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Radar, navigation, remote control, shake test, antennas

50 雷达、导航、遥控、摇测、天线综合
51 天线及其馈线
53 雷达、导航设备与系统
54 遥控、遥测设备与系统
57 电子系统工程
58 电子设备专用车厢、方舱

M50 GB/T 6361 - 1999 微波接力通信系统抛物面天线型谱系列
Series of type-spectrums for parabolic antennas used in microwave relay communication systems
M50 GB/T 9390 - 1988 导航术语
Terminology for navigation
M50 GB/T 9391 - 1988 船用雷达技术要求和使用要求 测试方法和要求的测试结果
Shipborne radar, technical and operation requirements-Method of testing and required test results
M50 GB/T 1 1469 - 1989 无线电高度表通用技术条件
General specification for radio altimeters
M50 GB/T 11711 - 2002 船用自动雷达标绘仪(ARPA)性能要求、测试方法和要求的测试结果
Marine automatic radar plotting aids(ARPA)-Performance requirements, methods of testing and required test results
M50 GB/T 12120 - 1989 空中交通管制航路监视一次雷达通用技术条件
General specifications of primary enroute surveillance radar for traffic control
M50 GB/T 12401 - 1990 国内卫星通信地球站天线(含馈源网络)和伺服系统设备技术要求
Specification of antenna(including feed network) and servo system used in domestic satellite communication earth stations
M50 GB/T 12506 - 1990 测风雷达通用技术条件
Generic specification for windfinding radars
M50 GB/T 12650 - 1990 奥米加和差奥米加系统船用接收设备性能要求和试验方法
Performance requirements and methods of testing for OMEGA system and differential OMEGA system receiving equipments for ships
M50 GB/T 12858 - 1991 地面无线电导航设备环境要求和试验方法
Environment requirements and test methods for ground radio-navigation equipments
M50 GB/T 13186 - 1991 机载多普勒导航系统通用技术条件
General specification for airborne doppler navigation systems
M50 GB 13613 - 1992 对海中远程无线电导航台站电磁环境要求
Electromagnetic environment requirements for sea long and middle range radio navigation stations and monitors
M50 GB 13614 - 1992 短波无线电测向台(站)电磁环境要求
Requirements of the electromagnetic environment for short-wave radio direction finding stations
M50 GB 13618 - 1992 对空情报雷达站电磁环境防护要求
Requirements of electromagnetic environment protection for air defense surveillance radar station
M50 GB/T 14282.1 - 1993仪表着陆系统(ILS)下滑信标性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for ILS glide path beacon
M50 GB/T 14282.2 - 1993仪表着陆系统(ILS)下滑信标接收机性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for ILS glide slope receiver
M50 GB/T 14282.3 - 1993仪表着陆系统(ILS)航向信标性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for HAS localizer
M50 GB/T 14282.4 - 1993仪表着陆系统(ILs)航向信标接收机性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for ILS localizer receiver
M50 GB/T 14380 - 1993 子午仪卫星导航仪通用技术条件
Generic specification for navigators of transit satellite navigation system
M50 GB/T 18897 - 2002 多普勒甚高频全向信标性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for Doppler very high frequency omnidirectional radio range
M50 GB/T 18902 - 2002 超高频测距仪性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for UHF measuring distance equipment(MDE)
M50 GB/T 19392 - 2003 汽车GPS导航系统通用规范
General specification for in-vehicle GPS navigation system.
M51 GB/T 9410 - 1988 移动通信天线通用技术规范
General specification for antennas used in the mobile services
M53 GB/T 3784 - 1983 雷达名词术语
The terms and definitions related to radar
M53 GB 6364 - 1986 航空无线电导航台站电磁环境要求
Electromagnetic environment requirements for aero-nautical radionavigation stations
M53 GB/T 9026 - 2000 指点信标性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for marker beacon
M53 GB/T 9027 - 2000 无方向信标性能要求和测试方法
Performance requirements and test methods for non-directional radio beacon
M53 GB/T 9392 - 1988 船用卫星/奥米加组合导航仪通用技术条件
General specification for marine satellite-omega integrated navigator
M53 GB/T 9411 - 1988 机载指点信标接收机性能要求
Performance requirements for airborne marker beacon receiver
M53 GB/T 11468 - 1989 265无线电高度表
265 Radio altimeter
M53 GB/T 12119 - 1989 船用导航雷达湖岸试验方法
Bank based test method of the operational performance of marine radar
M53 GB/T 12182 - 1990 空中交通管制二次监视雷达通用技术条件
General specification of secondary surveillance radar for air traffic control
M53 GB/T 12183 - 1990 空中交通管制机载应答机通用技术条件
General specification of airborne transponders for air traffic control
M53 GB/T 12648 - 1990 天气雷达通用技术条件
Generic specification for weather radars
M53 GB/T 12649 - 1990 气象雷达参数测试方法
Measuring methods for meteorological radar parameters
M53 GB/T 12752 - 1991 船用罗兰C接收设备通用技术条件
General specification for marine Loran-C receiving equipment
M53 GB/T 13185 - 1991 驼峰测速雷达
Radar speedometer for marshalling yard
M53 GB/T 14379 - 1993 罗兰c系统通用技术条件
Generic specification for Loran-C system
M53 GB/T 14555 - 1993 船用导航雷达电气及机械安装要求
Requirements for electrical and mechanical installation of marine navigational radar
M53 GB/T 14556 - 1993 船用导航雷达接口要求
Requirements for interface of marine navigational radar
M53 GB/T 15527 - 1995 船用全球定位系统(GPS)接收机通用技术条件
General specification for marine GPS receiver
M54 GB/T 5439 - 1996 立体声广播节目(磁带)的录制和交换
The recording and exchanging of sound broadcasting programmes on stereophonic magnetic tape
Here are collected names of most common standards of China. If you found standard, that you are interesting in, we can obtain and translate it for you. If here are no standards, that you are looking for, feel free to request us, we will find a suitable one.

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