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Air transport and ground equipment

50 航空运输与地面设备综合
52 货运
53 通用航空
54 空中交通管制
55 航空器维护与管理
56 机场地面服务系统及设备
57 特种车辆
58 飞行训练与设备
59 航空体育设备

V50 GB/T 18360 - 2001 公共航空运输服务质量评定
Evaluation of public air transportation service quality
V51 GB/T 16177 - 1996 公共航空运输服务质量标准
Quality standards of public air transport service
V52 GB/T 15140 - 1994 航空货运集装单元技术要求
Specification for air cargo unit load devices
V52 GB/T 16299 - 1996 飞机底舱集装箱技术条件和试验方法
Aircraft - Lower deck containers-Specification and testing
V52 GB/T 18041 - 2000 民用航空货物运输术语
Civil aviation cargo transportation terminology
V52 GB/T 18227 - 2000 航空货运集装板技术条件和试验方法
Air cargo pallets - Specification and testing
V52 GB/T 18228 - 2000 航空货运集装板网技术条件和试验方法
Air cargo pallet nets-Specification and testing
V53 GB/T 16176 - 1996 航空摄影产品的注记与包装
The notation and packing of the aerophotographic products
V56 GB/T 17836 - 1999 通用航空机场设备设施
Ground equipments of general aviation aerodrome
V58 GB 15024 - 1994 飞机飞行模拟机鉴定程序
Airplane flight simulator qualification procedures
V58 GB/T 15025 - 1994 飞机飞行模拟机等级要求
Airplane flight simulator standards
Y58 GB 15026 - 1994 飞机飞行训练器鉴定程序
Airplane flight training device qualification procedures
V58 GB/T 15027 - 1994 飞机飞行训练器等级要求
Airplane flight training device standards
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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