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LTUFHXZ500-I Nut peeling equipment

Name of equipment : Peeling of almonds, hazelnuts, Circussian walnuts.
The production line includes:
Nut fraction separation section consists of :
-raw materials loading bucket;
- sortet (4 fractions).
Husk peeling section consists of :
- raw materials loading bucket;
- Spiral lift ;
- husk peeling machine;
- two-way spiral lift ;
- sieve.
Kernel shell peeling section  consists of :
- ;raw materials loading bucket;
- Spiral lift ;
- Two way lift ;
- Kernel shell removal machine - 2 units
Time of manufacturing - 1 month  
Features of the equipment:
- law expenditure of energy;
- law percentage of shattering of  kernel (except for Circussian walnut) 
Total weight: 5 tons.
Personnel : 2  persons
Total power: 9.08 kW
-manufacturer of control system :China 
-Control desk as a unit
Size: Max height : 2090 mm
Main unit's width : 5500 mm
Max width of the equipment : 1600 mm
Production area : 18.5 m × 1.6 m = 30 m2
Design productivity: amount of processed materials: 500 kg/hour
Specifications of the products:
One-piece kernel  output : 98% (Except for Circussian walnut)
Kernel remained among sifted out husk : 0.3% (Except for Circussian walnut)
Husk remained among sifted our kernel : 2% (Except for Circussian walnut)
Raw materials : hazelnut, almond, Circussian nut,
Photo: sorter

husk peeling machine

Manufacturing technique:
Nuts are divided into four fractions .The the nuts are peeled off and kernel and shell are separated .
If it was impossible to remove the shell at the first stage, then the nut is subjected to the secondary treatment.
Workflow of nut division into fractions : Feeding of raw materiasl  → lifting → separation → 4 fractions
Workflow of shell removal

Workflow of husk removal

Transportation - 1 40-foot container

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