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Geological survey and mineral development

10 Geology and Mineral Resources Exploration and development - general
11 solid-fuel mineral reconnaissance
12 reconnaissance of metal ores
13 non-metallic mineral reconnaissance
14 hydro-geological reconnaissance
15 mining
16 Ore dressing
18 mine transport

D10 GB/T 9151 - 1988 钻探工程名词术语
Terms of drilling engineering
D10 GB/T12328 - 1990 综合工程地质图图例及色标 .
Legend and color standard for comprehensive engineering geological map
D10 GB/T 12329 - 1990 岩溶地质术语
Karat geology terminology
D10 GB/T 12950一1991 地震勘探爆炸安全规程
Safety regulations for seismic exploration blasting practices
D10 GB/T 13908 - 2002 固体矿产地质勘查规范总则
General requirements for solid mineral exploration
D10 GB/T 14157 - 1993 水文地质术语
Hydrogeologic terminology
D10 GB/T 14499~1993 地球物理勘查技术符号
Technical symbols for use in geophysical exploration
D10 GB/T 17228 - 1998 地质矿产勘查测绘术语
Terminology of surveying and mapping for prospecting to geology and mineral resources
D10 GB/T 17412. 1m1998岩石分类和命名方案火成岩岩石分类和命名方案
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks - Classification and nomenclature schemes Of igneous rock
D10 GB/T 17412. 2 - 1998岩石分类和命名方案沉积岩岩石分类和命名方案
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks - Classification and nomenclature schemes of sedimentary rock ’
D10 GB/T 17412. 3 - 1998岩石分类和命名方案变质岩岩石的分类和命名方案
Classification and nomenclature schemes of the rocks - Classification and nomenclature schemes of metamorphic rocks
D10 GB/T 17766 - 1999 固体矿产资源/储量分类
Classification for resources/reserves of solid fuels and mineral commodities
D10 GB/T 18341 - 2001 地质矿产勘查测量规范
Specifications of survey for geological and mineral resources exploration
D12 GB/T 105&3 - 1989 锑矿地质勘探规范
Geological instruction of antimony deposit exploration
D12 GB/T 13728 - 1992 铁矿地质勘探规范
Geological instruction of iron deposit exploration
D12 GB/T 17229 - 1998 大洋多金属结核矿产勘查规程
The expertise for oceanic polymetallic nodules survey
D13 GB/T 12485 - 1990 滑石矿床地质勘探规范
Geological instruction of talc deposit exploration
D13 GB/T 12518 - 1990 膨润土矿地质勘探规范
Geological exploration instruction of bentonite deposit
D13 GB/T 13692 - 1992 重晶石、毒重石矿地质勘探规范
Geological instruction of barite witherite deposit exploration
D13 GB/T 13907 - 1992 盐类矿床地质勘探规范
Geological instruction of salte deposit exploration
D14 GB/T 10202 - 1988 海岸带综合地质勘查规范
Code of comprehensive geological exploration and survey in the coastal zone
D14 GB/T 11615 - 1989 地热资源地质勘查规范
Geologic exploration standard of geothermal resources
D14 GB/T 12719 - 1991 矿区水文地质工程地质勘探规范
Exploration specification of hydrogeology and engineering geology in mining areas
D14 GB/T 13071 - 1991 地质水样中234u/238u/230TH/232TH放射性比值的测定方法Method of determing the radioactive ratios of 234U/238U,230TH/232TH in geological water samples
D14 GB/T 13072 - 1991 地质水样中226Ra/228Ra的活度比值分析方法
Method for measuring the activity ratios of 226Ra to 228Ra in geological water samples
D14 GB/T 13727 - 1992 天然矿泉水地质勘探规范
Geologic exploration specification of natural mineral water
D14 GB/T 14158 - 1993 区域水文地质工程地质环境地质综合勘查规范(比例尺1: 50000)
Synthetical survey code for regional hydrogeology engineering geology and environmental geology
D14 GB/T 14538 - 1993 综合水文地质图图例及色标
Legend and color standard for comprehensive hydro - geologic maps
D14 GB/T 15218 - 1994 地下水资源分类分级标准
Standards of classification for groundwater resources
D15 GB/T 13813 - 2001 煤矿用金属材料摩擦火花安全性试验方法和判定规则
Testing method and judging rule of safety to friction spark of metallic material for coal mine
D16 GB/T 16417 - 1996 煤炭可选性评定方法
Method for evaluating the washability of coal
D16 GB 18152 - 2000 选矿安全规程
Safety regulations for ore dressing
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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