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Bast fiber

30 麻纺织综合
31 麻半制品
32 麻纱、线
33 麻布

W30 GB/T 7699 - 1999 苎麻
W30 GB/T 13833 - 2002 纤维用亚麻原茎
Raw stem for fibre flax
W30 GB/T 13834 - 1992 纤维用亚麻雨露干茎
Dew retting stem of fibre flax
W30 GB/T 16984 - 1997 大麻原麻
Raw hemp
W30 GB/T 17260 - 1998 亚麻纤维细度的测定气流法
Determination of fineness of flax fiber- Permeametric method
W31 GB/T 5881 - 1986 苎麻理化性能试验取样方法
Sampling method of physical and chemical properties of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5882 - 1986 苎麻束纤维断裂强度试验方法
Testing method of bundle breaking tenacity of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5883 - 1986 苎麻回潮率、含水率试验方法
Testing method of moisture regain and moisture con-tent of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5884 - 1986 苎麻纤维支数试验方法
Count testing of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5885 - 1986 苎麻纤维白度试验方法
Testing method of whiteness of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5886 - 1986 苎麻单纤维断裂强度试验方法
Testing method of single fiber breaking tenacity of ramie
W31 GB/T 5887 - 1986 苎麻纤维长度试验方法
Testing method of length of ramie fiber
W31 GB/T 5888 - 1986 苎麻纤维素聚合度测定方法
Testing method of degree of polymerization of ramie cellulose
W31 GB/T 5889 - 1986 苎麻化学成分定量分析方法
Method of quantitative analysis of ramie chemical components
W31 GB/T 12411. 1 - 1990黄、洋(红)麻纤维试验取样方法
Sampling method of the jute and kenaf fibres
W31 GB/T 12411. 2 - 1990黄、洋(红)麻束纤维断裂强力试验方法
Test method for breaking strength of jute and kenaf fibres
W31 GB/T 12411. 3-1990黄、洋(红)麻纤维线密度试验方法中段称重法
Test method for linear density of jute and kenaf fibres-Cut middles method
W31 GB/T 12411. 4-1990黄、洋(红)麻纤维柔软度试验方法捻度计试验法
Test method for softness of jute and kenaf fibres-Twist tester method
W31 GB/T 12411. 5-1990黄、洋(红)麻纤维回潮率试验方法烘箱法
Test method for moisture regain in jute and kenaf fibres by oven drying
W31 GB/T 12411. 6-1990黄、洋(红)麻纤维含杂率试验方法
Test method for percentage of trash content in jute and kenaf fibres
W31 GB/T 12945 - 2003 熟黄麻
Jute fiber
W31 GB/T 12946 - 2003 熟红麻
Kenaf fiber
W31 GB/T 17345-1998 亚麻打成麻
Scutched flax
W31 GB/T 18888 - 2002 亚麻棉
Cotton flax
W32 GB/T 2696-1987 黄麻绞包麻线的技术条件和分等规定
Skeined colour jute threads-Technical requirements and grading stipulation
W32 GB/T 2697-1987 黄麻电缆麻纱、线的技术条件和分等规定
Jute yarns and threads for cables-Technical require-ments and grading stipulation
W32 GB/T 2698-1987 黄麻钢丝绳芯麻纱的技术条件和分等规定
Jute yarns for wire rope cores-Technical require-ments and grading stipulation
W32 GB/T 2699-1987 黄麻麻纱、线的包装和标志
Jute yarns and threads-Packaging and marking
W32 GB/T 2700-1987 黄麻麻纱、线的验收规定
Jute yarns and threads-Acceptance inspection regu-lation
W32 GB/T 2701-1987 黄麻麻纱、线试验方法
Jute yarns and threads-Methods of testing
W32 GB/T 15030-1994 剑麻钢丝绳芯
Steel wire ropes-Sisal main cores
W33 GB/T 731-1987 黄麻麻袋的技术条件
Gunnybags-Technical requirements
W33 GB/T732-1987 黄麻麻袋的分等规定
Gunnybags-Grading stipulation
W33 GB/T 733-1987 黄麻麻袋、麻布试验方法
Gunnybags, hessiancloth-Methods of testing
W33 GB/T 734-1987 黄麻麻袋、麻布的包装和标志
Gunnybags, hessiancloth-Packaging and marking
W33 GB/T 735-1987 黄麻麻袋、麻布验收规定
Gunnybags, hessianeloth-Rules of acceptance
W33 GB/T 736 - 1987 黄麻麻布的技术条件
Hessiancloth-Technical requirements
W33 GB/T 737 - 1987 黄麻麻布的分等规定
Hessiancloth-Grading stipulation
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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