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Main units used in production of charcoal

Pyrolysis furnace and pyrolysis furnace with feeding box 
Main specifications 
Carbonization stove volume 3,6 m3
Alloyed steel was used 
Size  2100*3500*4400 mm
Carbonization rate 8 hr
Productivity 1300 kg/stove (4 000 kg/24hrs)
Weight  4000 kg
Power 1,5 kw 
Max carbonization temperature 430°
The furnace use hi- tech cleaning technique and makes heatproof  noble metals .
Specifications: firm, shape-stable. not oxidizing, good heat performance, user-friendly .
Coal yield is 40-60% higher than that of other machines 
Labor-saving and time saving; one operator can work at several stove simultaneously . 

Rod producing forming machine 
Main specifications
Size: 1650х900х1200 mm
Total weight: 630 kg
Rated capacity: 15.5 KW 380 v
Engine power :11 kw
Heating power : 5 kw
Energy consumption: 15000-В
Productivity: 500 tons/year  
Area: 2 m2
Productivity : 240 kg/hour
Product size : Φ50 X450mm
Screw : 1 pcs.nitrided steel
Seamless pipe made of stainless steel 
Bush 1 pcs 
Electric heating coil 1 pcs 
Raw materials requirements: Moisture  8-12 %
Personne: 1 person 

Drying coil for drying of raw materials and connecting elements used for drying of materials 
Raw materials water contents  70%
Dry material water contents - 10%
Hot air temperatue 190-240°
Fuel (coal) consumption  20-30 kg/hour
Drying rate 280 kg/hour
Power consumption 550-750 V
Electric engine power 7.5 kw
Porduct size  Diameter< 3mm, Length < 5mm
Drying power 8000 kg/day 
Size: 9526*1900*2580 mm
Weight 3500 kg  
Raw materials cyclone dryer 
Raw material drier' blower 
LU BX-600 chipper
the set includes two units (for coarse and fine fractions, respectively)

Blade diameter : 600 mm
Blade rotation: 970 rpm .
Raw material's feeding :inclined
Unloading :from the top 
Max crumbling granules : Φ 10 X 20mm
Electric engine: 7,5 KW
Chips thickness: 2-3 mm
Chip's length: 15-35 mm
Max dia of wooden studs : 150×140 mm
Size: 2002×1175×1360 mm
Main rotation axis speed : 4000 rpm .
Personnel : 1 person 
Raw material water content: no more then 50-60% 

  Thermal unit of raw material dryer 
Belt conveyors and conveyor with magnetic separator 
Power  4 kW 
Length - 1 -40 m 
Packing of finished products 
Automatic briquetting machine 
Main specifications:
It is used for cutting the edges of fisnished briquettes before packing .
Is used in production line with productivity of 7500, 20 000 tons/year and more.
Fisnished euro-pellets are automatically fed from extruder to cutter, the cutter is a part of a briquetting machine, connected to it after heat exchanger .
Semi automatic cutting with underfed saw 
Total power: 4 kW.
Weight: 200 kg 
Height: 1400 mm Length: 1100 mm Width:800 mm
Number of workers :automatic unit  
Production area : 4 m2
Productivity  400 operations/hr 
Productivty coupled with extruder - 200 cuts
  Traditional mean of cargo transportation 
Traditional screens
  Vibrations screen


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