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Cotton Textile

10 棉纺织综合
11 棉半制品
12 棉纱、线
13 棉坯布及制品

W10 GB/T 6097-1985 棉纤维试验取样方法
Sampling cotton fibres for testing
W10 GB/T 6098. 1-1985 棉纤维长度试验方法罗拉式分析仪法
Test method for length of cotton fibres-Roller analyser
W10 GB/T 6098. 2-1985 棉纤维长度试验方法光电长度仪法
Test method for length of cotton fibres-Photoelectric length method
W10 GB/T 6099. 1-1985 棉纤维成熟度试验方法 中腔胞壁对比法
Test method for maturity of cotton fibres-Lumenand wall thickness constract method
W10 GB/T 6099. 2-1992 棉纤维成熟度试验方法偏光仪法
Test method for maturity of cotton fibres-Polarized apparatus method
W10 GB/T 6109-1985 棉纤维线密度试验方法 中段称重法
Test method for linear density of cotton fibres-Cut middles method
W10 GB/T 6101-1985 棉纤维断裂强力试验方法束纤维法
Test method for breaking strength of cotton fibres-Flat bundle method
W10 GB/T 6102. 1-1985 原棉回潮率试验方法烘箱法
Test method for moisture regain in raw cotton by oven drying
W10 GB/T 6102. 2-1985 原棉回潮率试验方法 电测器法
Test method for moisture regain in raw cotton by electrical moisture meter
W10 GB/T 6103-1985 原棉疵点试验方法
Test method for fault in raw cotton
W10 GB/T 6498 - 2004 棉纤维“马克隆值”试验方法
Test method for Micronaire value of cotton fibers
W10 GB/T 6499-1992 原棉含杂率试验方法
Test method for percentage of trash content in raw cotton
W10 GB/T 9996 - 2001 棉及化纤纯纺、混纺纱线外观质量黑板检验方法
Determination of appearance quality of yarns made of cotton or man-made fibres, 0r their blends by winding on the black board
W10 GB/T 13776-1992 用校准棉样校准棉纤维试验结果
Standardizing cotton fibre test results by use of calibration cottons
W10 GB/T 13777-1992 棉纤维成熟度试验方法显微镜法
Test method for maturity of cotton fibres-Microscopic method
W10 GB/T 13778-1992 棉纤维成熟度测定方法气流法
Cotton fibres-Determination of maturity-Air flow method
W10 GB/T 13779-1992 棉纤维长度试验方法梳片法
Test method for length of cotton fibres-Comb sorter method
W10 GB/T 13780-1992 棉纤维长度试验方法 自动光电长度仪法
Test method for cotton length-Auto-photoelectric stapler
W10 GB/T 13781-1992 棉纤维长度(跨距长度)和长度整齐度的测定
Textiles-Cotton fibres-Determination of length (span length)and length uniformity
W10 GB/T 13783-1992 棉纤维断裂比强度的测定平束法
Cotton fibres-Determination 0f breaking tenacity of fiat bundles
W10 GB/T 13784-1992 棉花颜色试验方法测色仪法
Test method for colour of cotton-Colorimeter method
W10 GB/T 13785-1992 棉纤维含糖程度试验方法 比色法
Test method for degree of sugar contains in cotton fibres-Colorimetry
W10 GB/T 13786-1992 棉花分级室的模拟昼光照明
Artificial daylighting illumination for cotton classing rooms
W10 GB/T 16258-1996 棉纤维含糖试验方法定量法
Test method for sugar in cotton fibers-Quantitative method
W10 GB/T 17586-1999 棉纤维线密度试验方法排列法
Cotton fibre-Determination of linear density -Array method
W11 GB/T 16985-1997 棉纤维长度试验方法中段称重法
Test method for length of cotton fibres-Middle weighting method
W12 GB/T 398-1993 棉本色纱线
Cotton grey yarns
W12 GB/T 5324-1997 精梳涤棉混纺本色纱线
Combed polyester/cotton blended grey yarn
W12 GB/T 17033-1997 纺织品棉纱线贸易规格
Textiles-Cotton yarns-Specifications for trade
W13 GB/T 406-1993 棉本色布
Cotton grey fabric
W13 GB 4580-1984 无衬里消防水带
Unlined fire hose
W13 GB/T 5325-1997 精梳涤棉混纺本色布
Combed polyester/cotton grey fabrics
W13 GB/T 14310-1993 棉本色灯芯绒
Cotton grey corduroy
W13 GB/T 14311-1993 棉印染灯芯绒
Dyed or printed cotton corduroy
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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