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Aviation, aerospace - general

00 标准化、质量管理
01 技术管理
02 经济管理
04 基础标准与通用方法
05 可靠性
06 环境条件
07 电子计算机应用
08 标志、包装、运输、贮存
09 卫生、安全、劳动保护

V04 GB/T 14410. 1-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号坐标轴系和运动状态变量
Flight mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols - Axis systems and moron state variables
V04 GB/T 14410. 2-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号力、力矩及其系数和导数
Flight mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Forces. moments, their coefficients and derivatives
V04 GB/T 14410. 3-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号飞机稳定性和操纵性
Flight mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Stability and control of aircraft
V04 GB/T 14410. 4-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号飞行性能
FUght mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Flight performance
V04 GB/T 14410. 5-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号飞行测量
Flight mechanics-Concepts, quantities and symbols- Flight measurements
V04 GB/T 14410. 6-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号飞机几何形状
Flight mechanics-Concepts. quantities and symbols - Aircraft geometry
V04 GB/T 14410. 7-1993飞行力学概念、量和符号飞行点和飞行包线
Flight mechanics-Concepts. quantifies and. symbols-Fright points and flight envelopes
V04 GB/T 16300-1996 民用航空业信息分类与代码
Information classification and codes of civil aviation
V04 GB/T 16638. 1-1996空气动力学概念、量和符号第l部分空气动力学常用术语
Aerodynamics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Part l - Aerodynamic terms m common use
V04 GB/T 16638. 2-1996空气动力学概念、量和符号第2部分坐标轴系和飞行器运动状态量
Aerodynamics-Concepts. quantities and symbols-Part 2 - Axis systems and aircraft motion state quantities
V04 GB/T 16638. 3-1996空气动力学概念、量和符号第3部分飞行器几何特性
Aerodynamics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Part 3 - Aircraft geometry
V04 GB/T 16638. 4-1996空气动力学概念、量和符号第4部分飞行器的空气动力、力矩及其系数和导数
Aerodynamics-Concepts, quantities and symbols-Part 4 - Aerodynamic forces. moments, their coefficients and derivatives of aircraft
V04 GB/T 18764 - 2002 民用航空旅客运输术语
Civil aviation terminology of passenger transportation
V08 GB/T 16992-1997 飞机维护及其安全警告标志
Aircraft - Identification 0f servicing. maintenance, ground handling and safety/hazard points
V09 GB 14648-1993 民用航空器飞行事故等级
Classification standard for flying accidents of aircraft
V09 GB 16298-1996 民用机场环境卫生标准
Environmental health standard for civil airport
V09 GB 18482 - 2001 民用航空地面事故等级
Classification for ground accidents of civil aviation
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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