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Order form wood particle board

Supplement #1 to order
Specification of the board making  equipment

Dear Customers !
We cannot  answer your questions concerning the price of  the equipment manufacturing MDF, WPB, OSB, veneer until we know exactly what you want to purchase. Please, fill in the form below . We manufacture production lines of productivity of 5 000, 10 000, 30 000, 50 000, 80 000, 100 000, 150 000 m3/year, the price may vary from  от 1 000 000 USD to 30 000 000 So without this info we do not know what to send  The info on each assembly includes many pages of text, drawings and photos Iff you can not answer all questions, please,. answer to those you can. It will be easier for us to understand what you want

Specification Insert figure ;Yes/No Notes
01 Required productivity    m3/year
02 Is going to produce    
  Wood particle board    
  Oriented shaving board    
03 Board size    
  122 х244   Chinese standard
  283 х 275   EC standard
04 Raw materials    
  Woodworking wastes    
  Agricultural wastes    
  Twigs, roots, bark    
  Other (specify)    
05 Dressing (de-barking of  logs) Is required/not required    
06 Boiler for steam (have/havenot)   At least 1 ton/hr
07 Boilers (have/have not)   2-4 units
08 Adhesives    
  I wish to make i myself, so I need equipment    
  I will buy it    
09 Is sanding required?    
  I will make product of costruction quality    
  I will make products for furniture    
10 Is lamination required?    
11 Is transformer required?    
  I have a limit of electric power. kW     at least 700 kW
12 Production area    
  I have no production area now, all the facilities must be built    

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