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Waste paper bleaching chemicals

In China, usually used as follows:

Main Chemical reagents
1.Anion disperse type emulsified gum-rosin repellent(moisture protection additive),
2.Industrial reagent AL2(SO4)3,
3.Defoamant .

Two first additives are used more frequently. The anion disperser emulsification gum rosin normal used amount is: 0.5%-0. 8%, .
Excessively used amountsnot only can not enhance the product waterproof effect, on the contrary can cause the paper pulp produce the quantities of froth, affects the forming machine to attract the paper pulp to forming. 

AL2(SO4)3 Generally, the used amounts of AL2 (SO4) is 3 times for an-ion disperser emulsification gum rosin used amounts. Because production line for circulate used water (clear water return use), therefore when increase the helps chemical, the first can increase a litter more anion disperser emulsification gum rosin chemical, hereafter reduce to: Between 0.5%-0. 8%, or even less.%.  Additive AL2(SO4)3 should conform to Anion disperse type emulsified gum-rosin repellent. 

Waste paper bleaching substances
May be used to improve quality and color . Amount of additives depends on the required quality of the final product .
sodium hydroxide
molecular chlorine,
hydrogen peroxide,
chlorine dioxide
caustric soda

Paper whitening substances
Aluminum sulphate
Optical bleaching agents
China clay
Zinc sulfate
Titan dioxide
Barium silfate

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