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Rubber recycling

LU-RPX-420-D Three-axial single pass used rubber attritor
LU-YH-500 EURO Rubber and crumb recycling line
LU-УН-700 Rubber recycling complex line
LU-YH-RX-1000 EURO production line
LU-YH-RX-2000 EURO Production line
LU-YH-RX-3000 Rubber recycling production line EU Standart
LU-YH-2-FE-DAL Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-3-FE-BEJ Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-CH-3-4-BEJ Hydraulic press set
A set of hydraulic presses
It serves for manufacturing floor coverings and other products
LU-YH-5-1-BEJ Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-6-3.5-HL-Q Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-7 Rubber recycling production line (basic model)
It produces powder and crumbs of waste rubber
LU-YH-8-3-BEJ Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-9-3-BD Rubber recycling production line
LU-YH-10-3,5-HL-Q Production line
LU-YH-12-4 BD Rubber recycling production line
This production line serves to recycle tire of diameter up to 3 meters into powder and crumb. Productivity -10 tons of finished products/shift.
. It recycles tissue cord and metal cord containing rubber.
LU-YH-15-3.5-3 MAX Rubber recycling production line
This production line serves to recycle tires of dia up to 3.5 m. and weight up to 5 tons into powder and crumb.
LU-YH-17-6-BD Rubber recycling production line
This production line serves to recycle tires of dia up to 3 m into powder and crumb.
Productivity - 18 tons of finished products/shift. It recycles tissue cord and metalcored containing rubber.
LU-YH-18 Universal
Production of powder and crumb made of waste rubber. Production of floor coverings both thin slabs and jointless filling
LU-YH Accessories for rubber recycling
Supplementary (accessory) equipment, added to various rubber recycling production lines affords to extend functions and to improve quality of products of standard LU-YH Lines.
There are also prices for various accessories
LU-YH Drawings for equipment workshops
Large-size tires cutting workshop
shop № 1 - production of workpieces of 3х5cm and 10х10cm
Shop #2 Crumb and powder prodution
Shop#3. Production of 12 000 m2 of 500х500x16mm plates
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LGUTYM-500-S-PCD Rubber roofing block production line
LXULHB-100 Rubber block manufacturing press

download YH-5-line video 9.3 Mb
download YH-7-line video 9.6 Mb
LMUTH65 EPDM granules production line
Rubber reclaiming. Rubber crumb recycling line
Rubber reclaiming technology
Foam Rubber Production line
Pulverization of rubber crumb. Production line
Novotrack equipment. Production of sport rubber tracks from crumb and powder
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