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Information chemicals

80 photosensitive material's common standards and methods
81 photosensitive material
82 magnetic recording materials common standards and methods
83 magnetic recording materials
84 photo-chemicals

G80 GB/T 2923 - 1995 黑白照相负片/加工组合IsO感光度的测定
Determination of ISO speed of black-and-white pictorial still camera negative film/process systems
G80 GB/T 2924 - 1995 彩色摄影用负片ISO感光度的测定
Determination of ISO speed of colour negative films for photographic
G80 GB/T 6843-1986 感光材料涂层熔点测定方法
Method for determining the coating melting point of photographic materials
GS0 GB/T 6847-1995 照相胶片和相纸卷曲度的测定
Determination of the curl of photographic film and paper
GS0 GB/T 6849-1995 照相胶片和相纸脆性楔式试验方法
Photographic films and papers-Wedge test for britfleness容规定
Cinematography-Labelling of containers for raw- stock motion-picture films and magnetic films-Mini-mum information specifications
GS0 GB/T 9045-1988 感光材料分辨率的测定
Determination of resolving power for photographic materials
G80 GB/T9185-2003 摄影师135规格胶片和暗盒规范
Photography-135-size film and magazine-Specifications
GS0 GB/T 9582-1998 工业射线胶片ISO感光度和平均斜率的测定(用X和1射线曝光)
Photography-Industrial radiographic film-Determination of ISO speed and average gradient when exposed to X-and r/-radiation
G80 GB/T 9858~1988 片基与胶片耐折度的测定方法
Method for determining the folding endurance of photographic film and film base
GS0 GB/T 9859-1988 黑白感光材料感光测定试样条冲洗方法
Method for processing sensitometry strip of black-and-white photographic materials
GS0 GB/T 9860-1995 银盐感光材料吸水率测定
Determination of the water absorbiUty of silver halide photographic material
GS0 GB/T 9861-1988 感光胶片冲洗过程中抗划伤力测定方法
Method for determining the resistance of photographic
films to abrasion during processing
GS0 GB/T 9862-1988 黑白航空照相胶片感光度和平均斜率测定方法
Method for determining the speed and average gradient of black-and-white aerial camera films
G80 GB/T 9863-1988 彩色反转照相胶片感光度测定方法
Method for determining the speed of colour reversal camerafilms
C-80 GB/T 9864-1988 胶片、相纸、乳剂、定影液、污水、淤泥或残留物的银量测定方法
Method for determination of silver in photographic films, papers, emulsions, fixing baths, effluents, slud-ges or residues
G80 GB/T 10557-1989 感光材料光谱灵敏度测定方法
Method for determination of spectral sensitivity of
Photographic materials
GS0 GB/T 10558 - 1989 感光材料均方根颗粒度测定方法
Method for measuring the root-mean-square(RMS) granularity of photographic materials/process combination
GS0 GB/T 12682 - 1990 彩色照相影像色稳定性对比试验方法
Test method for comparing colour stabilities of colour photographic images
G80 GB/T 12683 - 1990 片基与胶片拉伸性能的测定方法
Method for determining the tensile properties of photographic film and film base
GS0 GB/T 14766 - 1993 黑白相纸感光度和印相范围测定方法
Photography-Black-and-white continuous-tone papers-Determination 0lf ISO speed and ISO range for printing
G80 GB/T 15059 - 1994 片基膨胀率和收缩率的测定方法
Method for determining the water expansion and shlinkage of photographic film base
G80 GB/T 15061 - 1994 银盐感光材料感光测定通则第l部分:适用于白炽钨光和模拟日光曝光的试样曝光条件
General specifications for sensitometry of silverhalide photographic materials - Part l:Sensitometric expo-sure conditions of film stobe exposured for incandescent tungsten and daylight
G80 GB/T 15457 - 1995 胶片与片基润滑度测定方法
Method for determining lubrication of photographic film and film base
GS0 GB/T 15958 - 1995 黑白电影负片感光度的测定
Determination of speed of black-and-white motion- picture negate film
G80 GB/T 18117-2000 照相已加工照相彩色胶片和相纸照片影像稳定性试验方法
PhotcIgraphy-Processed photographic colour films and paper prins-Methods for measuring image stability
GS0 GB/T18A.A.A.-2001 已加工安全照相胶片贮存
Photography-Processed safety photographic films-Storagepractices
G80 GB/T 18995-2003 电影摄影术在16 mm35mm和65mm电影胶片上由制造厂印制的潜影标识规范和尺寸
Cinematography-Manufacturer-printed, latent image identification on 16mm.35mm and 65mm motion-picture film-Specifications and dimensions
G81 GB/T 6848 - 1986 电影胶片片卷片芯尺寸
Dimensions of the cores for motion-picture film rolls
G81 GB/T 7430 - 1996 安全摄影胶片规范
Photography-Photographic films - Specifications for safety film
G81 GB/T 11500 - 1989 摄影透射密度测量的几何条件
Geometric conditions for measuring transmission density
G81 GB/T 11501 - 1989 摄影密度测量的光谱条件
Spectral conditions for measuring photography debsity
G81 GB/T 19348.1-200~无损检测工业射线照相胶片第1部分:工业射线照相胶片系统的分类
Non-destructive testing-Industrial radiographic films-Part 1:Classification of film systems for industrial radiography
G81 GB/T 19348.2-2008无损检测工业射线照相胶片第2部分:用参考值方法控制胶片处理
Non-destructive testing-Industrial radiographic film -Fart 2:Control of film processing by means of reference values
G82 GB/T 14307-1993 录像磁带性能测量方法
Measuring methods for video tape properties
G82 GB/T 14854.1-1993广播录像磁带测量方法
Measuring methods for broad cast videotape
G82 GB/T 14854.2-1993广播录像磁带性能要求
Characteristic requirements for broadcast video tape
G83 GB/T 1779.1-1989 6.30 inin广播录音磁带性能测试方法
Measuring methods for the properties of 6.30 mm broadcast audio tapes
G83 GB/T 1779.2-1989 6.30 mill广播录音磁带最低性能要求
MiniInUln performance requirements Of 6.30 mm broadcast audiotapes
G83 GB/T 3791-1999 盒式录音磁带尺寸及机械特性
Cassette for tape records-Dimensions and mechanical characteristics
G83 GB/T 7309-2000 盒式录音磁带通用规范
General specification for audio cassettes
G83 GB/T 11956-1989 高速复制录音磁带
High-speed duplicate audio tape
G83 GB/T 14306-1993Ⅵ{s盒式录像磁带
VHS video cassette tape
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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