good quality, simple operation control, low cost of the final products
It is possible to operate with various types of tubes
Process flow of arrangment of waste plastic recycling equipment
Arrangement of waste plastic and PET recycling machines
and tubular film and pictured fillm producing machines
Food products
Building materials
Leisure and garden inventory
Medicine and public health
Gas and gas equipment
Oil equipment
Chinese Silk
Underwear, T-shirts
Various production line by Customers order
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