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Corrugated container production equipment

We offer a variety of machines of different productivity, including cardobard production lines and corrugated and non-corrugated box production lines

Brand 1800 corrugated container products (single side corrugated products)
(single side corrugated products).
This equipment recycles the pulp. Its works on the basis of reduction and increading of current, non corrugated re-mains are cut. The equipment is used for diminishing wastes Specifications (product size, speed, etc) depends on the Customer’s requirements

Glue applying machine

Functions:This machine glues two even sheets to corrugated papep, thus resulting in three layer sheet. It is possi-ble to make 5-layer sheet.


Box-making machine

This machine improves the quality of the sheet

Number of blades:4
Number of pressing trays: 6
Blade diameter:260mm
Blade thickness:1.2mm

Machine for printing, sidewall cutting and grooving

Sheet's size:2700*1600mm
Max depth:350mm
Min Height:380mm
Power :4kw

Edge connecting machine

Function: Connects the edges
Delivery time:45-50 days (30% -advanced payment)

Three layer corrugated paper steam production line
WJ80-2000 Three layer corrugated paper steam production line
Main specifications:
Max speed: 80m/min
Cost-saving speed: 60m/min
Width of the workpiece :2000 mm

Note: It is necessary to meet the requirements as follows:
Type of paper - not worse than "В"
Water content - 11±1 %
Even paper 150-200 g/m2
corrugated paper g/m2
Power source: 380 V 50 Hz
The machine can be left-sided or right sided depending on the operation site .

Equipment to be installed by the customer :

1. Steam system.
2.Glue-feeding channel, pneumatic press,compressed air feeding channel, steam feeding and distributing channel.
3. Power source, control cab
4. test machine for initial paper, gluing liquid etc. 

Non-axial support clamp  (3 plants)

/>Clamps rolls of size of 1500mm (500 - 1800mm)
Takes two rОlls simultaneously
Horizontal movement control

Gluing machine (1 установка)

Startup/finish device, it uses oil for lubrication
Using air adsorption provides stability of corrugated forms at high speed. Magnetic method of non discrete speed instablity is used. For bearings heat-resistant grease is used
Glueing is performed by rotation automatic feeding
Upper and lower corrugated rollers are made of heat treated chrome-nickel, hardness- HRC55-62. Polished surface can be treated with chrome.
Upper roller diameter is 278 mm. Lower roller diameter is 280 mm
Glueing roller's surface was coated with chrome, and applied with special texture.
Width of waves of grades : А, В, С, Е is to be selected by the Customer

Single-layer distillations (1 Plant)
Adsorbing air is used for expansion and compression, 2.2 kW centrifugal ventilator is used, it boosts vacuum, expands and compresses cardboard.Electronic adjustment secures even layering of paper..
Two control boards secure simultaneous control of upper and lower bridges
Sinchronous roller chain transmission or sinchronous movement of engines is used, a single side corrugated sheets are fed to the upper bridge, speed instability is guaranteed by definite stock of corrugated paper. After that the sheet goes to the secondary heating and further to the solutioning machine and double side plant to mold.
There is a paper feeding plant.As accumulation speed is rather low, a wave like overlapping takes place, so a single side corrugated paper is accumulated

Double-side solutioning machine (1 plant)

The roller's surface is chromed and grooved
The fractioning shaft's surface is polished, whereas paper pressing shaft is pressed
The shaft's diameter: 240mm
Automatic rotation glue feeding prevents sedimentation in the glue
It has a heating device, that accelerates liquefaction of the glue

Lower pre-heating device (1 unit)
Heating shaft diameter is 600mm;
Paper infed shaft diameter is 100mm
The surfaces of all shafts are polished and coated with chrome, thus providing their smoothness and longevity.
It is possible to adjust angle of contact and also to adjust paper surface heating within the limit of 60-270 С

Suspension heater (1 unit)
Heating shaft's diameter- 380mm;
Paper infed shaft diameter- 100mm
The surfaces of all shafts are polished and coated with chrome, thus providing their smoothness and longevity

Double heater (1 plant)

Heating shaft diameter- 600mm;
The surfaces of all shafts are polished and coated with chrome, thus providing their smoothness and longevity
It is possible to adjust angle of contact and also to adjust paper surface heating within the limit of 60-270 С

Drying system  (double-side) (1 unit)

Heating plates : Width 520mm, Height 135mm. The surface is polished, 14 pcs.
Each plate has 4-6 rollers, the heights of all rollers are adjustable.
Deviation and tension of upper line and tension of lower line are adjustable
Cold molding is performed by intensive pressure of shafts,length is adjusted automatically thus guaranteeing the quality of paper.
Drive axis is covers with wear-resisting rubber, separate brake actuator box, low noise. 


Corrugation and tranversal cutting machine with thin blades.

It uses special thin blades that guarantee high cutting speed, they do not get stuck or break, the paper edges are even.
Automatic grinding of blades can be performed during production process, there is no necessity to stop the machine.
Parametes and blade grinding time can be set any time depending on quality of the materials and state of blades.
Porcupine cylinders and linear cylindes are mounted in accordance with the sequence 5 blades- 8 lines

ongtitudinal PLC-controlled cutter. (1 unit)

Special design, solid body and base. There are two holes in the body, facilitating to inspection and servicing
Drive system of the lubrication uses automatic circulation oil pump, thus securing the accuracy of the drive.
High accuracy and high strength grinding wheel gears, they have a long service time and operate at high speed. The wheel gear secure the accuracy of cohesion of blades, thus providing the eveness and fringenessless of the cardboard's edges
High accuracy cutter shaft, tool carrier and high-velocity cutter are stable enough.
Special device of blade relacement secures fast and convenient replacement of blades.
Computer takes into consideration the type of cardboard and selected productivity sets the cutting speed automatically and controls paper feeding speed thus securing synchronism.
The computer can file up to 300 models and perform all actions in sequence or in accordance with the priority set. All the info can be seen on the monitor
It cuts paper of 50-9999 mm, accuracy ±1mm

Circulating system of glue production
It guarantees the requiered composition of glue
Glue production plant consists of loading vat, main vat, storage tank and also glue fed and return pump .
Automatic circulation for cost-saving usage and sedimentation prevention.

Electric control system
Each machine has its own control and mutual control system, this provides both independent operation of the unit and its interaction with other units.
To improve the coordination of operation, there's warning system mounted between the units.
ANy unit can identify info concerning speed of neighboring units.

Pneumatic system
The filter guarantees stable flow of fresh air .
Each units takes air from the main airduct and uses it without causing any effect to another units.
Every air-using unit has its own index dial and can adjust the required pressure.
The pipe, made of copper or high quality PV material are reliable and have a long service life

Paper trolley It has rails and six trolleys.

Steam heating system
Every unit has an independent steam supplying system, allowing to save energy and make adjustment easier.
Operation temperature control is performed by steam pressure adjustment, there's a pressure indicator.
Drier. All the units can blow their bodies, that's why the equipment can cool quickly after finishing operation.
Pipe system and rotating heating details are connected with flexible metal pipe, this affords to extend the operation capability of the unit.


Name Amount Notes
1 Non-axial supporting clamp 3 Automatic rewinding
2 Single side machine 1 Diameter 280mm,adsorbtion, molybdenum-chromium alloy
3 Cantileveled arm 1 -
4 Preheating paper surface equipment 1 Diameter600mm, it is possible to adjust the angle contact
5 Paper core preheating equipment 1 Diameter 380 mm, it is possible to adjust the angle contact
6 Double heating equipment 1 Diameter600mm, it is possible to adjust the angle contact
7 Single side glue coating equipment 1 Pneumatic glueing
8 Double side machine 1 520mmx10 parts (big tape including)
9 Longitudinal cutting equipment (thin blades) 1 -
10 Longitudinal cutting equipment (PLC) 1 Made in China
11 Single-layered paper conveyor 1 -
12 paper trolley 6 Rails. (Length - 6 meters)
13 Main drive 1 -
14 Glue production system 1 -
15 Steam system 1 Piping is prepared by the Customer
16 Air supply system 1 -
17 Electric equipment and control system 1 -


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