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Selling of silver sheets and blank coins

There are three reasons to cooperate with us

First . At London Metal Exchange (LME) the price of metal is lower then ours. However, min lot at LME is 130 kg, there are few people who need such an amount of silver at once. We sell by 1 kg. 
Second.  At LME you can buy in bars only . We can sell rolled metal or coin blanks 
Third.  At LME you have to work with brokers. You do not need any brokers to work with us, so you save your money.
The price doesn;t include transportation to the customer place and freight insurance

Polish leaf silver


Silver Ag 999,9

Weight 31,2 gr 
Diameter 40 mm,
Thickness 3 mm
Serrations  3200 pcs
Price  50$/pc.

Width 40 mm
Thickness 3 mm
Rolled metal (20 kg each) .
Price 1,6$/gr. 160 000$/100 kg, advance 10%, the balance after reception .

If you want to purchase the coins, you can contact us:

1.Mega Power Hong Kong Group Limited 
161, Huanghe str, Nangang Dist, Harbin, Heilongjiang,China 150090
phone: +86-451-511981450

2. Representative office in Siberia and Russian Far East
room 511, 10 Nerchinskaya str, Vladivostok, Russia 
phone/fax: +7-423-243-98-11 

3.Representative office in Khabarovsk
room 903, 204 Tihookeanskaya str, Khabarovsk, Russia 
phone/fax: +7-4212-73-46-72 

4. Representative office in South Federal District 
Agropromservise, Timashevsk, Krasnodarskiy krai, Russia
Contact person: Yuriy Vasilievich
phone/fax  +7 (86130) 5-28-78 

5. Representative office in Ukrain 
Contact person: Valentin I. Dolzhnko 
phone:  + 38 0644225805 /  +38 0505927464
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