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Water supply, drainage works

40 给水、排水工程综合
41 室外给水、排水工程
42 建筑给水、排水工程

P40 GB/T 16662 - 1996 建筑给水排水设备器材术语
Terms of equipments and materials for building water supply and drainage
P40 GB/T 18919 - 2002 城市污水再生利用分类
The reuse of urban recycling water - Classified standard
P40 GB/T 18920 - 2002 城市污水再生利用城市杂用水水质
The reuse of urban recycling water - Water quality
Standard for urban miscellaneous water consumption
P40 GB/T 18921 - 2002 城市污水再生利用景观环境用水水质
The reuse of urban recycling water-water quality standard for scenic environment use
P41 GB 12176 - 1990 次氯酸钠发生器
Sodium hypochlorite generator
P41 GB/T 18820 - 2002 工业企业产品取水定额编制通则
General principles of stipulation of water intake norm for industrial product
P41 GB/T 18916.1 - 2002取水定额第l部分: 火力发电
Norm of water intake - Part 1: Electric power production
P41 GB/T 18916.2 - 2002取水定额第2部分: 钢铁联合企业
Norm of water intake - Part 2: Iron and steel complex
P41 GB/T 18916.3 - 2002取水定额第3部分: 石油炼制
Norm of water intake - Part3: Petroleum refining
P41 GB/T 18916.4 - 2002取水定额第4部分: 棉印染产品
Norm of water intake - Part 4: Dyeing and finishing of cotton production
P41 GB/T 18916.5 - 2002取水定额第5部分: 造纸产品
Norm of water intake - Part 6: Pulp paper and paper board production
P41 GB/T 18916.6 - 2004取水定额第6部分: 啤酒制造
Norm of water intake - Part 6: Brewing industry
P41 GB/T 18916.7 - 2004取水定额第7部分: 酒精制造
Norm of water intake - Part 7: Alcohol production
P41 GB/T 19249 - 2003 反渗透水处理设备
Reverse osmosis water treatment equipment
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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