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Chemical fiber

50 化学纤维综合
51 化学纤维半制品
52 化学纤维

W50 GB/T 9997 - 1988 化学纤维单纤维断裂强力和断裂伸长的测定
Man-made fibres-Determination of breaking strength and elongation of individual fibres
W50 GB/T 14190 - 1993 纤维级聚酯切片分析方法
Analysis methods for fiber grade polyester chip
W50 GB/T 14334 - 1993 合成短纤维取样方法
Sampling method of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14335 - 1993 合成短纤维线密度试验方法
Testing method for linear density of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14336 - 1993 合成短纤维长度试验方法
Testing method for length of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14337 - 1993 合成短纤维断裂强力及断裂伸长试验方法
Testing method for breaking strength and breaking elongation of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14338 - 1993 合成短纤维卷曲性能试验方法
Testing method for crimping performance of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14339 - 1993 合成短纤维疵点试验方法
Testing method for defect of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14340 - 1993 合成短纤维含油率试验方法
Testing method for oil content of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14341 - 1993 合成短纤维回潮率试验方法
Testing method for moisture regain of synthetic staple fibres by oven
W50 GB/T 14342 - 1993 合成短纤维比电阻试验方法
Testing method for specific resistance of synthetic staple fibres
W50 GB/T 14346 - 1993 化学纤维长丝电子条干不匀率试验方法
Testing method for yarn irregularity of man-made filament yarns by means of electronic evenness tester
W50 GB/T 17687 - 1999 热熔法用丙纶短纤维
Polypropylene staple fiber used by melting method
W51 GB/T 7351 - 1997 纤维级聚乙烯醇树脂
Polyvinyl alcohol resins for fibre grade
W51 GB/T 14189 - 1993 纤维级聚酯切片
Fiber grade polyester chip
W52 GB/T 6502 - 2001 合成纤维长丝取样方法
Sampling method for synthetic filament yarns
W52 GB/T 6503 - 2001 合成纤维长丝回潮率试验方法
Standard test method for moisture regain in synthetic filament yarns by over-drying
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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