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Accessories and equipment for brick production

Brick forming presses

LU-QTJ 8 – AS 15 Hydraulic press
Weight ˜ 12 t
Size L x W x H 9m x 2.3m x 2.6m ,
Productivity (8 hrs): 
Block with internal cavities – 20 000 pcs 
Standard block – 8000 pcs
The assembly includes as follows:
Main unit, electric control panel, hydraulic station, chain device, brick output device, forklift, plate lifting machine, mixing machine molds, tools.



QTJ4-15Hydraulic press
Shift (8 hours) - 5 persons
Production area – 4000 m2


LU-QTJ4-15 Hydraulic press
Weight 7 tons
Size L x W x D: 5m x 1.6m x 2.65m,
Productivity (8 hours) holed bricks/standard bricks – 20 000/40000 pcs
The assembly includes as follows:
Main unit, electric control panel, hydraulic station, chain device, brick output device, forklift, plate lifting machine, mixing machine molds, tool




Shift (8hrs)-5 persons

Production area – 1500 meters.
1. In the territory of PR China the above equipment is delivered during 7 days, factory’s guarantee is 3 years, free maintenance during warranty period. 

Weigth 3t
Size L x W x H 7m x 1.5m x 2.2m
Productivity/8 hrs 20000 pcs

Main unit, electric control panel, hydraulic station, brick output system pusher, mixer, molds, instruments


Semi-automatic chemically bonded brick production equipment
Shift (8hrs) -5 persons.
Production area – 1500 m2
Weight - 2.9 t Size L x W x H 2600 x 1800 х 2650 Productivity/8 hours – holed brick/standard brick - 3500 /20000
T350 Mixer
Weight 0.75t
Size 1500/1500/1100
Productivity 18 m3/hr
SD8-6 loader
Weight 0.26 t
Size 2000/800/800
Conveyor belt
Weight 0.75t
Size 6600/800/600
Type – holed brick/standard brick


Shift (8hrs) -4 persons .
Production area – 2000m2 (without compressor)
Weight 3.5tons,
Size L x W x H 2600 х 1800 х 2650
Productivity 8t/hours –holed brick/standard brick - 1000/ 5000pcs
SD8-6 Conveyor belt
Size L x W x H 6600/800/600,
Weight - 0.75tons,
Loader - 2 pcs,
Weight - 0.26
Size L x W x H 2000/800/800


HDP hyperpressing machines 


HDP- is double action automated press equipment for production of brick and curbs
main features of new method of production of high-strength hollow brick are as follows:
Cement is substituted by lime. No racks are required
Cost saving: high strength blocks can be stacked and loaded automatically
Instead of cement(300 RMB /ton), cheap lime is added (135RMB/ton)
Ash content in bricks is raised from 30% to 70%
Replaceable molds help to make products of size 240 х 115 х 55 мм
Steam pressure application allows to cost 30% of production area
In case of cement steam is not compulsory

Specufications: HDP-800
Rated pressure 800 tons
Molds/one time- 24 pcs
Production of standard brick/hour 5400 pcs.,
Production of holed brick/hours 2700pcs
Air taps 3 times,
Total power 98kW ,
Special features- compactness and high quality

Specifications: HDP-600
Rated pressure 600 tons
Molds/one time- 20 pcs
Production of standard brick/hour 4500 pcs.,
Production of holed brick/hours 2250 pcs ,
Air taps 3 times,
Total power 90kW,
Special features- compactness and high quality

Specifications: HDP-400
rated pressure 400 tons
Molds/one time 20 pcs.,
Productivity-standard brick 3100,
Production of holed brick/hour -1550 pcs
Air taps 3 times,
Total power 50kW,
Special features- compactness and high quality

Specifications: HDP-300
Rated pressure 300 tons
Productivity-standard brick 2700 pcs/hr.,
Production of holed brick/hour 1350 pcs/hr
Air taps - 3 times,
Total power 46kW,
Special features- compactness and high quality

Hydraulic reinforcement systems are designed and made in Italy.
High quality bricks are made of /shredded inert materials by semi-dried pressing and by no kiln production method, respectively.
Clay kilned bricks of grades 300, 450, 500, 750 are produced. There are various types of presses

Presses are supplied both separately and completed by auxiliary machines

Press mounting Disk-shaped mixer
Main drum Block extruder
Hydraulic reinforcement stations Biaxial shedding mixer



YMZ1000-1. Universal hydraulic press for bricks
YMZ350-1. Universal hydraulic press for bricks


Multifunctional hydraulic press for brick production.
It is manufactured by German and US standards.
PLC monitor Siemens electronics.
Robot operated machine.
Touch sensitive board.
Three beams and 4 columns design.
Effective system of operation parameters analysis. Reliable design
Model YMZ1000-1 YMZ350-1
Size of production 240 mm x 115 mm x 53 mm, 240 mm x 115 mm x 90 mm (hollow), 390 mm x 190 mm x 190 mm (hollow), colored block stones of all types
Productivity/hr 32 pcs. (standard brick) 12 pcs. (standard bricks)
Productivity 8500-10000 bricks/hr 3000-4000 bricks/hr
Operating pressure 1000 t 350 t
Working stroke of the press matrix 500mm 500mm
Driving power 75KW (Main engine) 35KW (Main engine)
Weight 50 t 30 t
Size 5000 x 5000 x 4600 m 3800 x 2500 x 3200 mm


 Concrete mixer JS500

Model JS500
Volume (output material) 500 L
Volume (input material) 800 L
Productivity =25 m2/h
Max size of filler (gravel, ballast of broken stone) 80/60


Speed 35 rpm
Quantity 2 x 7
Electric motor Model Y180M-4
Power 18.5kw
Lifting machine Model YEZ1325-4-B5
Power 5.5kw
Water pump Model 500WB20-BA
Power 750W
Speed of feeding material lifting 18 m/min
Outer size (L x W x H) Movement 3050 x 2300 x 2680mm
Operation 4461 x 3050 x 5225mm
Weigth 4000kg

Kneading machine Model JB1650 x 500
Specifications of the kneading machine :
Vessel’s capacity - 400L
Loading by weight - 400kg
Vessels' capacity- 1850х350
Rolls’ size - 760х230
Rolls' weight - 400х2
Mixing shovels - 2 pc
Mixing time - 3-5 min / 1 time
Productivity - 5-8 tons / hr
Main shaft rotations - 25 rpm
Engine power - Y160M-4 11 KW
Weight - 3898kg

Vertical shaft mixer
Storage capacitor 2m3
Engine power Y100L2-4-3KW
WPO135I reducer, reduction: 18:1
Belt drive B1740, 3 belts
Weight 800kg
Size L x W x H 1676 х 1676 х 2000 mm

Crusher S118D
Amount of output material 500 L/ time
Mixing disk diameter - 1800m
Mixing time 3-5 min
Main axis rotation speed 26 rpm
Power 11kw
Shaft’s weight 300 kg
Batch time 20-25/seconds
Size L x W x H 1912 x 2010 x 1622(mm) 

JP-1000K Concrete hydraulic wafer machine
Max pressure: 1000KN(100T)
Drums diameter: 240мм
Power: 10.5Kw
Weight: 2000kg
Productivity: 300*300*150 (2 working positions)
350*350*150 (4 working positions)
Size L x W x H : 730*730*1800mm
Main production:
Within the limit of 700*300*150mm (2 operation positions) and 350*350*150 (4 operation positions) brick bridges of various types. 
JP-2500K Concrete hydraulic wafer press
Main specifications:
Max. pressure: 2500KN (250t)
Drum's diameter: 340mm
Power: 18 kW
Weight of main unit: 4500kg 
Productivity: 800*400*200 (2 working positions) 450*450*200 (4 working positions) 
Size L x W x H : 850*850*2100mm 
JP-3000KS Concrete hydraulic wafer machine
Max pressure: 3000KN (300T)
Drum's diameter: 260*2mm
Power: 18Kw
Weight: 8000kg
Productivity: 1000*500*200mm
Size L x W x H : 1600*800*2100mm 

CAT6-8 Multiperforated manual wafer hydraulic machine
Whole bricks in mold – 10 pcs
Pressure 10 MPa
Vibration frequency 2800-3500
One Shift 240*115*53 10000 pcs 12 pcs /mold
One shift 240*115* 90 5000-5800  90 5000-5800 pcs 6 pcs /mold
Molding time 30 seconds
Pressure plate size 800*260*1
Size L x W x H 2500*1500*2400
Transmission mode – hydraulic vibration 

JS500 Single-axial mixer
T35 mixer
Weight 0.75t ,
Size L x W x H 1500/1500/1100,
Productivity 6 m3/hr

Diesel autoloader

Rails provide transportation of finished products from moulding machines to pressure chamber, and from pressure chamber to finished product storage area.
24 rails are used the track is - 550 mm

Set of trolleys (60 pcs) for 24 000 000 production line.
Width - 120cm, Length - 250 cm, Height - 10 cm.

Set of trolleys (20pcs) 10 000 000 production line –
WIdth - 120см, Length - 250 см, Height - 10 cm.

LU-JSD165 pressure chamber - dryer
It includes pressure chamber, safety valve, hydraulic valve, control system, rails inside pressure chamber
Diameter of pressure chamber can vary from 180 to 230 cm, length – from 18 to 36 m
Standard design length -25 m.
Drying cycle – 8 hours.
Size  25m x 1.8m x 2m
Weight 18 tН
Productivity/8h 30000 pcs
Excessive pressure- 1, 5 atm
It doesn’t require constant presence of personnel
For 24 000 000 it is necessary to have 3 chambers.
For 10 000 000 production line - 1 chamber 


Thermal unit
Power - 60 kW
It can use gas, mazut, coal. The assembly depends on order

RCF800 attritor
Weight - 3 000 kg
Productivity - 40tons/shift
Power - 55 kW
Height - 1,8m
Diameter - 0,8м
Is is destined for attrition of clay and inert material to 0.5 mm

It is used for production of bricks It kneads initial raw materials
Capacity 2 m3
Y100L2 Engine power - 4-3кW
WPO135 reducer i,
Reduction: 18:1,
Belt drive B1740 Belt drive, 3 belts,
Weight 0.8 tons,
Size 1676 х 1676 х 2000

Inert materials bunker (triple bunker)
LU - PLD800-1600Б bunker
Weight 4tons
Size (L*W*H) 9*2.2*3.5m,
Productivity /8h 60m3

LU - PLD400-800 bunker Weight ˜3tons
Size )L*W*H) 8*1.8*3.5m
Productivity /8h ˜37m3

LU - PLD200-800 Bunker
Weight ˜3tons
Size (L*W*H) 8*1.5*3.5m Productivity /8h ˜ 20 m3

Cement bunker
LU - JS300 cement bunker
Weight 1,6 tons,
Size 11.4m×1.5m
Capacity - 10tons
LU - JS400 cement bunker
Weight 2.0 tons
Size L х W х H 11.4m×1.5m,
Capacity 15tons
LU - JS500 Cement bunker
Weigth 2.6tons
Size 14m×2.2m
Capacity - 30 tons

Siemens remote control system
It consists of 3 control panels and one control unit
Each control panel is used for one section

Handling machines
One modification
It is used in all HDP type machines for hyperpressing  

Hot processing section for bricks
For kilned brick production a fire resistant bricks, rails, burner for chosen fuel type (gas, mazut, coal) control system, racks are supplied
Personnel for mounting and construction operations are sent if required.

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