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Hoisting machinery

HB 48 concrete pump
HBT125 towed concrete pump
It is made on the basis of M32-4 by PUTZMEISTER (Germany)
Imported details share is - 80%. By the customer's order it can be completed by various power units.
HBT towed concrete pumps
H models forklift loaders
Loading force - 2500-5000 kg
Gantry crane
Tadano Hoisting Machine
LCUPHCD50E forklift
Cargo capacity 5 tons
LCUPHCD100-R fork diesel loader
Material handling
LCUDHD Electric cargo handling machinery
For working at warehouse by handling various materials and their transportation for a small distance
ZL-30G Payloader
CPD 1.5D Forklift loader
XL, TX, XM forklift loaders
Loading force - 1500-18000 kg
Cement loading equipment
Cement: Pumping cement from storage
CQY hydraulic trolleys
Hydraulic trolleys
Balancing forklift
LCUPHCD50 hydraulic forklift
Equipment >
Compression-type machines
Construction materials machinery
Cleaning and disposal equipment
Electric product manufacturing equipment
Filtering equipment
Food equipment
Heat and power engineering and heating equipment
Hoisting machinery
Household goods production equipment
Hygienic product manufacturing
Medical goods
Metal recycling and processing equipment
Multifunctional equipment
Packing equipment
Paper and cardboard production equipment
Plastic doors and windows
Plastic products and polymers production machines
Printing and multiplying equipment
Pumps and compressors
Rubber products production and repair equipment
Sandwich panels
Ventilation equipment
Welding and facing equipment, plasma equipment
Woodworking equipment
Food products
Building materials
Leisure and garden inventory
Medicine and public health
Gas and gas equipment
Oil equipment
Chinese Silk
Underwear, T-shirts
Various production line by Customers order
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