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Production of cubes, wood lumps, bedding joists from wood particle boards

Function: Production of cubes, wood lumps and bedding  joists
The production line includes:
1. 6 hot presses
2. 6 hydraulic stations
3. Drying machine
4. Gluing machine
5. Screen
6. Chipper
Time of manufacturing : 2 months
Main unit's features :Hydraulic amplifier 
Hydraulics: Chinese manufacturer
Total power:installed capacity of one press is 115 kW
Operating power: 80 kW.
Weight including 16 units with packing - 9000 kg. Transportation - 22 places 
Personnel : 5-6 persons/shift (2-3 persons for operation on screen, drying, glueing;
3 persons for presses  (one person for two presses ).
2 shifts  12 hours each
Production area : 600 m2.
Design productivity: 6 000 m3/year  
15 m3/day (with chips or sawdust as raw materials).
21 m3/day (with wood crumbling products as raw materials ).
Operating conditions - indoors 
Transportation: two 40ft. containers one 20ft. container 
 LU S110 Muller mixer


Wood and organic materials crusher  

LU SH-I Drier 

Single layered vibration screen
75*75, 80*80, 90*90, 100*100,100*140.
Do not absorb moisture .
It holds high pressure.
Hole in cubes allow to shorten and solidification and drying time
Hole diameter is no more than: 32 mm (size 100 mm ×145 mm);
40 mm (size of article 145×145 mm)
No thermal unit is required 
Raw materials: sawdust, shavings  
Sawdust/shavings is 1/3.
Moisture contents of raw materials should not exceed 9-12%.
100 kg of raw materials demands glue consumption of 20-22 kg 
Production technology:

1. Screen 
2. Rotary mill 
3. Drum oil drying machine 
4. Ring machine for glueing 
5. Hot press - 6 units .
Manufacturer Luniwei Machine Shops
Address ent F, Huayan park, Modern City, Nanzhi Lu, Harbin 
Tel.: +86-13903612274
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