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Milling machines for production of plastic doors and windows

DX02-200 -Milling machine

DX02-200 milling machine consists of the motor's gear box, operation stand, body, pneumatic and electric systems et.c The miller's rotation, pneumatic clamp and pneumatic feedings are performed directly by the motor. The machine is easily operated and used milling treatment of edges of aluminium and plastic profiles by screw connection and also by medium posts of special shapes and for other sections. Displacement of cutters provides treatment of various designs, the steplike section, square trough, pins, etc. The miller's replacement allows milling at different angles. Max. milling size is 20*7*4.5 cm.

SX01-100 - is a copying milling machine for sections of various shapes. in alluminium and plastic profiles.

SX01-100 milling machine consists of vertical and horizontal milling heads, copying milling lever and copying board, clamping device guiding lever, pneumatic and electric systems, etc. The guiding levers force the copying milling lever to move along the crack of the copying boardm thus guiding the cutting miller. The lever and miller have the same diameter this allows copying miller in the ratio of 1:1 thus providing similar shapes and sizes of milling This machine is used for treatment of troughs and cracks of different shapes in aluminium and plastic profiles. The replacement of copying boards allows to mill the cracks of the hardware, the lock's cracks, the troughs for rolls and other grooves of various shapes. High speed cutting (12'000 r/min) pneumatic clamp, and treatment by vertical and horizontal positions. vertical milling head operation area is 29*9 cm, horizontal milling head operation area is 30*10 cm.


SSKC02-100 milling machine consists of bore for three holes and a miller. Three special boring heads peform simultaneous horizontal boring of all three holes. The bore operation area is 33*8.5*10cm. Copying milling in a ratio of 1:1 is performed by vertical movement of the copying milling lever along the crack of the copying board. The replacement of various copying boards allows treatment of holes of various shapes. Copying milling area is 29*9cm. The clamp secures the accuracy of location and treatment. The machine is used for treatment of cracks and troughs of various locks of plastic doors and windows.

SCX01-4 Auto-milling machine for treatment of troughs and cracks of plastic doors and windows

SCX01-4 milling machine consists of the machine head, manually operated lifting mechanism, an operation test bench, the profile's shelf, the support, pneumatic and electric systems etc. The machine head is designed as an integral, pneumatic-fed unit, easy to mount and maintain. Simultaneous cracks' boring and horizontal milling is possible. The adjustment of the machine head in upper, lower, frontal and rear positions is performed by manually operated lifing mechanism The machine is a special pneumatically pressurized equipment for treating troughs and cracks of plastic doors and windows. Four heads are adjusted in upper, lower, frontal and rear positions, upper left and right heads slope at an angle from 0o to 45o as required by treatment of various profiles The profiles' position is adjusted in combination with heads in horizontal and vertical positions. Maximal milling depth is 30 mm, the length of the cut is 30mm, width 5.

SCXZ2-120*3000 - double angled milling machine for treatment of the troughs of the plastic sections

SCXZ2-120*3000 milling machine constists of two machine heads (totally 6 groups of the milling heads). Both heads moves left and right and are fixed in the reqiured position. Each group of milling heads can move separately or together, the combination of movements can be selected via the button in the control box. Milling head position can be adjusted for various types of the profiles. Maximal milling depth is 30 mm, maximal length is 30mm, width - 5-6 mm


DX04-200 milling machine


Specifications of milling machines

Model DX04-200 SX01-100 DX02-200 SSKC02-100 SCX01-4 SCXZ2-120*3000
Pneumatic pressure 0,4-0,6 MPa 0,4-0,6 MPa 0,4-0,6 MPa 0,4-0,6 MPa 0,4-0,6 MPa 0,4-0,8 MPa
Air volume 80 L/min 30 L/min 80 L/min 30 L/min 60 L/min 9 L/min
Voltage 380 V 380 V 380 V 380 V 220 V 220 V
Frequency 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
Power 1,5 kW 2*0,75 kW 1,5 kW 1,1+0,75 kW 4*0,38 kW 2,28 kW
Speed of rotation 2800 r/min 12000 r/min 2800 r/min   25000 r/min  
Milling diameter 115-160 5 and 8 115-160 5 and 8 5  
Drill diameter       12    
Size of equipment (cm) 106*80*130 100*113*150 106*80*130 100*113*150 294*86*166 420*86*150
Weight 280 kg 280 kg 280 kg 260 kg 240 kg 700 kg

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