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Automatic activation furnace LU-E2B-1000

Productivity in active carbon production: Cycle -200 kg, 24 hrs - 800-900 kg 
Description :

Power –  100kw,  is adjustable by heating speed in accordance with PID control automation .
Chamber inlet hole size : DN 1000 mm  outlet hole suze :DN50
Net weight of the furnace  –  2.5 tons, total weight with auxiliary elements :2.7 tons 
Outer size :2200(W)*1800(L)*2000(H) mm
Camera Dimensions : 1000 mm (W) × 1000 mm (L) × 1000 (H)mm
Operation volume of the chamber  900 L
Carbon volume of the chamber  600 L
Rated temperature : 1250 ℃
Long term operation temperature : 1200 ℃ 6 hours
Temperature stability : ± 1 ℃
Heating speed  : 1-10 ℃ / min. (to be adjusted as required )
Chamber material  : High quality alumina ceramic fiber
Thermal isolation materials: High purity polycrystals mullite ceramic fiber 
Pressure  -380V. High purity currents are used .
Power consumption during  one operation cycle (6 hours) considering change of heating modes  500KW
Control Mode Touch Screen Intelligent PIC Microcomputer Temperature Controller
Controller with PID parameter self-tuning function, manual / automatic switching without interference.
Over temperature protection function. It can program 16 groups , 30 segments. View the heating curve in real time.
Automatic storage of heating data, and can also check and print a report on heating data on the computer.
Automatic heating, automatic insulation and automatic stop function can meet the requirements of control temperature and constant temperature. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
Electronic components and components of the electronic temperature control device use DELIXI to ensure stability and reliability.
Furnace structure: Integrated structure, temperature control cabinet, side suspension, integrated control.

The sliding door of the furnace can be opened up electrically. The mechanical design uses an accurate sliding block and precise rail direction.

The rail door of the furnace rises and falls smoothly. Resistance wires are located on three sides of the chamber, with a uniform temperature
eating element: high temperature alloy resistance wire
The material of the chamber is able to withstand a high temperature of 1500 ℃ a new type of high-quality corundum-ceramic fiber.
The assembly of a new type of furnace, with the collapse of the top of the furnace, does not allow volatilization.
The insulating material is able to withstand a high temperature of 1260 ℃ for a long time.
For protection polycrystalline mullite, ceramic fiber is used, which is characterized by low weight, good thermal insulation, low thermal losses, ecological compatibility and energy saving.

Temperature measurement: platinum rhodium of thermocouple type S

The furnace is equipped with a warning function for overheating in the workflow, it starts automatically if the operator did not react to the warning and did not change the operating mode. The computer can complete the protective action automatically

After installation, the furnace control program is reduced to a simple pressing of the control buttons. Further all operations are performed automatically.
The furnace shell is made of carbon steel, with removal of surface rust and electrostatic spray.
Materials for the inner chamber are made of stainless materials based on nickel alloy. Stainless steel based on nickel alloy is able to withstand 1200C.
The exhaust port is 20 mm in diameter, above the internal combustion chamber. It is used to reverse the discharge of gas into the furnace, to completely burn out the resulting associated gases 
when the carbon is activated.
The input port for entering the activation zone of the steam is designed on the right side of the furnace body to let in steam and / or other protective gas, including inert gases.
If necessary, it is possible to introduce liquid nitrogen into the furnace through this valve, if there is an urgent need to stop the furnace.
The diameter of the inlet valve is changeable  from 20 to 200 mm by means of couplings of adapters.
The temperature of the supplied steam is 175 C .
The steam supply mode is automatically controlled by a single furnace control system.
The volume of steam flow during the cycle (6 hours): 2000 kg.
The length of the steam pipe to the furnace is 20000mm (20 meters) is included
The increase in production is achieved by mechanically increasing the number of operating furnaces and connecting them to a single steam supply system and a unified computer control system.

Automatic temperature control up to 1500 ℃. After setting the furnace control program is reduced to just pressing control buttons. Further all the operations are performed automatically

Operation mode  All-the-day round (cycles) 

A list of supplementary equipment :
-Steam receiving furnace 
-Charcoal crusher 
-Vibration screen, 5 levels 
-Computer of the unified control system (is required if there are more than 3 furnaces in the system )
-Manual pneumatic forklift for loading/unloading pallets from a hot furnace .
-Reserve pallets
-packing finished product 

Production area  30 m2 including safety zone 
Raw materials: Charcoal, coal, smokeless coal, fruit and nuts kernels 

During mounting some construction operations are required ass follows:
-Filling concrete foundation  2.5 m*2.5 m*0.2m
Power supply line, cable  100 kW
Mounting of heating main, attached to  the furnace 
No necessity to lay many kilometers of heating mains 

Personnel - one person/ shift
Country of origin: China Hong King produced by patent owner license .
Starting up and adjustment :putting into exploitation during 1-2 days after delivery to the installation place
Packing and transportation : Standard export packing from wood polymeric materials. To be loaded to one 20 ft, container
Delivery terms : FOB tp any port of  the world
Warranty:1 year since crossing the border
The furnace may be repaired only by the Customer's specialists
Delivery : 90 working days after payment 50%

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