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Railway rolling stock

50 铁路车辆综合
51 铁路客车
52 铁路货车
53 铁路特种车辆
55 准轨工矿铁路车辆
56 窄轨工矿铁路车辆

S50 GB/T 4549. 1 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第l部分: 基本词汇
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 1: Basic vocabulary
S50 GB/T 4549. 2 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第2部分: 走行装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 2: Running gear
S50 GB/T4549. 3 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第3部分: 制动装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 3: Brake equipments
S50 GB/T 4549. 4 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第4部分: 车钩缓冲及风挡装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 4: Coupler,draft gear and vestibule diaphragm
S50 GB/T 4549. 5 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第5部分: 车体
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 5: Car body
S50 GB/T 4549. 6 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第6部分: 门、窗及其开闭装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary-Part 6: Doors、windows and their operating devices
S50 GB/T 4549. 7 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第7部分: 采暖、通风及空气调节装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 7: Heating. ventilation and air conditioning equipment
S50 GB/T 4549. 8 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第8部分: 给水、排水装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 8: Water supply and draining equipment
S50 GB/T4549. 9 - 2004 铁道车辆词汇第9部分: 电气装置
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 9: Electric equipment
S50 GB/T 4549. 10 - 2004铁道车辆词汇第10部分: 客车附属设备
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 10: Equipments attached to the passenger Car
S50 GB/T4549. 11 - 2004铁道车辆词汇第11部分: 专用货车附属设备
Railway vehicle vocabulary - Part 11: Equipments attached to the special purpose freight car
S50 GB/T 5599-1985 铁道车辆动力学性能评定和试验鉴定规范
Railway vehicles-Specification for evaluation the dynamic performance and accreditation test
S50 GB/T 5600一1997 铁道货车通用技术条件
General technical specification for freight cars
S50 GB/T 7703. 1-1987 铁道车辆标记一般规则
Lettering and marking of railway cars - General regulation
S50 GB/T 7703. 2-1987 铁道车辆标记文字与字体
Lettering and marking of railway cars-Letter and style of calligraphy
S50 GB/T 7928 - 2003 地铁车辆通用技术条件
General technical specification for metro vehicles
S50 GB/T 12813-1991 铁道车辆车钩缓冲装置组装技术条件
Assembling specifications of couplers and draft gears for railway cars
S50 GB/T 12814 - 2002 铁道车辆用车轴型式与基本尺寸
Axles for railway cars-Types and basic dimensions
S50 GB/T 12816-1991 铁道客车噪声的评定
Evaluation about noise of railway passenger cars
S50 GB/T 12817 - 2004 铁道客车通用技术条件
General technical specification for railway passenger car
S50 GB/T 12818 - 2004 铁道客车组装后的检查与试验规则
Rules for inspecting and testing of railway passenger car after completion of construction
S51 GB/T 12815-1991 铁道客车照明设计基本参数
Design of illumination for railway passenger cars-Basic parameters
S52 GB/T 5601-1985 铁道货车组装后的检查与试验规则
Rules for inspecting and testing of freight car after completion of construction
S52 GB 10478-1989 液化气体铁道罐车技术条件
Specifications for liquid gas tank cats
S52 GB 10479-1989 铝制铁道罐车技术条件
Specifications for aluminium tank cars
S53 GB/T 17426-1998 铁道特种车辆和轨行机械动力学性能 评定及试验方法
Dynamic performance evaluation and test method for particular class vehicles and tracked machine
S56 GB/T 2885. 1-1981 金属矿固定车箱式矿车基本参数及尺寸
Solid-bottom wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimensions
S56 GB/T 2885. 2-1981 金属矿翻转车箱式矿车基本参数及尺寸
Tilting wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimensions
S56 GB/T 2885. 3-1981 金属矿单侧曲轨侧卸式矿车基本参数及尺寸
Single-side tipping and curved raft wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimensions
S56 GB/T 2885. 4-1981 金属矿底卸式矿车基本参数及尺寸
Automatic drop bottom wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimensions
S56 GB/T 2885. 5-1981 金属矿平板车基本参数及尺寸
Flat deck wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimensions
S56 GB/T 2885. 6-1981 金属矿材料车基本参数及尺寸
Material supply wagon for metallic mines-Basic parameters and dimension
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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