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Wool textile

20 毛纺织综合
21 毛半制品
22 毛纱、线
23 毛坯布及制品
27 工业用呢、毡

W20 GB/T 4710-1984 羊毛束纤维断裂强度试验方法
Method of test for breaking tenacity of wool fibre bundles
W20 GB/T 6977-1986 冼净羊毛油、灰、杂含量试验方法
Standard test method for oil, ash andvegetablematter in scoured wool
W20 GB/T 7569-1987 羊毛含碱量的测定
Wool-Determination of alkali content
W20 GB/T 7570-1987 羊毛含酸量的测定
Wool-Determination of acid content
W20 GB/T 7571-1987 羊毛在碱中溶解度的测定
Wool-Determination of solubility in alkali
W20 GB/T 12491-1990 羊毛水解物中磺基丙氨酸含量的测定 纸电泳法和比色法
Determination of systeic acid content of wool hydrolysates by paper electrophoresis and colorimetry
W20 GB/T 12492-1990 羊毛水解物中胱氨酸含量的测定 比色法
Determination of cystine content of wool hydrolysates by colorimetry
W20 GB/T 13832-1992 长毛兔兔毛
Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 13835. 1-1992兔毛纤维试验取样方法
Sampling method of Angora rabbit hair for testing
W20 GB/T 13835. 2-1992兔毛纤维长度试验方法
Test method for measure length of Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 13835. 3-1992兔毛含杂率试验方法
Test method for the percentage of impurities in Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 13835. 4-1992兔毛回潮率试验方法烘箱法
Test method for moisture regain of Angora rabbit hair-Drying oven method
W20 G13/T 13835. 5一1992兔毛单纤维断裂强度和伸长试验方法
Test method for breaking strength and elongation of Angora rabbit hair single fibre
W20 G13/T 13835. 6-1992兔毛纤维细度试验方法
Test method for diameter of Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 13835. 7一1992兔毛纤维白度试验方法
Test method for whiteness of Angora rabbit hair
W20 G13/T 13835. 8-1992兔毛乙醚萃取物试验方法
Test method for extractable matter by ether from Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 13835. 9-1992兔毛纤维卷曲性能试验方法
Test method for crimp properties of Angora rabbit hair
W20 GB/T 14269-1993 羊毛试验取样方法
The sampling methods for wool testing
W20 GB/T 14270一1993 羊毛纤维类型含量试验方法
Test method for determination of wool fibre type content
W20 GB/T 14271-1993 原毛净毛率试验方法油压法
Test method for wool content of raw wool by oil pressure method
W20 GB/T 16988-1997 特种动物纤维与绵羊毛混合物含量的测定
Quantitative determination for mixtures of special animal fibre and wool
W21 GB 1523一1993 绵羊毛
W21 GB/T 6500一1986 羊毛回潮率试验方法烘箱法
Test method for moisture regain of wool-Drying oven method
W21 GB/T 6501-1986 羊毛纤维长度试验方法梳片法
Test method for measure length of the wool fibre-Comb sorter
W21 GB/T 9998-1988 西宁毛
Xining wool
W21 GB/T 10685-1989 羊毛纤维直径试验方法投影显微镜法
Test method for determining wool fibres diameter by the projection microscope
W21 G]3/T 11603-1989 羊毛纤维平均直径测定法气流法
Determination for mean diameter of wool fibres by airflow method
W21 G13/T 13831-1992 骆驼原绒
Raw camel hair and under fleece
W21 G13/T 16254-1996 马海毛
W21 GB/T 16255. 1-1996洗净马海毛
Scoured mohajr
W21 GB/T 16255. 2 - 1996洗净马海毛含草、杂率试验方法
Test method for the percentage of burry and impurities in scoured mohair
W21 GB/T 16255. 3 - 1996洗净马海毛纤维长度试验方法手排法
Test method for length of scoured mohair-Array diagram method
W21 GB 18267 - 2000 山羊绒
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