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Machines and equipment for pharmacy and safety

90 pharmaceuticals, machinery and equipment comprehensive security
91 medicines used as raw materials processing machinery and equipment
92 pharmaceutical manufacturing machinery and equipment
93 herbs and Chinese medicine processing machinery to take
94 pharmaceutical safety monitoring equipment
95 drugs test equipment

C90 GB/T 5593 - 1996 电子元器件结构陶瓷材料
Structure ceramic materials used in electronic components
C91 GB 15573 - 1995 外加热式中药三效蒸发器
Chinese medicine evaporator with three effect of applied heating style
C91 GB/T 16312 - 1996 中药用喷雾干燥装置
Chinese medicinal spray dryer system
C92 GB/T 15750 - 1995 压电陶瓷材料孝化性能试验规程
Test program for the ageing properties of piezoelectric ceramics
C93 GB/T 17115 - 1997 强制外循环式提取罐(机组)
Leaching equipment of forced external circulation
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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