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Active carbon semiindustrial active carbon production plant: productivity 20-60 tons/day

Kiln productiivty 20 kg/cycle .
Three cycles - 60 kg/day 
Time of one cycle - 8 hrs (including kiln''s starting and cooling).
3 cycles - 24 hrs 
Auto control according to present program 
Flow charts and steam control programs are given and purchase of the equipment .
Raw materials: nuts kernels, charcoal, high quality coal  

The set includes:
Steam gemerator
Activation kiln
Steam feeding system from steam generator to activation kiln 
Safety system during steam production 
Activation pallets 3 pcs.: 1 operation pallet, 1 cooling pallet and 1 pallet to load the next batch .
Safety and gas removal decompression system .
Fuel fed to activation kiln control system 

The set doesn't include
Pneumatic elevator for transporting hot pallets with carbon, carrying capacity up to 200 kg.hour
Dust removal system
Finished carbon sorting machine 
Sorting tables  (to be made by customer on the spot )

Technical specifications 

Steam generator 500 kg of steam per hour, on gas or electricity (optional). Automatic gas supply system according to preset program in the combustion chamber of the activation furnace. Its parameters depend on the choice of fuel, on which the activation furnace operates, the question is in the buyer's competence.

The combustion chamber closes sealed.
The weight of the steam generator is 350 kg.
Fuel consumption of steam generator 20 kg

Activation kiln - weight about 600 kg 
Power ( kw) –  100kw, is adjustable by heatin speed in accordance with PID control instruments
Chamber's inlet hole size : DN 1000 mm*70 mm*750mm, outlet hole size :DN50
Kiln's net weight  – 0,6 tons, total weiht with auxiliary elements : 1 ton 
Outer size : 1200(W)*1000(L)*300(H) mm
Chamber size  : 1000 mm (H)*750 mm (L)*100 (W) mm
Operation chamber volume 900 dm3
Carbon chamber volume  600 L
Nominal temrperature : 1250 ℃
Long term operation temperature : 1200 ℃ 6 hours 
Temperature stability : ± 1 ℃
Heating speed : 1-10 ℃ /min. adjusted as required

Chamber material: Hi purity alumina ceramic fiber 
Thermal insulating material : High purity polycrystal mullite ceramic fiber 
Voltage 380V. High frequency currents are used .
Power consumption during one operation cycle (6 hours) taking into account changes in heating modes - 100 kW 

Control Mode Touch Screen Intelligent PIC Microcomputer Temperature Controller

Controller with PID parameter self-tuning function, manual / automatic switching without interference.

Temperature excess protection function .It may program 16 groups, 30 segments. Heating curve wieving in real time mode .
Automatic storage of heating data, and it may check and print heating report .
Automatic heating, automatic insulation and automatic stop function can meet the requirements of control temperature and constant temperature. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
Electronic components and components of the electronic temperature control device use DELIXI to ensure stability and reliability
Furnace structure: Integrated structure, temperature control cabinet, side suspension, integrated control.
The sliding door of the kiln  can be opened up electrically. The mechanical design uses an accurate sliding block and precise rail direction.
The rail door of the furnace rises and falls smoothly. Resistance wires are located on three sides of the chamber, with a uniform temperature
Automatic heating, automatic insulation and automatic stop function can meet the requirements of control temperature and constant temperature. Temperature control accuracy: ± 1 ℃
Electronic components and components of the electronic temperature control device use DELIXI to stability 
Heating element: high temperature alloy resistance wire
The material of the chamber is able to withstand a high temperature of 1500 ℃ a new type of high-quality alumina-ceramic fiber.
The assembly of a new type of furnace, with the collapse of the top of the furnace, does not allow for volatilization.
The insulating material is able to withstand a high temperature of 1260 ℃, for a long time.
For protection polycrystalline mullite, ceramic fiber is used, which is characterized by low weight, good thermal insulation, low thermal losses, ecological compatibility and energy saving.
Temperature measurement: platinum rhodium of thermocouple type S
The furnace is equipped with a warning function for overheating in the workflow, it starts automatically if the operator did not react to the warning and did not change the operating mode. 
The computer can complete the protective action automatically.
After installation, the furnace control program is reduced to pressing  of the control buttons. Further all operations are performed automatically.
The furnace shell is made of carbon steel, with removal of surface rust and electrostatic spray.
Materials for the inner chamber are made of stainless materials based on nickel alloy. Stainless steel based on nickel alloy is able to withstand 1200 ℃.
The exhaust port is 20 mm in diameter, above the internal combustion chamber. It is used to reverse the discharge of gas into the furnace, to completely burn out the resulting associated gases when the coal is activated.
The input port for entering the activation zone of the steam is designed on the right side of the furnace body to let in steam and / or other protective gas. Including inert gases.
If necessary, it is possible to introduce liquid nitrogen into the furnace through this valve, if there is an urgent need to stop the furnace.
The diameter of the inlet valve is changed from 20 to 200 mm by means of couplings of adapters.
The temperature of the steam supplied is 175 ℃.
The steam supply mode is automatically controlled by a single furnace control system.
The volume of steam flow during the cycle (6 hours) 2000 kg.
The length of the steam pipe to the furnace is 3000 mm (3 meters) included
The increase in production is achieved by mechanically increasing the number of operating furnaces and connecting them to a single steam supply system and a unified computer control system.

There are two options of operation :
1. Natural as (Cheap),
2. Electric power (expensive).

There are 4 German-made gas burners. or System of Chinese heaters 
Temperature mode of automated control up to 1500℃.

Operation procedure:
The pallets for activation are placed on the packing tables, the raw material is poured into the pallet by a layer of 4-5 cm, leveled, then it is lifted by the lift to the height of the entrance into the combustion chamber and placed in a combustion chamber. The latter is sealed  leakproof. The steam supply to the  combustion chamber is checked, the water level in the steam generator is checked ,the temperature mode of operation is set. In case when  the raw material is compacted organics to 1.2 or vegetables and fruit kernels, in the program of the activation furnace the carbonization  regime is set.If we use coal carbonized from natural organic matter, smoky or smokeless coal, activation mode is set in the activation furnace, and the carbonization mode is not used.The furnace is put into operation by the steam generator and approximately in an hour about an hour of after start-up the steam generator begins to produce  the required amount of steam of t
he desired temperature and this steam is supplied to the combustion chamber of the activation furnace according to the furnace regulation. If no carbinization is required then no steam is is fed to to the combustion chamber in this mode . The activation kilns put into operation, then in the preset time the kiln goes into operation mode, the presonnel is informed about it by audio signal and green lamp bleaking .After the furnace  enters completely the operating mode, after the steam is fed  there, the white alarm system gives  an audible signal. 
After 240 minute the activation mode, will automatically give a signal to turn off the activation mode and stop the steam flow. 
This moment will be marked by the operation of the blue lamp and a long beep. 
The same signal indicates the beginning of the cooling of the furnace. After that, as the temperature of the activation furnace drops below 300 degrees, 
the furnace will automatically sound a beep and a visual signal of the red lamp. By this time, the steam generator, shut down earlier must also cool down and stop steam generation. 
At this stage, a hermetically sealed combustion chamber is opened and placed on a special safety lock to avoid opening the door and decompressing. 
After 60 minutes, the temperature in the furnace will drop to a safe level, the non-burnt flue gases will be thrown off through the safety system, the combustion chamber can be fully
 opened and a pallet with activated carbon removed from the pneumatic lift, which moves to the sorting table. From the sorting table, another pallet  with the raw material 
for activation is taken  and sent to the oven. All procedures are repeated with a new pallet. Activated carbon from the first tray, taken out of the furnace  continues (if necessary) to cool down 
at the sorting tables, if its temperature is too high, if the temperature of the activated carbon has fallen to a temperature of 50 degrees and below, then the resultant carbon is either poured 
into the finished product storage or is supplied for an additional grinding and packing.
Production area  с including safety zones : steam generator 100m2,
Activatin furnace  50-60 m2,
Degassing system  5m2.
Ordinary room, height  2,5 m.
Pesonnel:  1 persom .
All the activation procedure is automatic, no inspection or control is required. Personnel is required in case of the activation of emergency signal  (electrical outrage, stop of gas supply), during one our in the shift for loading/unloading coal .
No starting up and adjustment is required, everything is supplied assembled. One specialist arrives to arrange training courses for personell .
Warranty 1 year since putting into exploitation .
Transportation  One 20ft. container 
Time of manufacturing -  90  days 


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