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Building materials - general

00 标准化、质量管理
01 技术管理
02 经济管理
04 基础标准与通用方法
07 电子计算机应用
08 标志、包装、运输、贮存
09 生、安全、劳动保护

Q01 GB/T 9086 - 1988 用于色度和光度测量的陶瓷标准白板
The white ceramic standard plate for colorimetry and photometry
Q01 GB/T 9087 - 1988 用于色度和光度测量的粉体标准白板
The white powdered standard plate for colorimetry and photometry
Q01 GB/T 9934 - 1988 石灰机械化立窑热平衡测定与计算方法
The determination and calculation procedure of the heat balance of mechanized lime vertical kiln
Q01 GB/T 16780 - 1997 水泥企业能耗等级定额
Energy consumption grading of cement plant
Q04 GB/T 11942 - 1989 彩色建筑材料色度测量方法
Colorimetric methods for colour building materials
Q04 GB/T 12988 - 1991 无机地面材料耐磨性试验方法
Test method for abrasion resistance of inorganic paving materials
Q08 GB/T 6382.1 - 1995 平板玻璃集装器具架式集装器及其试验方法
Flat glass container - Frame-type container and its test method
Q08 GB/T 6382.2 - 1995 平板玻璃集装器具箱式集装器及其试验方法
Flat glass container - Box-type container and its test method
Q08 GB 9774 - 2002 水泥包装袋
Sacks for packing cement
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

Price depends on the standard
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