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Wood particle board production line 2 500 m3/year

The production line includes as follows:
М600 chipper / bale cutter(by customer choice)- breaks wood or cut bales of agricultural wastes  (large pieces ) into shaves or stalk cyts, M300 chipper breaks shavings or stalk cuts into pieces not bigger than 5 cm .
Raw materisl drier
Three level vibration screen
Magnetic separator with feeding conveyor 
4 conveyors
Glue preparation machine (including heating)
Glue mixing machine 
Slab moulding 
Overhang removal 
Transverse-longitudinal cutter, set 
Roll conveyors, set, 5 units.
Thermal plates 1830*2750, including hydraulic station, control panel, extension vat 
Side plates to improve the board quality
Board acception roller conveyor 
Roller lifting tables 6 pcs.
Transverse and logitudinal saws 
Board overturn machine 
Steam boiler - steam - 0.5 tons/hour , including receiver system 
Loading trolley with hydraulic lift for finished product transportation 
Moulding tools 1830*2750, 6 pcs.
Polishing machine

Raw materials: agricultural wastes 
Power consumption  350 kW .
Steam requirements - 500 kg/hour 
Working area: shop width - 9-10 m* height 4,5 m, (min height over the hot press -6m)*length:saw dust preparation and drying shop, glue making shop - 10m, board molding and pressing- 30 meters, board preparation ans sanding shop - 30 m=total lenght is about 100 m.
The above shop footage is given considering safety rules requirements and projected work site arrangement. The lenght can be dimininished then the operations become less comfortable. The footage of warehouse for finished products is to be determined by customer .
Board size: 1830*2750 mm
Staff: 20 persons
Productivity: 2500 m3/year (in the case of 3 shifts/day)
Main units of WPB production line 
Delivery time 3 months
Mounting and installation 2-3 moths 
Transportation six 40 ft. containers, 4 oversize cargos 
Warranty 1 year since arrival to the Buyer country 

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