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Woodworking equipment

Chippers and saw dust crushers
Chopsticks production line: Productivity 60 000-80 000 pcs/day
Chopsticks production line. Productivity 15 000 000/year
Chopsticks production line. Productivity 20 000 000 pcs/year
Chopsticks packers, 4-colored, double-sided printing
Сhopsticks (full production cycle) Log dressing (including knots removal if necessary)===log drying (removal of natural moisture)=====cutting into workpieces (by length of the future chopstick) =====soaking in special baths (to equalize moisture in the whole wood)=====layering (the special machine cuts the wood into layers circumferentially, the thickness should correspond to the future chopstics (2-5 mm)=====leveling and drying of the layer (the layers can be dried in special machines or in the open air (but it takes much more time))======cutting the chopstics from the layer=====first polishing (which is simultaneously rejection)======forming======secondary polishing======sorting by shape at the special machine(table) with simultaneous rejection of curved chopsticks=====varnishing and/or painting (if required)=====packing
Chopstick forming machine
Woodworking machine by Xintai
Size-cutting, edge banding and overhung removing machines
Wood machine
YG-100 PVC machine
МХ 505 high accuracy automated copy machine for wood
PB paving blocks production press
Timber-drying equipment
Oriented particle board production machinery
productivity 30 000 m2/year
Parquetry. Lamination line
Double-side 1-3 layered parquetry lamination line
Hot press for 8 layer plywood
PB paving blocks production press
Production of PB paving blocks for pallets
Wood element boring and pattern making machine
Lid making equipment
Match manufacturing equipment
Face cover machine for furniture
Milling machines CNC routers
Wood particle board 2750X1830 film lamination line
WPB and MDF (1830X2870) lamination equipment
WPB lamination equipment, temperature control
Best quality, reliability, hi-tech accessories.
LTUMH2580E PVC lamination of room-dividing doors
LTUMH2408A: Lamination of room-dividing doors
LU 3500 F: sorting of wooden articles
LYUHHS1350 polishing machine for patterned wooden doors
Log crushing machine
LGUJIQ-PI-80-JY high frequency heating press: Making bend sheets out of sawdust
LMUJ144 Disk saw
Equipment >
Compression-type machines
Construction materials machinery
Cleaning and disposal equipment
Electric product manufacturing equipment
Filtering equipment
Food equipment
Heat and power engineering and heating equipment
Hoisting machinery
Household goods production equipment
Hygienic product manufacturing
Medical goods
Metal recycling and processing equipment
Multifunctional equipment
Packing equipment
Paper and cardboard production equipment
Plastic doors and windows
Plastic products and polymers production machines
Printing and multiplying equipment
Pumps and compressors
Rubber products production and repair equipment
Sandwich panels
Ventilation equipment
Welding and facing equipment, plasma equipment
Woodworking equipment
Food products
Building materials
Leisure and garden inventory
Medicine and public health
Gas and gas equipment
Oil equipment
Chinese Silk
Underwear, T-shirts
Various production line by Customers order
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