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Standardization, quality management

00 standardization, quality management
01 technology management
02 economic management
04 based on common standards and methods
07 electronic computer applications
08 logo, packaging, transportation, storage
09 health, safety, labor protection

G04 GB/T 3143 - 1982 液体化学产品颜色测定法(Hazen单位 - 铂. 钴色号)
Colour determination method of liquid chemical (ziazen unit - platinum - cobalt scale)
G04 GB/T 3722 - 1999 工业用化学产品采样安全通则
Sampling of chemical products for industrial use - Safety in sampling
G04 GB/T 4470 - 1998 奎趋雀射、原子吸收和原子荧光光谱分析法术语
1mmayucai spectroscopic methods - Flame emission atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence - Vocabulary
G04 GB/T 4472 - 1984 化工产品密度、相对密度测定通则
General rule for determination of density and relative density for chemical products
G04 GB/T 4650 - 1998 工业用化学产品采样词汇
Cheroical products for industrial use - Sampling - Vocabulary
C - 04 GB/T4946 - 1985 气相色谱法术语
Terms of gas chromatography
G04 GB/T 5332 - 1985 可燃液体和气体引燃温度试验方法
Method of test for ignition temperature of flammable Liquids and gases
G04 GB/T6040 - 2002 红外光谱分析方法通则
General rules for infrared analysis
G04 GB/T6041 - 2002 质谱分析方法通则
General rules for mass spectrometric analysis
g04 GB/T6283 - 1986 竺于产品中水分含量的测定卡尔. 费休法(通用方
Chemical products - Determination of water - Karlemcner method (general method)
G04 GB/T 6284 - 1986 化工产品中水分含量测定的通用方法重量法
Chemical products for industrial use - General method for determination of water content - Gravi - Metric method
G04 GB/T 6488 - 1986 化工产品折光率测定法
Test method for refractive index of chemical products
G04 GB/T6678 - 2003 化工产品采样总则
General principles for sampling chemical products
G04 GB/T6679 - 2003 固体化工产品采样通则
General rules for sampling solid chemical products
G04 GB/T 6680 - 2003 液体化工产品采样通则
General rules for sampling liquid chemical products
G04 GB/T 6681 - 2003 气体化工产品采样通则
General rules for sampling gaseous chemical products
G04 GB/T 6682 - 1992 分析实验室用水规格和试验方法
Water for analytical laboratory use - Specification and
G04 GB/T 7686 - 1987 垡工产品中砷含量测定的通用方法
Chemical products for industrial use – General Method for the determination of arsenjc
G04 GB/T 8322 - 1987 分子吸收光谱法术语
Molecular absorption spectrometry - Terminology
G04 GB/T 9008 - 1988液相色谱法术语柱液相色谱法和平面色谱法
Terms of liquid chromatography - Liquid column chromatography and planar chromatography
G04 GB/T 14666 - 2003 分析化学术语
Terms for analytical chemistry
G04 GB/T 15337 - 1994 原子吸收光谱分析法通则
General rules for atomic absorption spectrometric analysis
G04 GB/T 16631 - 1996 柱液相色谱分析法通则
General rules for analytical methods of liquid column chromatography
G04 GB/T 17519. 1 - 1998化学品安全资料表第一部分内容和项目顺序
Safety data sheet for chemical products - Part l: Con - tent and order of sections
G04 GB/T 17519. 2 - 2003化学品安全资料表第2部分: 编写细则
Safety data sheet for chemical products - Part 2: Detailed rules for drafting
G04 GB/T 19501 - 2004 电子背散射衍射分析方法通则
General guide for electron backscatter diffraction analysis
G04 GB/T 19502 - 2004 表面化学分析辉光放电发射光谱方法通则
Surface chemical analysis - Glow discharge optical emission spectrometry(GD - OES) - Introduction to use
G09 GB4655 - 2003 橡胶工业静电安全规程
Safety rules of static electricity in the robber industry
G09 GB 4962 - 1985 氢气使用安全技术规程
Technical safety regulation for gaseous hydrogen use
G09 GB 13548 - 1992 光气及光气化产品生产装置安全评价通则
General principle of safety assessment for phosgene and its products plant
G09 GB 16483 - 2000 化学品安全技术说明书编写规定
General rules for preparation of chemical safety data sheet
G09 GB 19041 - 2003 光气及光气化产品生产安全规程
Safety regulations for the production of phosgene and phosgenation product
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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