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Vegetable peeling, cutting, packing and freezing equipment

LJUY-X500-1000 washing equipment

Condensing unit

Condensing unit

LJUY-Q500 cutting and packing equipment

LJUY-X1500 peeling equipment

LFUN36/S4T-5.2 refrigeration box

LFUN55/4DC-5,2 refrigerator box


LJUY-X500-1000 Washing machine
It is used for high pressure washing of vegetables, Beijing cabbage, celery, broccoli, spinach, red sweet pepper, black pepper, tomatoes (the vegetables that do not require hoarse treatment).
Productivity: 2000-4000kg/hr
Outer size:length 5400mm*width 1200mm*height 1400mm.
Total energy: 4,45-7,1kW
Materials: Stainless steel. Weight: 600 kg

LJUY-X1500 Peeling equipment with preliminary washing.
Is it used for round shaped and oblong -shaped vegetables (carrot, raddish, potato, sweet potato, tangerines, yam, horseraddish, ginger, etc.)
Productivity: 3000kg-4000kg/hr
Weight: 370 kg
Energy: 3 kW
Outer size: 2100*830*820mm
The size can be designed by order, the washing machine is an optional equipment
Cutting roller diameter : 120*1500mm 9 hair brushes

LJUY-Q500 cutting equipment
Various types of cuts(pieces of various thickness and shape including cutting at an angle of 45).
It is used for such vegetables as onion, Beijing cabbage, parsley, spinach, wheat shoots, aloe, broccoli, brown mustard, sweet red pepper, green pepper, bulb onion, etc.
The blades are made of stainless steel .
It cuts vegetables into pieces of 1. 2~20mm 2. 8*8mm~20*20mm 3. 3*3~30*30mm
Productivity: 1000~3000kg/hr
Rated power: 1.5 kW
Weight: 210 kg
Outer size: 1200*680*1350mm
Cutting parameters at an angle of 45: 1200*1300*1380mm

Packing machine:
Outer size: 1400*720*950mm
Weight: 500 kg
Productivity: 200-500 pcs/hr
Voltage: 380 V/50HZ, 2.2 kW
Vacuum chamber size: 690mmx620mmx230mm

LFUN55/4DC Refrigerating cabinet -5.2 -20~-25oC
Size: length – 1300mm*width -750mm*Height – 770 mm
Weight- about 600 kg
Cold-Productivity – 7280 W, Power – 5 kW
Weight of the condensing unit – 250 kg
Occupied area is – 250 m3

LFUN36/S4T refrigerating cabinet-5.2 from-25oC and lower
Size: length – 1340mm*width -1130mm*height – 1410mm
Weight of the refrigerator - - about 600 kg
Х cold Productivity - 26000W, power 19.05 kW
Weight of the condensing unit is – 250 kg
Occupied area – 25 m3

2 raw materials feeding conveyor
There are about 10 tons of water for 3 tons of vegetables
Total energy with refrigerating chamber # 1 is 18.8 kW
Total energy refrigerating chamber # 2 – 32 kW
Weight of all machines: 2 530 kg
Main machine's weight is 1400mm
Main machine length is 5400mm
Main machine width is 1200mm
Number of workers :
Packing machine – 2 persons
Washing equipmentm, peeling equipment, cutting equipment - 7 persons
Total: 9 persons
The vegetables can be stored for a long time at – 18oC
Raw materials -vegetables
Manufacturing technique
1. Rinsing
2. Peeling (if required )
3. RInsing
4. Packing
5. Freezing
Production area :
Packing machine – 9 m2
Washing equipment, peeling equipment, cutting equipment - 100 m2
Refrigerating cabinet – 25 m3
Total: 134 m3
Design Productivity/shift - 1000~3000kg/hr
Transportation 1- 40 ft container

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