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Chemical machinery and equipment

90 Chemical machinery and equipment - general
91 chemical machinery and equipment spare parts
92 Chemical Machinery
93 Chemical Equipment
94 non-metallic chemical mechanical equipment
95 Machinary for rubber and plastic
96 machines for photosensitive materials, tape
98 Instruments for Chemical

G90 GB/T 7988-2002 搪玻璃釉耐热氢氧化钠溶液腐蚀性能的测定
Vitreous and porcelain enamels-Determination of resistance to hot sodiumhydroxide
G90 GB/T 7990-2002 搪玻璃层耐机械冲击试验方法
Impact test method of glass-lined layer
G90 GB/T 7994-1987 搪玻璃设备水压试验方法
Hydraulic pressure test of glass-lined equipments
G90 GB/T 7995-1987 搪玻璃设备气密性试验方法
Air seal test method of glass-lined equipments
G90 GB/T 7996-1987 搪玻璃容器公称容积与公称直径
Nominal volume and nominal diameter for glass-lined vessel
G93 GB/T9842-2004 尿素合成塔技术条件
Specification for urea reactor
G93 GB/T9843-2004 尿素高压洗涤器技术条件
specifications for urea high pressure scrubber
G93 GB/T 10476-2004 尿素高压冷凝器技术条件
Specifications for urea high pressure condenser
G93 GB/T 11849-1989 重水罐
Heavy water tank
G93 GB/T 18300-2001 自动控制钠离子交换器技术条件
Specification for automatic sodium ion exchange
G94 GB/T 7987-2003 搪玻璃层耐温差急变性试验方法
Vitreous and porcelain enamels-Determination of resistance to therm shock
G94 GB/T 7989-2003 搪玻璃釉耐沸腾盐酸蒸气腐蚀性能的测定
Vitreous and porcelain enamels-Determination of resistance to condensing hydrochloric acid vapour
G94 GB/T 7991-2003 搪玻璃层厚度测量电磁法
Measurement of vitreous and porcelain enamel coating thickness-Magnetic method
G94 GB/T 7993-2003 用在腐蚀条件下的搪玻璃设备的高电压试验方法
Vitreous and porcelain enamel-Enamelled articles for service under highly corrosive conditions-High Voltage test
G94 GB/T 13465.1-2002不透性石墨材料力学性能试验方法总则
General rules for test methods of mechanical proper-ties of impermeable graphite materials
G94 GB/T 13465.2-2002不透性石墨材料抗弯强度试验方法
Test method for flexure strength of impermeable graphite materials
G94 GB/T 13465.3-2002不透性石墨材料抗压强度试验方法
Test method for compressive strength of impermeable graphite materials
G94 GB/T13465.4-2002不透性石墨材料冲击试验方法
Method for impact testing of impermeable graphite materials
G94 GB/T 18749-2002 耐化学腐蚀陶瓷塔填料技术条件
Standard specification for chemical-Resistant ceramic tower packings
G95 GB/T 9707-2000 密闭式炼胶机、炼塑机
Rubber and plastics internal mixer
G95 GB/T 10902-1989 塑料混合机
Plastics mixer machines
G95 GB/T 10903-1989 塑料混合机检测方法
Check method of mixer for plastics
G95 GB/T 12783-2000 橡胶塑料机械产品型号编制方法
Editorial nominating method for the model designation of rubber and plastics machinery
G95 GB/T 12784-1991 橡胶塑料加压式捏炼机
Dispersion mixer for robber and plastics
G95 GB/T 13577-1992 开放式炼胶机炼塑机
Mill for robber and plastics
G95 GB/T 13578-1992 橡胶塑料压延机
Rubber and plastics calender
G95 GB/T 13579-1992 轮胎定型硫化机
Tyre shapivg and curing press
G96 GB/T 1782-1989 广播录音磁带的盘芯和带盘
Hub and real spool of broadcast audio tape
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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