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Manufacturing machinery and equipment

60 Manufacturing machinery and equipment - general
61 casting equipment
62 Forming Machinery
64 welding and cutting equipment
65 woodworking machinery and machine tools
66 Heat Treatment Equipment

J62 GB 4584-1984 压力机用光线式安全装置技术条件
Technical requirements for fight type safety device used for the presses
J62 GB 5091-1985 压力机的安全装置技术要求
Technical requirements for safety devices of the presses
J62 GB 5092-1985 压力机用感应式安全装置技术条件
Technical requirements for induction type safety device used for the presses
J62 GB 5093-1985 压力机用手持电磁吸盘技术条件
Technical requirements for hand-held electromagnetic disk used for the presses
J62 GB 6077-1985 剪切机械安全规程
Safety regulations for shearing machinery
J62 GB/T 9166-1988 四柱液压机精度
Four-column hydraulic presses-Testing of the accuracy
J62 GB/T 10923-1989 锻压机械精度检验通则
Acceptance code of accuracy for metal forming machine
J62 GB/T 10924-1989 闭式单点压力机精度
Straight sided one-point mechanical presses-Testing
Of the accuracy
J62 GB/T 10933-1989 闭式双点压力机精度
Straight sided two-point mechanical presses-Testing of the accuracy
J62 GB/T 14331-1993 自动卷簧机精度
Automatic spring winding machine-Testing of the accuracy
J62 GB/T 14347-1993 开式压力机型式与基本参数
Open front mechanical power presses-Types and basic parameters
J62 GB/T14349-1993 板料折弯机精度
Press brake - -Testing of the accuracy
J62 GB/T14404-1993 剪板机精度
Plate shear - Testing of the accuracy
J62 GB 17120-1997 锻压机械安全技术条件
Metal forming machinery-Safety requirements
J64 GB/T 5107-1985 焊接和切割用软管接头
Hose connection for equipment for welding and cuing
J64 GB/T 8118-1995 电弧焊机通用技术条件
The general specification for arc welding machines
J64 GB/T 8366 - 2004 阻焊电阻焊机机械和电气要求
Resistance welding-Resistance welding equipment-Mechanical and electrical requirements
J64 GB 10235 - 2000 弧焊变压器防触电装置
Arc welding transformer hazard reducing device
J64 GB/T 10249-1988 电焊机型号编制方法
The organization of model for electric welding machines
J64 GB/T 13164 - 2003 埋弧焊机
Submerged arc welding machine
J64 GB/T 13165-1991 电弧焊机噪声测定方法
Determination for noise emitted by arc welding machines
J64 GB 15578-1995 电阻焊机的安全要求
Safety requirements for resistance welding machine
J64 GB 15579. 1 - 2004 弧焊设备第1部分: 焊接电源
Arc welding equipment-Part 1: Welding power sources
J64 GB 15579. 1l一1998 弧焊设备安全要求第ll部分: 电焊钳
Safety requirements for arc welding equipment-Part 11: Electrode holders
J64 GB 15579. 12-1998 弧焊设备安全要求第12部分: 焊接电缆耦合装置
Safety requirements for arc welding equipment-Part 12: Coupling devices for welding cables
J64 GB/T 18495 - 2001 电阻焊与焊钳一体式的变压器
Electric resistance welding-Integrated transformers for welding guns
J64 GB 19213 - 2003 小型弧焊变压器安全要求
Safety requirements for portable arc welding traits-formers
J65 GB/T 3770-1983 木工机床噪声声功率级的测定
Determination of sound power level for noise emitted by woodworking machinery
J65 GB/T 10959-1989 带移动工作台木工锯板机精度
Wood working machines-single blade circular sawing machines with traveling table - Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 10960-1989 锯片往复木工锯板机精度
Woodworking machines-Single blade stroke circular sawing machines - Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 10961-1989 木工机床操作指示形象化符号
Symbols for indications appearing on woodworking machinery
J65 GB/T 12448-1990 木工机床型号编制方法
Woodworking machines - Technical classification of woodworking machines and auxiliary machines for woodworking
J65 GB 12557 - 2000 木工机床安全通则
Woodworking machines-Safety code
J65 GB/T 13568-1992 细木工带锯机精度
Woodworking machines tableb and sawing machines-Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 13569-1992 木工平刨床精度
Woodworking machines-Surface planing machines with cutter block for one side dressing-Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 13570-1992 单轴木工铣床精度
Woodworking machines-Single spindle moulding machines - Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 13571-1992 立式单轴木工钻床精度
Woodworking machines-Single spindle boring machines-Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 13572-1992 二、三、四面木工刨床精度
Woodworking machines-Planing machines for two, three or four-side dressing - Accuracy test
J65 GB/T 13573-1992 木工圆锯片
Circular saw blades for woodworking
J65 GB/T 14303-1咖 万能木工圆锯机精度
Woodworking nm. Chines – Single blade universal circular saw bench with 0r without travelling table - Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 14384-1993 木工机床通用技术条件
Woodworking machines-General specifications
J65 GB/T 14385-1993 单面木工压刨床精度
Woodworking machines - Thickness planing machines with rotary cutter block for one side dressing - Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 14386-1993 木工平压两用刨床精度
Woodworking machines -Surface planing and thicknessing machines – Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 14387-1993 纵剖木工圆锯机精度
Woodworking machines-Ripping circular saws-Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 14388-1993 木工硬质合金圆锯片
Tungsten carbide tipped circular saw blade for wood-working
J65 GB/T 14897. 1-1994木工刀具基本术语
General terminology of tools for woodworking
J65 GB/T 14897. 2-1994木工刀具术语锯
Tools for woodworking-Saw blades-Terminology
J65 GB/T 14897-3-1994木工刀具术语铣刀
Tools for woodworking-Milling cutters- Terminology
J65 GB/T 14897. 4-1994木工刀具术语钻头
Tools for woodworking-Drill-Terminology
J65 GB/T 14897. 5-1994木工刀具术语方凿钻
Tools for woodworking-Square chisel drill - Terminology
J68 GB/T 15376-1994 普通木工车床精度
Woodworking machines-Tuming lathes-Accuracy tests
J65 GB/T 15377-1994 木工机床术语木工刨床
Woodworking machines-Planing machines- Terminology
J65 GB/T 15378-1994 木工机床术语木工锯机
Woodworking machines-Sawing machines- Terminology
J65 GB/T 15379-1994 木工机床术语基本术语
Terminology for woodworking machines-Basic terminology
J65 GB/T 18222 - 2000 木工机床宽带磨光机术语
Woodworkin8 machines-Wide belt sanding machines-Nomenclature
J65 GB/T 18223 - 2000 木工机床升降台术语
Woodworking machines – Lifting tables and stages-Nomenclature
J65 GB 18955 - 2003 木工刀具安全铣刀、圆锯片
Tools for woodworking, safety requirements-Milling tools, circular saw blades
J65 GB 18956 - 2003 木工机床安全平压两用刨床
Safety of woodworking machines-Surface planing and thicknessing machines
J66 GIVT 13324-1991 热处理设备术语
Terminology of heat treatment installation
J66 GB/T 17410-1998 有机热载体炉
Organic heat transfer material heaters
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