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Products from other non-metallic mineral

60 其他非金属矿制品综合
61 石棉材料
62 石膏制品
63 云母剥片与制品
64 滑石制品
65 人工晶体
69 其他非金属矿制品

Q61 GB/T 539-1995 耐油石棉橡胶板
Oflresisting asbestos-rubber sheets
Q61 GB/T 540-1999 耐油石棉橡胶板试验方法
Test methods for oil-resisting asbestos-rubber sheets
Q6l GB/T 541-1996 石棉橡胶板试验方法
Test methods for asbestos-robber sheets
Q61 GB/T 542-1983 石棉橡胶板柔软性试验方法
Test method for flexibility of asbestos-rubber sheets
Q6l GB/T 3985-1995 石棉橡胶板
Asbestos-rubber sheets
Q61 GB 5763-1998 汽车用制动器衬片
Brake linings for automobiles
Q6l GB/T 5764-1998 汽车用离合器面片
Clutch facings for automobiles
Q6l GB/T8071 - 2001 温石棉
Chrysotile asbestos
Q61 GB 8072-1987 温石棉取样、制样方法
Method of sampling and preparation for chrysotile asbestos
Q6l GB/T 8073-1987 温石棉松解度湿式测定方法
Method of wet determination for softness of chrysotile asbestos
Q6l GB/T 11834 - 2000 工业机械用石棉摩擦片
Asbestos friction linings for industrial machines
Q6l GB/T 15520-1995 石棉橡胶板蒸汽密封性能试验方法
Test method for steam tightness of asbestos-rubber sheets
Q6l GB/T 17469-1998 汽车制动器衬片摩擦性能评价小样台架试验方法
Road vehicles-Brake linings-Evaluation of friction material characteristics-Small sample bench test procedure
Q62 GB/T 5483-1996 石膏和硬石膏
Gypsum and anhydrite
Q62 GB/T 9775-1999 纸面石膏板
Gypsum plasterboard
Q62 GB/T 9776-1988 建筑石膏
Gypsum plaster for building purposes
Q62 GB/T 17669. 1-1999建筑石膏一般试验条件
Gypsum plasters - General test conditions
Q62 GB/T 17669. 2-1999建筑石膏结晶水含量的测定
Gypsum plasters - Determination of water of crystallization content
Q62 GB/T 17669. 3-1999建筑石膏力学性能的测定
Gypsum plasters - Determination of mechanical properties
Q62 GB/T 17669. 4-1999建筑石膏净浆物理性能的测定
Gypsum plasters-Determination of physical proper-ties of pure paste
Q62 GB/T 17669. 5-1999建筑石膏粉料物理性能的测定
Gypsum plasters-Determination of physical proper-ties of powder
Q64 GB 15341-1994 滑石
Talc lumps
Q64 GB 15342-1994 滑石粉
Q64 GB/T 15343-1994 滑石化学分析方法
Methods for chemical analysis of talc
Q64 GB/T 15844 - 1994 滑石物理检验方法
Methods for physical test of talc
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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