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Other chemical products

85 other chemical products - general
86 industrial gas and chemical gas
89 fire-industrial products

G86 GB/T 3634-1995 工业氢
Industrial hydrogen
G86 GB/T 3863-1995 工业用氧
Industrial oxygen
G86 GB/T3864-1996 工业氮
Industrial nitrogen
G86 GB/T 4842-1995 纯氩
Ptire argon
G86 GB/T4844.1-1995 工业氦气
Industrial helium
G86 GB 4844.2-1995 纯氦
Pure helium
G86 GB/T 4844.3-1995 高纯氦
High purity helium
G86 GB/T 5828 - 1995 氙气
G86 GB/T 5829 - 1995 氪气
G86 GB/T 5832.1-2003 气体湿度的测定第1部分:电解法
Determination of moisture in gases - Part l:Electro-lyric method
G86 GB/T6052 - 1993 工业液体二氧化碳
Commercial liquid carbon dioxide
G86 GB/T 6285-2003 气体中微量氧的测定电化学法
Determination of trace oxygenin gases-Eletrochemi-cal method
G86 GB/T 7445 - 1995 纯氢、高纯氢和超纯氢
Pure hydrogen, pruity hydrogen and ultra pure hydrogen
G86 GB/T 8979 - 1996 纯氮
Pure nitrogen
G86 GB/T8980 - 1996 高纯氮
High purity nitrogen
G86 GB 8982 - 1998 医用氧
Oxygen supplies formedicine
G86 GB 8983 - 1998 航空呼吸用氧
Breathing oxygen supplies for aircraft
G86 GB/T 8984.1 - 1997 气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和碳氢化合物的测定第l部分:气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和甲烷的测定气相色谱法
Determination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxid and hydrocadmn in the gases-Part 1:Determination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and mathane in the gases-Gas chromatographic method
G86 GB/T 8984.2 - 1997 气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和碳氢化合物的测定第2部分:气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和碳氢化合物总含量的测定气相色谱法
Determination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon in the gases-Part 2:Determination of total content of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon in the gases-Gas chromatographic method
G86 GB/T 8984.3 - 1997 气体中一氧化碳、二氧化碳和碳氢化合物的测定第3
Determination of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbon in the gases-Part 3:Determination of total hydrocarbon in the gases-Flame ionization method
G86 GB/T 10624 - 1995 高纯氩
High purity argon
G86 GB/T 14599 - 1993 高纯氧
High purity oxygen
G86 GB/T 14600 - 1993 电子工业用气体氧化亚氮
Gases for electronic industry-Nitrous oxide
G86 GB/T 14601 - 1993 电子工业用气体高纯氨
Gases for electronic industry-High purity ammonia
G86 GB/T 14602 - 1993 电子工业用气体氯化氢
Gases for electronic industry-Hydrogen chloride
G86 GB/T 14603 - 1993 电子工业用气体三氟化硼
Gases for electronic industry-Boron trifluoride
G86 GB/T 14604 - 1993 电子工业用气体氧
Gases for electronic industry-Oxygen
G86 GB/T 14605 - 1993 氧气中微量氩、氮和氪的测定气相色谱法
Determination of trace argon nitrogen and krypton in oxygen-Gas chromatographic method
G86 GB/T 14850-1993 气体分析词汇
Gas analysis-Vocabulary
G86 GB/T 14852 - 1993 气体中微量氧的测定黄磷发光法
Determination of trace oxygen in gases-Phosphor chemiluminescence’s method
G86 GB/T 15909 - 1995 电子工业用气体硅烷(SiI-I~)
Gas for electronic industry-Silane
G86 GB/T 16942 - 1997 电子工业用气体氢
Gases for electronic industry-Hydrogen
G86 GB/T 16943 - 1997 电子工业用气体氨
Gases for electronic industry-Helium
G86 GB/T 16944 - 1997 电子工业用气体氮
Gases for electronic industry-Nitrogen
G86 GB/T 16945 - 1997 电子工业用气体氩
Gases for electronic industry-Argon
G86 GB/T17873 - 1999 纯氖
Pure neon
G86 GB/T17874 - 1999 电子工业用气体三氯化硼
Gases for electronic industry-Boron trichloride
G86 GB/T 18867-2002 电子工业用气体六氟化硫
Gases for electronic industry-Sulfur hexafluonde
G86 GB/T 18994-2003 电子工业用气体高纯氯
Gases for electronic industry-High purity chlorine
G87 GB/T 5138 - 1996 工业用液氯
Liquid chlorine for industrial use
G87 GB/T5831 - 1986 气体中微量氧的测定比色法
Determination of trace oxygen in the gases - Colorimetric method
G87 GB/T 5832.2 - 1986 气体中微量水分的测定露点法
Determination of tracewater in the gases - Dewpoint method
G87 GB/T 8981 - 1988 气体中微量氢的测定气相色谱法
Determination of trace hydrogen in gases-Gas chromatographic method
G87 GB/T 10627 - 1989 气体分析标准混合气的制备静态容积法
Gas analysis-Preparation of calibration gas mix-tures-Static volumetric method
G87 GB/T 10628 - 1989 气体分析标准混合气体组成的测定 比较法
Gas analysis-Determination of composition of call-bration gas mixtures-Gomparison methods
G87 GB 12022 - 1989 工业六氟化硫
Sulphur hexafluoride for industrial use
G87 GB/T 14851 - 1993 电子工业用气体磷化氢
Gas for electronic industry-Phosphine
G89 GB/T 8031 - 1987 工业电雷管
Electric detonators
G89 GB/T9107 - 1999 精制棉
Refined cotton
G89 GB 9108 - 1995 工业导火索
Safety fuse
G89 GB9786 - 1999 普通导爆索
Common detonating cord
G89 GB/T 12435 - 1990 工业用黑索今
Hexogen for industrial use
G89 GB/T 12436 - 1990 炸药作功能力试验铅堵法
Explosive-Determination of power-Lead block method
G89 GB 12437-2000 工业粉状铵梯炸药
Industrial powdery explosives contained ammonium nitrate and trinitrotoluene
G89 GB/T 12438 - 1990 工业粉状铵梯炸药试验方法
Test method for industrial powdery explosives con-rained monium nitrate and trinitrotoluene
G89 GB/T 12439 - 1990 震源导爆索
Seismic detonating cord
G89 GB/T 12440 - 1990 炸药猛度试验铅柱压缩法
Explosive-Determination of brisance Lead cylinder compression test
G89 GB/T 13224 - 1991 工业导爆索试验方法
Test methods for industrial detonating cord
G89 GB/T 13225 - 1991 工业雷管延期时间测定方法
Determination of delay time of industrial detonator
G89 GB/T 13226 - 1991 工业雷管铅板试验方法
Lead plate test for industrial detonator
G89 GB/T 13227 - 1991 工业雷管浸水试验方法
Water-dipping test of industrial detonator
G89 GB/T 13228 - 1991 工业炸药爆速测定方法
Industrial explosive-Determination of detonation velocity
G89 GB/T 13229 - 1991 胶质硝化甘油炸药
Gelatinous nitroglycerine explosive
G89 GB/T 13230 - 1991 工业火雷管
Plain detonators
G89 GB/T 13889 - 1992 油气井用电雷管通用技术条件
General requirements of electric detonators for oil and gas well
G89 GB 14493-2003 工业炸药包装
Package of industrial explosive
G89 GB/T 14494 - 1993 叠氮化铅-三硝基问苯二酚铅共沉淀起爆药
Lead azide and lead trinitroresorcinate coprecipitation primary explosives
G89 GB/T 14659-2003 民用爆破器材术语
Terminology of indusexplosive materials
G89 GB 15563 - 1995 震源药柱
Seismic explosive columns
G89 GB/T 15813 - 1995 烟花爆竹成型药剂样品分离和粉碎
Formed composition for fireworks-Separating and crushing
G89 GB/T 15814.1 - 1995烟花爆竹药剂成分定性测定
Qualitative determination of the constituent of reagent
G89 GB/T 15814.2 - 1995烟花爆竹药剂密度测定
Reagent of fireworks and firecracker-Measurement of density
G89 GB/T 15814.3 - 1995烟花爆竹药剂热相容性试验差热分析或差示扫描热量热法
Reagent of fireworks and firecrackers-Thermal compatibility test-Method of DTA and DSC
G89 GB/T 16625 - 1996 地震勘探电雷管
Seismograph electric blasting cap
G89 GB/T 16626 - 1996 紫胶造粒黑索今
Shellac granulated hexogen
G89 GB/T 16627 - 1996 二硝基重氮酚
Diazodim trophenol
G89 GB/T 16628 - 1996 K-D复盐起爆药
K-D double salt primary explosive
G89 GB/T 17582 - 1998 _I业炸药分类和命名规则
Classification and rules of nomenclature for industrial explosives
G89 GB 17583 - 1998 多孔粒状铵油炸药
Ammonium nitrate fuel off explosive
G89 GB 18094-2000 水胶炸药
Water gel explosive
G89 GB 18095-2000 乳化炸药
Emulsion explosive
G89 GB 18096-2000 煤矿许用电雷管可燃气安全度试验方法
Test method of safety of permissible electric detonator in inflammable gas
G89 GB 18097-2000 煤矿许用炸药可燃气安全度试验方法及判定
Test method and ajudgment of safety of permissible explosive in inflammable gas
G89 GB 18098-2000 工业炸药爆炸后有毒气体含量的测定
Determination of the toxic gases formed by detonation of industrial explosives
G89 GB 18450-2001 民用黑火药
Black powder for civil use
G89 GB 19417-2003 导爆管雷管
Detonator with shock-conducting tube
G89 GB/T 19468-2004 烟火药剂中氯酸盐含量的测定
Determination of chlorates content in pyrotechnic composition
G89 GB/T 19469-2004 烟火药剂着火温度的测定差热-热重分析法
Determination of ignition temperature of pyrotechnic composition-DTA-TG analysis
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