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Sample contract for purchasing equipment and services

Sample contract for purchasing equipment and services
Attachment 1. Well data for primary assessment of the prospect of the field acoustical treatment
Attachment 2. Documents and form of their submission required for development of the project for acoustical treatment of the wells to recover their production rate
Attachment 3. A list of materials and equipment required for realization of project, to be supplied by the Buyer for the operational period
Attachment 6. A list of the Project’s sections
Attachment 7.Receipt to the present Contract concerning technological problems about which the Seller had been warned prior to the beginning of negotiations.
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Food products
Building materials
Leisure and garden inventory
Medicine and public health
Gas and gas equipment
Oil equipment
Recoupment of acoustic action method
Offers for dealers and buyers
Complex I AB-3 in operation
Type of deposits, destroyed by AB-3 complex
Our equipment
Training specialists to operate an acoustical complex
Frequently asked questions
A list of documents submitted by the customer
An example of field restoration development project
Prices.Services.Time frames
Sample contract for purchasing equipment and services
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