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55 纺织制品综合
56 毯类
57 纺织复制品
58 线、带、绳
59 其他纺织制品

W55 GB/T 12705-1991 织物防钻绒性试验方法
Textile fabrics-Testing method for penetration resistance to Rather and down
W55 GB/T 13759-1992 土工布术语
W55 GB/T 13760-1992 土工布的取样和试样准备
Geotextiles-Sampling and preparation of test specimens
W55 GB/T 13761-1992 土工布厚度测定方法
Geotextiles-Determination of thickness
W55 GB/T 13762一1992 土工布单位面积质量的测定方法
Geotextiles-Determination of mass per unit area
W55 G13/T 13763一1992 土工布梯形法撕破强力试验方法
Standard test method for trapezoid tearing strength of geotextiles
W55 GB/T 13764-1992 土工布透气性的试验方法
Geotextiles-Test method for air permeability
W55 GB/T 14593-1993 山羊绒、绵羊毛及其混合纤维定量分析方法
Quantitative analysis method of cashmere. wool and their mixture fibers
W55 GB/T 1480l一1993 机织物与针织物纬斜和弓纬试验方法
Test method for skewness and bow in woven and knitted fabrics
W55 GB/T 14802-1993 机织品 烟浓度测定减光系数法
Textiles-Determination of smoke density-light extinction method
W55 GB/T 17392-1998 国旗用织物
Fabric for national nag
W55 GB 18383 - -2001 絮用纤维制品通用技术要求
General technical requirement for products with wad-ding fibre
W55 GB/T 18830 - 2002 纺织品 防紫外线性能的评定
Textiles-Evaluation for solar ultraviolet radiation protective properties
W55 GB/T 18863 - 2002 免烫纺织品
No-iron textiles
W56 G]3/T 1 1746-1989 簇绒地毯
Tufting carpet
W56 GB/T 14252-1993 机织地毯
Woven carpets
W56 GB/T 14767-1993 地毯在长时间、重静负载后厚度减少的试验方法
Textile floor coverings determination of thickness loss after prolonged, heavy static loading
W56 GB/T 14768-1993 地毯燃烧性能45. 试验方法及评定
Carpets buming behaviour-Test method at 45. and assessment
W56 GB/T 15050-1994 手工打结羊毛地毯
Hand-knotted woolen carpet
W56 GB/T 15051-1994 针刺地毯
Needle-punched carpet
W56 GB/T 15964-1995 手工打结地毯绒簇经密、纬密的试验方法
Hand-knotted carpets-Determination of number of tufts per unit length
W56 GB/T 15965-1995 手工打结地毯绒头长度的试验方法
Hand-knotted carpet-Determination of length of pile
W56 GB/T 18044 - 2000 地毯静电性能评定模拟人体步行试验方法
Carpet-Assessment of static electrical propensity-Analogue walking test
W56 GB 18587 - 2001 室内装饰装修材料地毯、地毯衬垫及地毯胶粘剂有害物质释放限量
Indoor decorating and refurbishing materials-limitations of harmful substances emitted from carpets, carpet cushions and adhesives
W58 GB 5196-1985 绳索鉴别用的颜色标记
Ropes and cordage-colour code for identification
W58 GB/T 6530-1986 绳索试验用的取样和调湿
Ropes-sampling and conditioning for testing
W58 GB/T 6834-1986 棉蜡光缝纫线
Cotton glazed sewing thread
W58 GB/T 6835-1997 棉缝纫线
Cotton sewing thread
W58 GB/T6836-1997 涤纶缝纫线
Spun polyester sewing thread
W58 GB/T 6838-1986 缝纫线试验方法
Testing method of sewing thread
W58 GB/T 6839-1986 缝纫线润滑性试验方法
Testing method for lubrication of sewing thread
W58 GB/T 6841-1986 缝纫线验收规则
Acceptance examination regulation for sewing thread
W58 GB/T 6842-1986 缝纫线包装标志和运输保管
Requirement of packing, transport and store for sewing thread
W58 GB/T 1 1786-1989 三股聚酰胺复丝绳索
Three-strand polyamide multifilament ropes
W58 GB/T 11787-1989 三股聚酯复丝绳索
Three-strand polyester multifilament ropes
W58 GB/T 11788-1989 三股聚乙烯单丝绳索
Three-strand polyethylene monofilament ropes
W58 GB/T 11789-1989 绳索和绳索制品 系船用的天然纤维绳索与化学纤维绳索之间的等效性
Ropes and cordage-equivalence between natural fibre ropes and man-made fibre ropes for use in the mooring of vessels
W59 GB/T 330-1994 棉帘子布
Cotton cord fabrics
W59 GB/T 2435-1994 棉帘子布试验方法
Methods of testing cotton cord fabrics
W59 GB/T 2909-1994 橡胶工业用棉帆布
Cotton canvas for rubber industry
W59 GB/T9101 - 2002 锦纶66浸胶帘子布
Nylon 66 dipped tyre cord fabric
W59 GB/T 9102 - 2003 锦纶6轮胎浸胶帘子布
Nylon 6 dipped tyre cord fabric
W59 GB 14798-1993 土工布鉴别标志
Geotextiles-Identification on site
W59 GB/T 14799-1993 土工布孔径测定方法干筛法
Geotextiles -Determining apparent opening size of a geotextile by dry sieving
W59 GB/T 16989-1997 土工布接头/接缝宽条拉伸试验方法
Geotextiles-Tensile test for joints/seams by wide-width method
W59 GB/T 17598-1998 土工布多层产品中单层厚度的测定
Geotextiles-Determination for thickness of single layers of multilayer products
W59 GB/T 17630-1998 土工布及其有关产品动态穿孔试验落锥法
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Dynamic perforation test(Cone-drop test)
W59 GB/T 17631-1998 土工布及其有关产品抗氧化性能的试验方法
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Test method for determining the resistance to oxidation
W59 GB/T 17632-1998 土工布及其有关产品抗酸、碱液性能的试验方法
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Test method for determining the resistance to liquids of acids and bases
W59 GB/T 17633-1998 土工布及其有关产品平面内水流量的测定
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Determination of water flow capacity in their plane
W59 GB/T 17634-1998 土工布及其有关产品有效孔径的测定湿筛法
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Determination of the characteristic opening size-Wet sieving method
W59 GB/T 17635. 1-1998土工布及其有关产品摩擦特性的测定第1部分: 直接剪切试验
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Determination 0ffriction characteristics-Part l: Direct shear test
W59 GB/T 17636-1998 土工布及其有关产品抗磨损性的测定砂布/滑块法
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Determination of abrasion resistance-Sand paper/sliding block method
W59 GB/T 17637-1998 土工布及其有关产品 拉伸蠕变和拉伸蠕变断裂性能的测定
Geotextiles and geotextile-related products-Determination 0f the tensile creep and creep rupture behaviour
W59 GB/T 17638-1998 土工合成材料短纤针刺非织造土工布
Geosynthetics-Synthetic staple fibers needle punched nonwoven geotextiles
W59 GB/T 17639-1998 土工合成材料长丝纺粘针刺非织造土工布
Geosynthetics-Synthetic filament spunbonded and needle punehed nonwoven geotextiles
W59 GB/T 17640-1998 土工合成材料长丝机织土工布
Geosynthetics-Synthetic filament woven geotextiles
W59 GB/T 17641-1998 土工合成材料裂膜丝机织土工布
Geosynthetics - Slit and split film yarn woven geotextiles
W59 GB/T 17642-1998 土工合成材料非织造复合土工膜
Geosynthetics-Geocomposites made of geononwoven and geomembrance
W59 GB/T 17987 - 2000 沥青防水卷材用基胎聚酯非织造布
Base for bitumen felts-Polyester nonwovens
W59 GB/T 18887 - 2002 土工合成材料机织/非织造复合土工布
Geosynthetics - Geocomposites made of woven/non-woven geotextiles
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