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Fertilizers and pesticides

20 fertilizer main standards and common methods
21 chemical fertilizer, chemical soil conditioner
23 pesticides main standards and methods
24 pesticide intermediates
25 pesticides
26 plant growth promoters

G20 GB/T 2947-2002 尿素、硝酸铵中游离水含量的测定卡尔-费休法
Determination of free water in urea and ammonium nitrate by karl fischer method
G20 GB/T 3595-2000 肥料中氨态氮含量的测定蒸馏后滴定法
Fertilizers-Determination of ammoniacal nitrogen content-Titrimetric method after distillation
G20 GB/T 3597-2002 肥料中硝态氮含量的测定氮试剂重量法
Fertilizer-Determination of nitrate nitrogen con- tent - Nitron gravimetric method
G20 GB/T 3598 - 1983 肥料中尿素态氮含量的测定尿素酶法
Fertilizers - Determination of urea nitrogen content- Urease method
G20 GB/T 3600-2000 肥料中氨态氮含量的测定甲醛法
Fertilizers-Determination of ammoniacal nitrogen content-Formaldehyde method
G20 GB/T 6690 - 1986 久效磷含量分析方法
Analytical method of content for monocrotophos
G20 GB 8569 - 1997 固体化学肥料包装
Packing of solid chemical fertilizers
G20 GB/T 8571-2002 复混肥料实验室样品制备
Preparation of laboratory samples for compound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 8572-2001 复混肥料中总氮含量的测定蒸馏后滴定法
Determination of total nitrogen content for compound ferfilizers-Titrimetric method after distillation
G20 GB/T 8573 - 1999 复混肥料中有效磷含量测定
Determination of available phosphorus content for compound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 8574-2002 复混肥料中钾含量的测定 四苯硼酸钾重量法
Determination of potassium content for compound fertilizers potassium tetraphenylborate gravimetric method
G20 GB/T 8576-2002 复混肥料中游离水含量的测定真空烘箱法
Determination of free water for compound fertilizers-Vacuum oven method
G20 GB/T 8577-2002 复混肥料中游离水含量的测定卡尔-费休法
Determination of free water for compound fertilizers- - Karl Fischer method
G20 GB/T 10511 - 1989 硝酸磷肥中总氮含量的测定蒸馏后滴定法
The determination of total nitrogen content for nitro-Phosphate-titrimetric method after distillation
G20 GB/T 10512 - 1989 硝酸磷肥中磷含量的测定磷钼酸喹啉重量法
The determination of phosphorus content for nitro- phosphate-Quinoline phosphomolybdate gravimetric method
G20 GB/T 10513 - 1989 硝酸磷肥中游离水含量的测定卡尔-费休法
The determination of water content for nitrophos-phate- - Karl Fischer method
G20 GB/T 10514 - 1989 硝酸磷肥中游离水含量的测定烘箱法
The determination of water content for nitrophos-phate- - Ovenmethod
G20 GB/T 10515 - 1989 硝酸磷肥粒度测定
The determination of particle size for nitrophosphate
G20 GB/T 10516 - 1989 硝酸磷肥颗粒平均抗压强度测定
The determination of average crushing strength for nitrophosphate
G20 GB/T 13565 - 1992 肥料采样报告格式
Layouts for fertilizer sampling report
G20 GB/T 13566 - 1992 肥料堆密度的测定方法
Determination of bulk density for fertilizers
G20 GB/T 14539.1 - 1993复混肥料中砷、镉、铅的测定试样溶液制备
Determination of arsenic, cadmiun and lead content for compound fertilizers - Preparation Of test sample solution
G20 GB/T 14539.2 - 1993复混肥料中砷的测定方法
Determination of arsenic element content for coin-poundfertilizers
G20 GB/T 14539.3 - 1993复混肥料中镉的测定方法
Determination of cadmium element content for com-pound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 14539.4 - 1993复混肥料中铅的测定方法
Determination of lead element content for compound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 14540-2003 复混肥料中铜、铁、锰、锌、硼、钼含量的测定
Determination of copper, iron, manganese, zinc, boron and molybdenum content for compound fertitizers
G20 GB/T 17767.1 - 1999有机一无机复混肥料中总氮含量的测定
Determination of total nitrogen content for organic - inorganic compound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 17767.2 - 1999有机一无机复混肥料中总磷含量的测定
Determination of total phosphorus content for organ-ic-inorganic compound fertilizers
G20 GB/T 17767.3 - 1999有机一无机复混肥料中总钾含量的测定
Determination of total potassium content for organic-inorganic compound fertilizers
G20 GB 18382-2001 肥料标识内容和要求
Fertilizer marking-Presentation and declaration
G20 GB/T 19203-2003 复混肥料中钙、镁、硫含量的测定
Determination of calcium. magnesium and sulphur G21
G21 535 - 1995 硫酸铵
Ammonium sulphate
G21 GB 536 - 1988 液体无水氨
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia
G21 GB 2440-2001 尿素
G21 GB/T 2441.1-2001 尿素测定方法总氮含量的测定
Determination of urea-Determination of total nitro-gen content
G21 GB/T 2441.2-2001 尿素测定方法缩二脲含量的测定分光光度法
Determination of urea-Determination of biuret con-tent-Spectrophotometric method
G21 GB/T 2441.3-2001 尿素测定方法水分的测定卡尔-费休法
Determination of urea- Determination water content Karl Fisher method
G21 GB/T 2441.4-2001 尿素测定方法铁含量的测定邻菲I罗啉分光光度法
Determination of urea-Determination of iron content 1, 10-Phenanthroline spectrophotometric method
G21 GB/T 2441.5-2001 尿素测定方法碱度的测定容量法
Determination of urea-Determination of alkalinity titrimetric method
G21 GB/T 2441.6-2001 尿素测定方法水不溶物含量的测定重量法
Determination of urea-Determination of water inso-lution matter content-Weight method
G21 GB/T 2441.7-2001 尿素测定方法粒度的测定筛分法
Determination of urea-Determination of particle size- - Sieve method
G21 GB/T 2441.8-2001 尿素测定方法硫酸盐含量的测定 目视比浊法
Determination of urea-Determination of sulphate content-Visible turbidimetric method
G21 GB/T 2441.9-2001 尿素测定方法亚甲基二脲含量的测定分光光度法
Determination of urea-Determination of methylene-diurea content - Spectrophotometric method
G21 GB 2945 - 1989 硝酸铵
Ammonium nitrate
G21 GB/T 2946 - 1992 氯化铵
Ammonium chloride
G21 GB 3559-2001 农业用碳酸氢铵
Ammonium bicarbonate for agricultural use
G21 GB/T 8570.1 - 1988 液体无水氨实验室样品的采取
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Taldng a laboratory sample
G21 GB/T 8570.2 - 1988 液体无水氨氨含量的测定
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Estimating of ammonia content
G21 GB/T 8570.3 - 1988 液体无水氨残留物含量的测定重量法
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Determination of residus content Gravmetric method
G21 GB/T 8570.4 - 1988 液体无水氨残留物含量的测定容量法
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Determination of real-due content-Titrimetric method
G21 GB/T 8570.5 - 1988 液体无水氨水分的测定卡尔-费休法
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Determination of water content-Karl Fischer method
G21 GB/T 8570.6 - 1988 液体无水氨油含量的测定重量法和红外光谱法
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Determination of oil content-Gravimetric and infrared spectrometric method
G21 GB/T 8570.7 - 1988 液体无水氨铁含量的测定邻菲I罗啉分光光度法
Liquefied anhydrous ammonia-Determination of iron content-o-Phenanthroline spectrophotometric method
G21 GB 10205-2001 磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵
Monoammoninm phosphate and diammonium phosphate
G21 GB/T 10209.1-2091磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵中总氮含量测定(蒸馏后滴定法)
Determination of total nitrogen content for monoam-mo-nium phosphate and diammonium phosphate (Titrimetric method after distillation)
G21 GB/T 10209.2-2091磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵中有效磷含量的测定
Determination of available phosphous content for monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phos-phate
G21 GB/T 10209.3-2091磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵中水分的测定
Determination of water content for monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate
G21 GB/T 10209.4-2091磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵粒度的测定
Determination of particle size for monoanunonium phosphate and diammoniumphosphate
G21 GB/T 10212 - 1988 磷酸一铵、磷酸二铵颗粒平均抗压强度测定
Determination of granula average crushing strength for monoammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate
G21 GB/T 10510 - 1998 硝酸磷肥
G21 GB/T 13258 - 1991 工业五硫化二磷
Technical phosphorus pentasulfide
G21 GB 15063-2091 复混肥料(复合肥料)
Compound fertilizer(Complex fertilizer)
G21 GB/T 17419 - 1998 含氨基酸叶面肥料
Foliar fertilizer with amino acid
G21 GB/T 17420 - 1998 微量元素叶面肥料
Foliar microelement fertilizer
G21 GB 18877-2092 有机一无机复混肥料
Organic-inorganic compound fertilizers
G23 GB/T1600-2001 农药水分测定方法
Testing method of water in pesticides
G23 GB/T 1601-1993 农药pH值的测定方法
Determination method of pH value for pesticides
G23 GB/T 1602-2001 农药熔点测定方法
Testing method of melting point for pesticides
G23 GB/T 1603-2001 农药乳液稳定性测定方法
Determination method of emulsion stability for pesticide
G23 GB/T 1604-1995 商品农药验收规则
Commodity pesticide regulations for acceptance
G23 GB/T 1605-2001 商品农药采样方法
Sampling method for commodity pesticides
G23 GB/T 3775-1983 农药乳化剂检验的一般规定
General rule for pesticide emulsifier detection
G23 GB/T 3776.1-1983 农药乳化剂水分测定方法
Method of moisture determination for pesticide emulsifiem
G23 GB/T 3776.2-1983 农药乳化剂氢离子浓度测定方法
Method of hydrogen ion concentration determination forpesticide emulsifiers
G23 GB/T 3776.3-1983 农药乳化剂乳化性能测定方法
Method of emulsifiability test for pesticide emulsifiers
G23 GB/T 3776.4-1983 农药乳化剂苯不溶物测定方法
Method of benzene-insoluble substances determination for pesticide emulsifiers
G23 GB/T 3776.5-1983 农药乳化剂闪点测定方法(闭口杯法)
Method of flash point determination(closed cup test) for pesticide emulsifiers
G23 GB 3796-1999 农药包装通则
General rule for packing of pesticides
G23 GB 4838-2000 农药乳油包装
Packaging for emulsifiable concentrates of pesticides
G23 GB 4839-1998 农药通用名称
Common name for pesticides
G23 GB/T 5451-2001 农药可湿性粉剂润湿性测定方法
Testing method for the wettability of dispersible powdem of pesticides
G23 GB/T 6696-1986 氧乐果含量分析方法
Analytical method of content for omethoate
G23 GB/T 6697-1986 多菌灵原药含量分析方法
Analytical method of content for carbendazim technical
G23 GB/T 14825-1993 农药可湿性粉剂悬浮率测定方法
Determination method of suspensibility of wettable powders forpesticides
G23 GB/T 16150-1995 农药粉剂、可湿性粉剂细度测定方法
Seive test for dustable and wettable powders of pesticides
G23 GB/T 16587-1996 农药有效成分的气相色谱快速分析方法第1部分十二种农药
Fast gas chromatographic method for analyzing active ingredients of pesticides-Part 1:12 kinds of pesticides
G23 GB/T 17515-1998 农药乳化剂术语
Pesticide emulsifiers-Terms
G23 GB/T 17768-1999 悬浮种衣剂产品标准编写规范
Guidelines on drafting standards of suspension con-centrates for seed dressing
G23 GB/T 19136-2003 农药热贮稳定性测定方法
Testing method for the storage stability at elevated temperature of pesticides
G23 GB/T 19137-2003 农药低温稳定性测定方法
Testing method for the storage stability at low temperature of pesticides
G23 GB/T 19138-2003 农药丙酮不溶物测定方法
Testing method of in acetone material insoluble for pesticides
G23 GB/T 19378-2003 农药剂型名称及代码
Nomenclature and codes for pesticide formulations
G24 GB 435-1984 氯化苦
G24 GB/T 4997-1993 永磁式低速直流测速发电机通用技术条件
Permanent magnet low speed direct current tacho - generator, General specification for
G25 GB 334-2001 敌百虫原药
Trichlorfon technical
G25 GB 434-1995 溴甲烷原药
Methyl bromide technical
G25 GB 437-1993 硫酸铜
Copper sulfate
G25 GB 2548-1993 敌敌畏乳油
Dichlorvos emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB 2549-2003 敌敌畏原药
Dichlorvos technical
G25 GB 2897-1995 对硫磷原药
Parathion technical
G25 GB 28g8 - 1996 50%对硫磷乳油
50%Parathion emulsifiable concentrate
G25 GB 3726一1995 甲胺磷乳油
Methamidophos emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB 5452-2001 56%磷化铝片剂
56%Aluminium phosphide tablets
G25 GB 6694-1998 氰戊菊酯原药
Fenvalerate technical
G25 GB 6695-1998 20%氰戊菊酯乳油
20% FleHvalera emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB 8200-2001 杀虫双水剂
Bisultap aqueous solution
G25 GB 9548 - 1999 甲基对硫磷原药
Parathion-methyl technical
G25 GB 9549 - 1999 80%甲基对硫磷原药溶液
8096 Parathion-methyl technical concentrate solution
G25 GB 9550 - 1999 50%甲基对硫磷乳油
50%Parathion-methyl emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB 9551 - 1999 百菌清原药
Chlorothalonil technical
G25 GB 9552 - 1999 百菌清可湿性粉剂
Chlorothalonil wetable powders
G25 GB/T 9553 - 1993 井冈霉素水剂
jinggangmeisu aqueous solution
G25 GB 9556 - 1999 辛硫磷原药
Phoxim technical
G25 GB 9557 - 1999 40%辛硫磷乳油
Phoxim emulsifiable concentrate
G25 GB 9558-2001 晶体乐果
G25 GB 9559-2003 林丹
G25 GB 10501-2000 多菌灵原药
Carbendazim technical
G25 GB 12685 - 1990 三环唑原药
Tricyclazole technical
G25 GB 12686-2004 草甘膦原药
G25 GB 13649 - 1992 杀螟硫磷原药
Fenitrothion technical
G25 GB 13650 - 1992 杀螟硫磷乳油
Fenitrothion emulsifiable concentrate
G25 GB 15582 - 1995 乐果原药
G25 GB 15583 - 1995 40%乐果乳油
40%Dimethoate emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB 15954 - 1995 甲胺磷原药
Methamidophos technical
G25 GB 15955 - 1995 赤霉素原药
Gibberellins technical
G25 GB/T 17322.1 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价喷射剂
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Spray
G25 GB/T 17322.2 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价气雾剂
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Aerosol
G25 GB/T 17322.3 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价小型烟雾剂
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration - Smoke generator
G25 GB/T 17322.4 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价蚊香
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Coil
G25 GB/T 17322.5 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价 电热蚊香片
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides forpesticide registration-Electric mat
G25 GB/T 17322.6 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价电热液体蚊香
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration - Electric liquid pepel-lent
G25 GB/T 17322.7 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价 电热固液蚊香
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health jnsecacides for pesticide registration-Electric solid-liquid pepelent
G25 GB/T 17322.8 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价毒饵
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Bait
G25 GB/T 17322.9 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价毒粉、毒笔
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Poison powder and poison chalk
G25 GB/T 17322.10一1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价驱避剂
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Pepellent
G25 GB/T 17322.11 - 1998农药登记卫生用杀虫剂的室内药效评价模拟现场
Laboratory efficacy criterions of public health insecticides for pesticide registration-Analogous site test
G25 GB 18171-2000 百菌清悬浮剂
Chlorothalonil aqueous suspension concentrates
G25 GB 18172.1-2000 百菌清烟粉粒剂
Chlorothalonil smoke powder-Granualars
G25 GB 18172.2-2000 10%百菌清烟片剂
10%Chlorothalonil smoke tablets
G25 GB 18416-2001 家用卫生杀虫用品盘式蚊香
Domestic sanitary insecticide Mosquito coil incense
G25 GB 18417-2001 家用卫生杀虫用品 电热片蚊香
Domestic sanitary insecticide-Electrothermal mosquito tablet incense
G25 GB 18418-2001 家用卫生杀虫用品 电热液体蚊香
Domestic sanitary insecticide-Electrothermal mosquito liquid incense
G25 GB 18419-2001 家用卫生杀虫用品杀虫气雾剂
Domestic sanitary insecticide - Spray insecticide
G25 GB 19307-2003 百草枯母药
Paraquat technical concentrates
G25 GB 19308-2003 百草枯水剂
Paraquat aqueous solution
G25 GB 19336-2003 阿维菌素原药
Abamectin technical
G25 GB 19337-2003 阿维菌素乳油
Abamectin emulsifiable concentrates
G25 GB/T 19567.1-2004苏云金芽胞杆菌原粉
Bacillus thur/ngg/ens/s technical
G25 GB/T 19567.2-2004苏云金芽胞杆菌悬浮剂
Bacillus thuringgiensis suspension concentrate
G25 GB/T 19567.3-2004苏云金芽胞杆菌可湿性粉剂
Bacillus thur/ngg/ens/s wettable power
G25 GB 19604-2004 毒死蜱原药
G25 GB 19605-2004 毒死蜱乳油
Chlorpyrifos emulsifiable concentrates
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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