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Silk textiles

40 丝、绸综合
41 丝、绸半制品
42 丝制纱、线
43 丝和丝交织品

W40 GB 1797 - 2001 生丝
Raw silk
W40 GB/T 1798 - 2001 生丝试验方法
Method of testing for raw silk
W40 GB/T 19113 - 2003 桑蚕鲜茧分级(干壳量法)
Classification of mulberry silkworm fresh cocoons (Method of dry weight of the cocoons layer)
W41 GB/T 9111 - 1988 桑蚕茧(干茧)检验方法
Testing method of mulberry silkworm cocoon(dried cocoon)
W41 GB 9176 - 1988 桑蚕茧(干茧)分级
Classification of mulberry silkworm cocoons(dried cocoons)
W41 GB/T 101 15 - 1988 柞蚕鲜茧
Fresh cocoon of tussah
W41 GB/T 15268 - 1994 桑蚕鲜茧
Mulberry silkworm fresh cocoons
W42 GB/T 14033 - 1992 桑蚕经纬捻线丝
Thrown silk for warp and weft
W42 GB/T 14578 - 2003 柞蚕水缫丝
Tussah silk water reeled
W43 GB/T9072 - 1988 绝缘纺
Silk fabric for electric insulation
W43 GB/T 9127 - 1988 柞蚕丝织物
Tussah silk fabrics
W43 GB/T 10108 - 1988 出口桑蚕丝织物
Silk fabrics for export
W43 GB/T 10109 - 1988 出口合成纤维丝织物
Synthetic filament yarn fabrics for export
W43 GB/T 10110 - 1988 出口和服坯绸
Grey kimono silk for export
W43 GB/T 14014 - 1992 蚕丝、合成纤维筛网
Silk and synthetic fiber bolting cloth
W43 GB/T 15551 - 1995 桑蚕丝织物
Silk fabrics
W43 GB/T 15552 - 1995 丝织物试验方法
Testing method for silk and filament yarn fabrics
W43 GB/T 15553 - 1995 丝织物检验规则
Inspection regulations for silk and filament yarn fabrics
W43 GB/T 15554 - 1995 丝织物包装和标志
Packing and marking for silk and filament yarn fabrics
W48 GB/T 16605 - 1996 再生纤维素丝织物
Regenerated rayon filament fabrics
W43 GB/T 17253 - 1998 合成纤维丝织物
Synthetic. filament yarn fabrics
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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