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Industrial and civil construction

30 工业与民用建筑工程综合
31 建筑物理
32 建筑构造与装饰工程
33 居住与公共建筑工程
34 工业建筑工程
35 农林牧渔业建筑工程
36 建筑维修工程

P30 GB/T 11977 - 1989 住宅卫生间功能和尺寸系列
Bathrooms in housing functions and series of dimensions
P31 GB/T 13684 - 1992 钢窗建筑物理性能分级
Graduation of building physical performances for steel
P31 GB/T 13685 - 1992 建筑外门的风压变形性能分级及其检测方法
Graduation and test methods of resisting wind pres-sure capacity for building external doors
P31 GB/T 13686 - 1992 建筑外门的空气渗透性能和雨水渗漏性能分级及其检测方法
Graduation and test methods of air permeability and water penetration for building external doors
P31 GB/T 16275 - 1996 地下铁道照明标准
Standard for subway fighting
P31 GB/T 16731 - 1997 建筑吸声产品的吸声性能分级
The graduation of sound absorption property for absorbent products
P32 GB/T 8478 - 2003 铝合金门
Aluminium doors
P32 GB/T 8479 - 2003 铝合金窗
Aluminium windows
P32 GB/T 9978 - 1999 建筑构件耐火试验方法
Fire resistance tests - Elements of building construction
P32 GB/T 15225 - 1994 建筑幕墙物理性能分级
Graduation of physical performances for building curtain walls
P32 GB/T 15226 - 1994 建筑幕墙空气渗透性能检测方法
Test method of air permeability performance for building curtain walls
P32 GB/T 15227 - 1994 建筑幕墙风压变形性能检测方法
Test method of deformation under wind pressure for building curtain walls
P32 GB/T 15228 - 1994 建筑幕墙雨水渗漏性能检测方法
Test method of water penetration performance for building curtain walls
P32 GB 16726 - 1997 钢筋混凝土开间梁、进深梁
Reinforced concrete horizontal beam and longitudinal beam
P32 GB 16727 - 1997 叠合板用预应力混凝土薄板
Precast prestressed concrete panel for composite slab
P82 GB 16728 - 1997 预应力混凝土肋形屋面板
Prestressed concrete ribbed roof slabs
P32 GB/T 16729 - 1997 建筑外门保温性能分级及其检测方法
Graduation and test method for thermal insulating properties of doors
P32 GB/T 16730 - 1997 建筑用门空气声隔声性能分级及其检测方法
The graduation of air-borne sound insulating proper-ties and test method for door
P32 GB/T 18091 - 2000 玻璃幕墙光学性能
Optical properties of glass curtain walls
P32 GB/T 18250 - 2000 建筑幕墙平面内变形性能检测方法
Test method for performance in plane deformation of Curtain wall’s
P33 GB/T 11228 - 1989 住宅厨房及相关设备基本参数
Coordinating sizes of kitchen in dwellings with furniture and equipment
P33 GB/T 17785 - 1999 新建低层住宅建筑设计与施工中氡控制导则
Standard guide for radon control options for the design and construction of new low rise residential buUatngs
P33 GB/T 18092 - 2000 免水冲卫生厕所
Water-free sanitary toilet
P34 GB/T 2887 - 2000 电子计算机场地通用规范
Specification for electronic computer field
P35 GB/T 19561 - 2004 寒地节能日光温室建造规程
Rules for the constructing of the save energy sunlight greenhouse in cold zone
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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