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Paper and pulp production line: Raw materials: Agricultural wastes

The production facilities consist of 10 sections
Main line  
1. Raw materials preparation section
2. Processing of  plant organics  (no wood is used)
3.Cellulose obtaining section 
4.Pulp preparation section 
5. Writing paper production section
6.Cutting and packing section 
Auxiliary section 
7. thermal unit  (it is necessary to ask the customer's powermen whether they can provide round-the-clock supply of 2 tons of steam, 115 C/hour  (summer season including))
8. trabsformer station  (it is necessary to clear out whether there's a limit of 700 kW for new production facilities)
9. treatment facilities (the design of this equipment stipulates closed cycle o water consumption. Ordinary precipitation tank won't do, the treatment should be performed using special coagulants. Production of paper requires a great amount of chemical elements. Bad quality of water will result in sharp drop in the quality of the  product)
10. Intrashop transport (3 electric loaders)
1. Raw materials preparation section
KPA-5 IN container type
size 12*2,3*2,4 m. transporation in operation condition  18*2,3 m
4 auxiliary units
Conveyors 2 units.
Control panel 1 unit.
Screen 1 unit.
Total power 30 kW
productivity 5 tons/shift
personnel -  1 person/shift 
production area  40 m
small-scale mechanization - 1 autoloader or electric loader
outdoor location is possible
Transporation - one 40ft.container

2. Processing of plant organics  
(no wood is used)
Raw material  watering bath prior to feeding to fibrization unit
Materila fiber watering bath prior to feeding together with desinfectant and bleachers
Pumps for agreesive media, 2 units 
HI-1UB-I-3 chemical cleaner , size 1,4*1,5*0,9 m
LU-XR -136 thermal attrition plantsize 1,5*0,9*1,1 m
10  auxiliary units
Conveyors, 6 units . size 3,5*0,5*1,3 m
Tanks 2 units, diameter  2,25*4,3 m
Pump,  2 units for aggresive hot media
total power 150 kW
productivity 5 tons/shift
personnel 4 men/shift
Production area  100 m
small scale mechanization: is not required
can be placed only in heated facilities
Transportation  1 -40 ft. container 

3. Cellulose obtaining section
EB-IL-81 refiner single disc
Refiner EB-IL- 60 refiner, double disk
LU-EIJ-5\10 fine polishing devices
14 auxiliary units 
Organic mixture pumps, 5 units
Reagent hoppers  4 units.
Electronic meter, 1 unit
Conveyors 4 units
total power 57 kW
productivity 5-10 tons/shift 
personnel 1 person/shift
production area 80 m
small mechanization - is not required
to be placed in heated facilities only
Transporation two -40 ft containers 

4. Pulp preparation section
UUTX-B -35\4 -2 units
Pulper, 8th  series -2 units
Propulsion screen, diameter - 700
Low concentration foam former
Sand removal
Magnetic separator
19 auxiliary units
pools -2 units
pulp pumps -12 units
sand pump -1 unit
beaters - 2 units .
suspended units  2 units
total power 120 kW
productivity 5-10 tons/shift 
personnel -1 person/shift
production area - 200m
Small scale mechanization is not required
to be placed in heated facilities only
Transporation two -40 ft containers 

5. Writing paper production section
Pulp intak
TV-EIW- 05  paper making machine
TSV-135 EI- 1760 drying drum (on boiler oil)
Winding set (4 units)
8 auxiliary mechanisms
air intake 1 unit.
Heat-exchange unit  1 unit.
collection and pumpdown of moisture excess -1 unit
pulp return unit  1 unit.
cutting machine 1unit.
enrober 1 unit .
production of bushings 2 units.
total power 186 kW
productivity 5 tons/shift 
personnel - 1 person/shift
production area  300 m
Small-scale mechanization - 1 autoloader
to be placed in heated facilities only
Transporation  - one 40 ft container
one oversized place on the platfr\orm

6. Cutting and packing section
Rewinding set (4 units )
Cutting presses - 3 units
15 auxiliary mechanisms
Paper feeding and reception tables - 6 units
dust removal system - 4 units
weighing machine -1 unit
packing machine -1 unit
conveyors - 3 units .
blade grindin mechanism - 1 unit
total power 40 kW
productivity 5-10 tons/shift, depending  intensity of labor of the personnel
staff - 5 persons.shift 
production area - 200 m
small scale mechanization
to be placed in heated facilities only
Transporation two -40 ft containers 
Total power by all units - 583 kW
Auxiliary sections
7. Thermal unit  (tank or boiler )
steam 2 tons/hr 
Temperature - 115о
Transporation: two  40 ft containers  
700 kW for new production facilities
380 V 
50 Hz
Transportation: one-20ft. container  
9.Treatment facilities
YW-10 Machine separating paper from wate 
В-250,High productivity aeration machine 175 units. (with pipe line )
Biochemical tourniquets, 225 m3 (including supproting frame
Dispatch device -1 unit
Box valve
pressure filter -  xmj80/870 1 unit.
water suction equipment for  sedimentation basin - 3 units
Contaminamination substances pumpdown unit - 1 unit
Metering machine  1 unit
Transporation: two  40 ft containers  

the set doesn't include
It is necessary to build:
Sedimentation basin  – 40m3
Basin with biochemical tourniquette of the first stage – 200m3
Basin with biochemical tourniquette of the second  stage – 150m3
Second sedimentation basin  – 40m3
To be done on the spot
Total energy  30 kW
Weight of whole line  – 15 tons
Number of workers - 5 persons
Production area  600m3
Desing  productivity/shift 150-200m3  of water
Properties of water :
Chemical oxygen demand (COD) (a criterion. a measure of quantity of chemical compound in water)  – 650 ml/l
Sterile solution (SS)  – 2250 milligram/l
PH level – 6-8
Temperature of water  - +10-25о
Raw materials: flocculant (about 100 kg/24 hrs)
Operating parameters: may be placed both outdoors and indoors (in latter case it is necessary to mount a roof )
10. Intrasho transport
Three electric loaders andf self-propelled trolleys, cagro capacity up to 1 tons
Transporation - one 40 ft container  
Power by auxiliary shops - 120 kW
Total: requried power limit -  703 kW

Raw materials: : Bamboo, corn, cotton plant, wheat,  hemp stalks, twigs. wood pieces, whole trees, seeds, rice, cotton, nut , palm leaves, copra etc 

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