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Semi-metal and semiconductor materials

80 Semi-metal and semiconductor materials - general
81 semi-metal
82 elementary semiconductors
83 compound semiconductors

H80 GB/T 14264 - 1993 半导体材料术语
Semiconductor materials - Terms and definitions
H80 GB/T 14844 - 1993 半导体材料牌号表示方法
Designations of semiconductor materials
H8l GB/T 5238 - 1985 锗单晶
Monocrystalline germanium
H8I GB/T8646 - 1998 半导体键合铝-1%硅细丝
Fine alumininm-1%silicon wire for semiconductor lend-bonding
H81 GB/T 11070 - 1989 还原锗锭
Reduced germanium ingot
H81 GB/T 11071 - 1989 区熔锗锭
Zone-refined germanium ingot
H8l GB/T 11072 - 1989 锑化铟多晶、单晶及切割片
Indium antimonide polycrystal, single crystals and as-cut slices
H81 GB/T 11093 - 1989 液封直拉法砷化镓单晶及切割片
Liquid encapsulated czochralski-grown gallium arsenide single crystals and as-cut slices
H81 GB/T 11094 - 1989 水平法砷化镓单晶及切割片
Boat-grown galliumarsenide single crystals and as-cut slices
H81 GB/T 14139 - 1993 硅外延片
Silicon epitaxial wafers
H81 GB/T 15713 - 1995 锗单晶片
Monocrystalline germanium slices
H82 GB/T 12962一1996 硅单晶
Monocrystalline silicon
H82 GB/T 12963 - 1996 硅多晶
Polycrystalline silicon
H82 GB/T 12964 - 2003 硅单晶抛光片
Monocrystalline silicon polished wafers
H82 GB/T 12965-1996 硅单晶切割片和研磨片
Monocrystalline silicon as-cut slices and lapped slices
H82 GB/T 16595 - 1996 晶片通用网格规范
Specification for a universal wafer grid
H82 GB/T 19199 - 2003 半绝缘砷化镓单晶中碳浓度的红外吸收测试方法
Test method for carbon concentration of semi-insulting monocrystal gallium arsenide by measurement infrared absorption method
H88 GB/T 2881 - 1991 工业硅技术条件
Technical requirements for silicon metal
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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