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Toilet and napkin paper production line

Napkin and toilet paper production line consists of 3 working shops:
1. Recycling of paper into pulp.
2. Production of paper
3. Re-winding, cutting and packing

1.Pulp production section
Pulping seciton technology

Waste paper →High consistency hydra- pulper→High consistency pulp pump→High level box→Vibrating screen→ 1#pulp pool→Floating and deinking machine with square cell→2#pulp pool→Thickener→№3 Pulp pool →Cleaning and refining machine→Bleaching drum→Pressure screen →№4& Pulp pool →Pump →Pulp pool.

The whole set includes as follows
1. 3M3 High consistency hydra-pulperZGS3: 2SETS
2. ZBGKS-150 high concentrated pulp pump - 2SETS
3. 40M³ Pulp basin : 7 sets
4. ZWB-150-100 Non jam pulp pump : 6SETS
5. 0.9M² high frequency vibrating screen ZSK1.8: 1SET0.9M² 1SET
6.4M³ floating and deinking machine with square cell: 1SET
7. 10M² Gravity cylinder thickener ZNW10: 1SET
8. Cleaning and refining machine ZSLC-50N: 1 SET
9. 50M³ Bleaching drum ZPC700: 2 sets
10. 0.5M² Pressure screen : 1 set
11. Wheite water pump IS150-125-250: 1 set
12. Scummer 606: 24 sets

Energy consumption by units of the pulping shop

Equipment Power Quantity
High consistency hydro-pulper 55Kw 2
Pump 22Kw 1
Vibration screen 5.5Kw 1
Deinking machine 9.54Kw 1
10M gravity cylinder thickener 5.5Kw 1
50N Double-side double function cleaning and refining machine 37Kw 1
High-consistency pressure screen 37Kw 1
Scummer   21
Bleaching drum 50m 4.4Kw 2
Pump 7.5Kw 7
Impeller 15Kw 7
Vacuum pump 22Kw 3
Air compressor   3
Pump 18.5Kw 3
(Including stainless steel pump)   3
Electric control system   3
Pneumatic control system   3

ZGS3 High-consistenct hydropulper

Cleaning and refing machine ZSLC-50N

Pulp intake

Gauze cylinder

2. Toilet paper production line

The name of the products - toilet paper, paper gaskets for electonics, consumers electronics, ceramics and tools production line
This line can produce 8-15 tons/day of toilet paper.
The amount of production depends on compactness of the resultant paper.
Lower compactness means less weight at equal meterage while higher compactness means more weight.
Raw materials - waste paper.
Water consumption - 5 tons of water/1 ton of waste paper

Production standards :
The fiber organization of tissue should be even.
There shouldn’t be the shortcomings of holes, breaches, drape, deformity, fleck etc in the product
The quality of tissue should meet the B,C grade of the Chinese National Standard Q/ZJRD-2000.
Production technology
Pulp – Drum – Removal of extra moisture – forming - baking drum – evener rollers – winding of the receiving drum of 1600 mm

ZY1880 tissue paper production machine

Winding paper: 3KN/M

Equipment (winding) mm 1600
Brand ZY1880
Design speed (м/min) 280
paper-making speed(м/min) 150-250
Paper width ≤1900
paper compactness 13-30gsm
Productivity (tons/day) 8-10
Drying cylinder diameter Φ2500×2350
Power of main engine Y250S-6/45KW
Power of winding Y100L1-4/2.2KW
Air feeding pressure 0.7mpa
Baking drum pressure 3kg/cm
Specification of protective coating 750g/m
Rotation frequency stabilizer Available

Engineering data
No. Name Data
1 Weight (compactness) 13-30gsm
2 Tissie-making rate 95%
3 Final product rate 90%
4 Good product rate 90%
5 Water rate of tissue forming 92±2%
6 Water rate out of rolls 85%
7 Water rate out of vacuum box 65%
8 Water rate out of pressing roll 50%
9 Pulp consistency in pressing screen 0.2%
10 Pulp outputting from cleaning and refining machine 15%
11 Scumming rate 1.5%
12 Scumming consistency from pressing screen 1.5%
13 Backflowing capacity from net channel 15%
14 White water consistency 0.02%

Concentration of pulp fed to drum

16 The rate of taking off fiber by vacuum box 0.6%
17 The rate of taking off fiber by squeezing whith water 0.25%

1. 1880/180 tissue making machine 

Specifications and detailed parameters
1.1 Product: tissue paper, napkin paper
1.2 Weight: 13-30g/M², according to 16 g/M²
1.3 Raw materials 100% commercial pulp, waist paper, straw pulp Net paper width: 1880mm
1.4 Roll paper width:-1900mm
1.5 Net width : 2300mm
1.6 Baking cylinder width: 2350mm
1.7 Track space:2700mm
1.8 Working speed :120-180m/min
1.9 Designing speed :180m/min
1.10 Theory capacity: 6.0T/24H (Speed=140M/min, Weight=16g/ M²)
1.11 Working capacity: 5.1TPD, annual capacity: 1734T (according to 340 days per year)
1.12 Kind of drive: subdivision drive of digital vector AC converting. 2 divisions, total power:47.2KW
1.13 Outer dimension: L:13.145M, W:5.7M, H:4.6M, single floor.
1.14 Quality standard for product: Napkin tissue: QB3529-1999A,B

2.2. Main parameter of toilet paper made by ZY-1800 

2.1 Dry rate:Before carrier roller: 18-20%, 
Before baking cylinder: 43-45%, 
Finished product of winding machine: 92-93%,
2.2 Line pressure:
Pressure roller: design: 1.8KN/M, in work: 1.8KN/M
Carrier roller: design: 90KN/M, in work: 70-80KN/M
Winding M/C: design: 3KN/M, in work: 1.5-2.5KN/M
2.3 Consistency of feeding pulp:0.2-0.25%
2.4 Consumption:
2.4.1 Consumption of pulp  1020-1040 kg/t
2.4.2 Water consumption: clean water: 20-30M³/H, 0.3-0.4MPa High pressure water: 13-15 M³/H, 2.5-3.0Mpa Pulp consumption: 1020-1040KG/T tissue
2.4.3 Power consumption: 254-260KWH/T tissue (including blowing fan)
2.4.4 Air consumption of carrier roller: Max. about 0.5M³/min>0.4Mpa
2.4.5 Air consumption of tissue machine: Max. about 0.55T/H 0.35-0.5Mpa
2.4.6 Dispersant consumption: 1.2Kg/T tissue
2.4.7. Needle blanket: 30days/pc
2.4.8 Bottom net: 60days/pc, face net: 25days/pc (Nylon net)

3. Explanation of tissue machine
This machine consists of cylinder net, pressing part, baking cylinder, winding machine, groundwork part, driving part, air compressing system
3.1Cylinder net
Cylinder net forming part is water-pressure, and fan blowing pressure assistant
Feed pulp from cone pipe, the max. backflowing capacity is 15%.
Pulp-feeding pipe is designed recycling pipe. Pulp is fed from driving side, and backflowed from operating side. Controlling the pressure balance of pulp-feeding pipe by adjusting the backflowing valve.

1.1.Specification for pressure net channel
Designing speed: 280M/min
Pulp consistency: 0.2-0.25%
Max. flow capacity: 111000L/min
1.1.1 It consists of one piece of cylinder net former which is Ø2500*2350mm.
The former includes CONE PIPE, MULTI-PIPE for pulp feeding, needle high pressure water- spraying pipe
1.1.2 Cylinder net cage: Diameter is Ø2500*2350mm. Stainless steel slice net cage.
The surface is even the weight of cage is 2750Kg, the bearing adjusts 3620, waterproof and leakproofness bearing seat.
1.1.3 Pressure net channel Multi-pipe for pulp feeding. Pulp is fed in diffusing & mixing room, then fed on the net. The forming part is sealed and input air to make the pressure higher. The material of channel is carbon steel. The material of forming part is stainless steel. Cone pipe for pulp-inputting, multi-pipe for spreading pulp. The material is carbon steel board.
1.1.4 .Forming roller: one set, diameter is Ø420mm, L=2300MM. Seamless steel pipe wrapped by rubber. The rubber thickness is 25mm, the rubber shore-hardness is “A” 38º. The line pressure 1.8kg/cm. Pneumatic control lift and down. The bearing adjust 1513, equipped with Z2513YB bearing seat.
1.1.5 Vacuum water-suction box: two sets, one’s width is 190mm, the other width is 250mm. The material of box body carbon steel board. The material of board is high molecular PE. The vacuum degree is 400mm Hg. The above air is discharged out. The water is input the white water pool.
1.1.6 High pressure cleaning device for cleaning net and blanket. Tow sets. Piston diameter is Ø150mm, the stroke is 120, water pressure is 1.0-1.6Mpa. The water should be filtered and purified water. Water-spraying pipe is made of Ø42*4 carbon steel pipe. Spraying mouth is made of stainless steel 0.8, total 34 needle mouths.
1.1.7 Blanket beating device: one set. Specification Ø390*2300, beat blanket electrically. The beating bar is made of 1” carbon steel pipe. Equipped motor Y100L -6/1.5KW, 2 pieces of A belt, bearing 111210, equipped with CKS1510.
1.1.8 Tensioner: one set, two types of electric and manual. Power is 0.55KW
1.1.9 Corrector: one set, two types of electric and manual. Plate detector.
1.1.10 Blanket: one set. Blanket pressing roller’s diameter is Ø260mm, width is 2400mm, seamless steel pipe wrapped with rubber. The rubber thickness is 20mm, The Shore-hardness of upper roller’s rubber is “A”, 95°±2°, the Shore-hardness of below roller’s rubber is “A”, 75°±2°, the height is 20μm, the upper roller presses by gravity. Bearing adopts 113614, equipped with labyrinth bearing seat.
1.1.11 Jockey roller for blanket: seven sets. Diameter is Ø179, width is 2400mm. It is made of seamless steel pipe 20#, and wrapped by rubber. The Shore-hardness of rubber is “A”, 95°±2°, bearing adopts 308, 309.
1.1.12 Stretching roller: one set. Diameter is Ø186, width is 2400mm. It is made of seamless steel pipe 20#, and wrapped by rubber. The Shore-hardness of rubber is “A”, 95°±2°, bearing adopts 309,310.

1.2 Pressing part of carrier roller Increases the dewatering capacity by remains heat. The line pressure is 100Kg/cm, outer diameter is Ø500, width is 2350mm, wrapped rubber’s thickness is 25mm. The Shore-hardness is “A”, 95°±2°. Equipped with water receipt channel of carbon steel. Bearing adopts 113628, and equipped with labyrinth bearing seat 

1.3 Baking cylinder
It consists of one set of baking cylinder which diameter Ø2500mm and width 2350mm and cover. It is equipped with 2 sets of scrappers, one is for crepe, the other is for cylinder-cleaning.
1.3.1 Cylinder diameter is Ø2500mm, width is 2350mm, alloy cast iron, max. working steam pressure is 0.3Mpa, water pressure 0.45Mpa. Cylinder hardness is above HRB220, surface fineness is ▽11, bearing is 3113152.
1.3.2 Drive gear: baking cylinder big gear, cast iron, M=12, Z=170, decelerater small gear, cast iron, M=12, Z=25.
1.3.3 Revolving joint and siphon: Graphite sealed revolving joint, equipped with metal soft pipe. Cylinder’s drainpipe is siphon.
1.3.4 Scraper: 2 sets.
1.3.5 Hot blowing and drying system Cover: Cylinder adopts breath hot blow cover, the wrap angle against cylinder is 190°, the material is aluminium board and angle steel. Blowing speed of inlet is 50- 80M/S, its temperature is 80-90℃. Blower: The blowing capacity is 7641-13371M³/H, pressure is 285-402Pa, the motor’s power is 2.2KW Draught fan: The capacity is 8661-15069M³/H, pressure is 363-520Pa, the motor’s power is 3.0KW. Heat exchanger:
903.3.6.4 Heat exchanger: Type: pipe type, 1000*1000 Medium: 0.3Mpa saturated steam.
Outlet temperature: 90℃ 
1.3.6 Frame: it is made of carbon steel

1.4 Winding part
1.4.1 It consists of winding cylinder Ø800mm, soft pressure roller Ø 180mm and expansion roller Ø 70mm. Max roll is Ø 1200mm, winding line pressure is 1.5-2.5KN/mm.
1.4.2 Expansion roller: Diameter is Ø 70mm, it is arch roller. The surface is chrome-plating. The worm and worm gear is adjusted manually.
1.4.3 Soft pressure roller: Ø180*2250, made of seamless steel pipe, wrapped with 25mm rubber. The Shore-rubber’s hardness is “A” 30±1°.
1.4.4 Winding roller: Ø51mm seamless steel pipe, each tissue machine is equipped with 2 sets of such  rollers. 

1.5 Groundwork part
Ground rail, one kind is width 270mm, length 2000mm, thickness 85mm, total 4 sets, one kind is width 270mm, length 1500mm, thickness 85mm, also total 4 sets. Equipped with foundation bolt, material is Q235-A.

1.6 Driving part
Electric driving, frequency control. 
Total 2 driving point. 
Motor of cylinder: Y250S- 6/45KW 
Cylinder reductor: ZD40-6.3 
Motor of winding machine: Y100L1-4/2.2KW 
Reductor of winding machine: ZD-15-5.6  

1.7 Electric controlling system
Consisting of one set of frequency cabinet and operating table, equipped with digimatic speed meter, current meter and voltmeter.

1.8 Vacuum system
One set of vaccum pump, water-suction box. Model of vacuum pump is ZBK15A, motor power is 15KW. (Supplied by buyer) 

1.9 Chemical system
Dispersant tank, storage tank and screw stem pump. (Supplied by buyer)

3) Cutting, rewinding and packing 
The section consists of 
Perforated re-winding line
Automatic log saw
Core-making machine
Folding and sealing of napkins
Roll cutting machine

Toilet paper

Coil (diameter 1600mm)- making of core - rewinding and cutting into coils of required length of roll (10-15 meters)-roll cutting-packing-watrehousing
Coil (diameter 1600mm)-rewinding and cutting into coils of required length of roll-cutting rolls into sheets-packing-warehousing 

Machines of the section
Automated perforation rewinding line

1. Width of rolling drums is: 2000 mm;
2. Final product size is: D=90 х 100 mm
3. Big rolls size is : D=1000 x 1900 mm
4. Inner size of the roll cores: D=76 mm
5. Weigth : 13 ~ 23 gr/m2; wood pulp for toilet paper
6. For big rolls – two sets 

Main features of the main machine
The machine serves for rewinding toilet paper rolls, non-woven materials etc
Weight - 2500 kg
Size: H- 2100mm, L- 5300mm, W- 3210 mm
Staff - 2 workers
Productivity - 250 m/min
Total energey- 5.5 kW
Time of manufacturing - 45 days
Initial materials size: 1100 (diameter) 1350
Used materials: toilet paper, non-woven materials and other soft materials 13-200 gr/m2
Finished products size - diameter (adjustable) - up to 1100 mm, width- (adjustable) 120 mm and more
Rod diameter for the coil - 76,2 mm (=3")


1. Connects rewinding line with log saw
2. Transportation size is - 10-15 meter
3. Power - 3.5 kW

MEC-Q Automatic log saw

1. Operation speed : 100-150 cuts/min.
2. Rolls diameter : D=90 - 110 mm
3. There are two sensors on the rolls outlet. And there 1-2 sensors at the roll inlet to check jams or blades damage.
4. Automatic polishing.
5. Automatic fixing or changing the position of round blade.
6. Automatic lubrication of round blade
7. Diamond grind wheel.
8. Protective cover to prevent wounds in case of the blade damage.
9. Switch on emergency stop machine device’s door
10. Cut leveling device .
11. Cutting of edges of toilet paper: Rolls 30 mm
12. The cut’s length
13. Speed control synchronizing system. Computer programming.
14. Required power: 8 kW
15. Units of power 380 V 50 Hz.
16. Required air pressure: 0.6 mPа
17. Size: 6800 x 2100 x 1900 mm.
18. Weight of machine: 2500 kg.

Core making machine

1. Speed : 15-25 m/min
2. Paper support : 3 sets
3. Both ordinary and latex glue can be used
4. Core cutting line is adjusted, round bladed cuts, the level surface of the cut
5. Raw materials : Max diameter is: 1200 mm, paper core’s diameter is 76 mm.: the paper’s width is 70 mm
6. Paper feeding system has a web tension control
7. Core holding device
8. Power: 6 kW (3 kW for heating device)
9. Electric feeding: 380V 50Hz
10. Required air pressure: 0.4-0.7 mPA

ZWD-450 Paper cutting machine

Main machine - steel frame,2 blades, automatic blade grinding device
Weight: 380 kg
Height : 1860 mm, Length 800 mm, width 700 mm
Workers: 1 person
Productivity/shift : 1,5 tons
Total energy : 1,1 kW
Time of making order: 1 month
Initial material: lenght 1680 mm, Diameter: 100-150 mm
Finished product size: adjustable 

Roll cutting machine

1. Brand: YB-400
2. Power: 380 V
3 Engine power -1.5 kW
4. Size: (m) 1.6x2.5x1.6
5. Roll width: 1000 mm
6. Productivity (m/g 2300)

Core making machine 
1. Speed - 15-15 m.min
2. Paper rest
3. Both ordinary and latex glue can be used.
4. The core cutting line is adjustable, it is cut by round blade, thus the cut surface is even
5. Raw materials: Max diameter- 1200 mm, paper core diameter: 76 mm, paper width: 70 mm
6. Paper feeding system- tension control
7. Finished core holding device
8. Power: 6 kW (3 kW for heating device)
9. Electric power: 380 V., 50 hZ
10. Required air pressure: 0.4-0.7 mPA

Napkin packing machine

Main machine
1) Outer size: 1650x320 mmx930mm
2. Operation pressure: 0.6 mPA
3.Air displacement - 400L/min
4. It automatically feeds and cuts the film, cut holes in packing, seals
5. Total energy: AC380V 50hZ, 6.5 kW
6. Main machine's weight: 750 kg
7. Size: 1850 mm x 2300 mm x 910 mm
8. Number of workers: 1 person
9. Production area: -10 m2
10. Design productivity: 5-30 packings/min
11. It packs napkins into open-pore PU, biaxially oriented PP, PVC.
Specifications of the product:
Length: 50-300 mm
WIdth: 40-220 mm
Height: 10-100mm
The set excludes
1) Two big pulp pools
2) Stop valves, 24 pcs
3)Tubing volume can be determined only at the place of installation
4) Cable products - the size can be determined only at the place of installation
5). Thermal units
6). 1mPA - pneumatic pump

In addition to the ZY 1880, there are three more sets of paper-making machines. 
They differ from ZY1880 by the roll width and productivity (tons) where the meterage is the same.

Brand ZY1092 ZY1575 ZY1760 ZY1880
Designing speed (m/min) 280 280 280 280
Tissue making speed (m/min) 150-250 150-250 150-250 150-250
Tissue width ≤1200 ≤1750 ≤1800 ≤1900
Tissue weigh 13-30 13-30 13-30 13-30gsm
Productivity (tons/day) 2 5 6 8-10
Baking cylinder diameter Φ2500×1500 Φ2500×1950 Φ2500×2150 Φ2500×2350
Main engine power Y180S-6/30KW Y200S-6/36KW Y210S-6/39KW Y250S-6/45KW
Winding power Y100L1-4/2.2KW Y100L1-4/2.2KW Y100L1-4/2.2KW Y100L1-4/2.2KW
Air supply pressure 0.7mpa 0.7mpa 0.7mpa 0.7mpa
Baking cylinder pressure 3kg/cm 3kg/cm 3kg/cm 3kg/cm
Blanket specifications 750g/m 750g/m 750g/m 750g/m
Frequemcy control subdivision drive Yes Yes Yes Yes

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