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Production of active carbon made of nut kernels

Name Parameters
Destination Production of activated carbon of good quality
Trademark LU-АU-300 EURO automated line
Trademark owner Mega Power Hong Kong Group Limited
Developer  Israel
Production license ownet Mega Power Hong Kong Group Limited
Assembly and Technology  
A list of units Conveyors 3 units
Magnetic separator 1 unit.
Boiler 1 unit
Trolley with pneumatic lift of  cargo up to 500 kg - 1 unit
Sorting tables 1 unit - to be provided by Customer 
Electronic batching device 1 unit
Crusher 1 unit
Fine vibration screen 1 unit
Activation kilns 1 unit
Pallets,  4 units
Weighing unit 1 unit
Batching machine 1 unit
Sealing machine 1 unit
Gas holder 1 unit (If there's a centralized gas supply system in your region, then, there's no necessity to buy it )
Commutation system, 1 unit
Instrumental control system, 1 unit
Ventilator, 1 unit
Decompression device, 1 unit
Exhaus gas utilization system  1 unit
Dust removal system 1 unit

Active carbon production process 
-Crushed and fractioned nut shells is fed by conveyors to activation kilns 
- Near activation kilns raw materials placed on special pallers are loaded to activation kiln by lift .
- In the activation kiln the granules are activated by kiln. Steam goes from boiler via piipes .
- At the expiration of set period, thee lift takes away the pallet with active carbon 
-The carbon cools down and is fed to packing section by conveyor .
-In thee packing section the carbon is packer into sealable paper bags of 0.5-10 kg .
-The loader brings the active carbon to the finished product wartehouse.
Note  № 1 Fuel for thermal units .
The are two machines  that consume heat and additional fuel, including drying machine using steam 500 kg/hour and activation kn -2.5 tons/hour .  From economic and technological points of view the best possible fuel is gas .  At thee coal mine, the best possible gas source is coal gasification
Therefore gas generator is included in the set .
Note №2: Operation cycles 
Activation kiln : activation cycle -  4 hours

Kiln  unloading -20 min Kilm
Kiln loading - 20-60 min .
24 hours - 1000-1250 kg of  finsihed product 
Note №3
Depends on required quality of the finished product. Medical usage, water purification or air treatment required diifferent quality of carbon .
There are various technologies of active carbon production  .
Production technology varies by temperature and time activation modes and by additional raw materials fed to the mixer .

General info   
Operation mode For activattion sectionn - all-the-day round 300 days/year .For briquetting section andd raw material preparation - any mode 
Capacity/year (all-the day round operations of active carbon section)  300 tons of active carbon 
Capacity/day (all the day round operation of active carrbon section) 1 ton of active carbon 
Capacity/month (all the day round operation of active carrbon section) 25 tons of active section
Info for customers  Active carbon production technology requiires three-shift all-the day round operation
Staff 6 persons/shift 
Total power consumption 120 kW
Thermal power requirements  3 000 kcalhour
Completeness of the equipment  All included 
Warranty   1 year 
Designed production area  700 m2.
The facctory is divided into shops   
--Activation shop  700m2. indoors 
Function  -raw materials are conveyed to activation kilns .
- by activation kilns granules placed on special pallets loaded to activation kilns .
- the lift takes off the pallet with active carbon .
-The carbon cools down on packaging tablesand is conveyed to crushing  
-From crusher it is сonveyed to fine shredder 
-Is connveyed to packing shop 
Equipment Conveyors 2 unit 
Kilns1 unit 
Crusher 1 unit 
Self-propelled liftting trolleys 1 unit 
Trays 8 units for a kiln .
Packing tables 1 unit  to be made customer 
--Packing  shop  200 m2. Indoors  
Function - The carbon is packed into sealable paper bags of 5-10 kg 
Equipment Conveyors 3 unit
Weighing unit 1unit
Batching machine 1 unit
Sealing machine 1 unit
--Warehouse  400 m2.
Function -The loader carries to the finished product warehouse 
Equipment Lifting device 1 unit 
Specification of raw materials   
Raw materials  Charcoal of anny origin nut shells 
Production of 1 ton of active carbon requires  4 tons of nut shell
Water requirements/hour 3 m3  
Additional fuel requirements  0,5 tons/hour 
Electric power requirments  123kW
Product standard   
Active carbon   
Number of grains of size 1 mm  < 1,0 
Number of grains of size  1-3,5mm   >96,5 
Number of grains of size 3,5-5 mm < 2,5
Moisture content <10,0
Content  < 8,0
Porosity (by acetone) > 74
Static activity by chlorine  >35
Mass of 1L of carbon No more than 220 grams (without compaction ).
Transportation 5 times 
Transportation of kilns  One 20ft. container
Transportation of other machines  One 40ft. container
Transportation of packimg equipment One 20ft. container
Transportation of Gas holderа  One 40ft. container 
Other conditioons   
Time of mounting 4-5 weeks. including training of stuff 
Payment terms  Advance - 50%, the balance after the cargo is ready for shipment and completeness is checked but before leaving the territory of PR China 
Cost of startiing up and adjustment  15% of the cost of equipment.  Starting up and adjustment is not included in the equipment price 
Non complete delivery  Separate delivery of some units and sections is possible 
Mounting, starting up and adjistment requires  5 persons
Time of mounting of the equipment  2 months
Ccertificates of machines 12 pcs
Foundation drawings  10 pcs
Blockouts drawings 8 pcs
Kiln drawings 5 pcs
Press drawings 4 pcs
Installation drawinngs  1pc
Wiring drawing 1 pc
Separate machines drawings 6 pcs 
Lannguage  Chinese, Hebrew, English, Russian
Equipment certified PR China,EC, Israel, Russia
Totall number of certificates  14 pcs
Customs codes  Customs codes for  Equipment
Hopper 7309 00 900 0,
kiln  8417 80 200 0,
bucket elevator  8428 32 000 0,
belt conveyor  8428 90 910 0,
raw materials feeding unit  8428 90 910 0,
press 8474 80 000 0,
material mixer  8474 39 900 9,
crushing machine , 8474 20 900 0,
raw material measuring electric device  8423 20 000 0,
raw material feeding machine  8430 31 000 0
The price doesn't include 

-Custom registration in  the Buyer's country 
-Certiificates of the Buyer's country, excluding EC, Russia or Israel.
-Transportation to the border of the Buyer's country - location of the factory 
-Indoor facilities
-Mounting and filling of foundations
-Mounting of ventilation system and fire-fighting masuress
-Connection to electric supply units 

Active carbon production line (300 tons/year). Power (kw)

Name  Number of units  Unit      total 
Conveyors 10 unit 3 9
Weighing macgine 1 unit 3 3
Batching machine 1 unit 2 2
Weighing machine 1 unit 5 5
Magnetic separator 1 unit 5 5
Boiler  1 unit 52 12
Electronic batching device 1 unit 5 5
Fine vibration screen 2 unit 5 10
Crusher (small) 2 unit 5 10
Gas holder 1 unit 32 32
Activation kilns 1 unit 7.5 15
Total     120kW

Active carbon production line (300 tons/year). Staff.

  Name   Working shifts                          Engineers  Staff/ shift  Staff/3 shift 
1 --Preparation shop 1 1 1-2 3-4
  Gas holder 2 1    
  Boiler 1      
2 --Activation shop  1 1 1-2 3-4
  Activation kilns 1 1    
3 Sorting and packing shop 1 - 3 3
  Packing of active carbon                     3 -    
4 Warehouse 2   2 3
  Total 7 2 9 13


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