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Binding substance to be added to the fuel bruiquettes in the case of their decomposition

Binding substance to be added to the fuel bruiquettes in the case of their decomposition
This section shows various types of binding substances. Everybody can choose the substance proceeding from its price and its spreading in the region. 
In fuel briquettes made of brown coal, hydrolytic lingine can be used as a binding substance. 

Binding substances in fuel briquettes are as follows: 
1. Starch


3. Cellulose

4. Treacle

5. Portland cement. Adding of cement reduces the caloring content of  the briquettes and increases their ash content .

6. Clay

7. Gypsum

8. Lime

9. Dextran

10. Dextrin

11.Polysaccacharides and stillage bottoms of oil refining up to  51-70oC at following ratio of constituents .%: 
polysaccharides 4-10; 
stillage bottoms of oil refining 0,26-0,78; 
carbonaceous elements - the remaining . 
Technical results - fuel briquettes with low value of water absorptionm good thermal stability andf high  mechanical strenght factor . 
It is possible to use the wastes and wine, sugar, paper and starch industries as polysaccharides . 
Both purpose product with formula of (Cn H2m Om), which high polymeric carbohydrate, as well as wastes of wine, sugar, starch and paper industies can be polysaccharides 

12. Lignosulphonate, polyvinyl alcohol 

13. Binding substance containing sulfonic acid derivative  (no less than 0,5% of the coal weight ) and tall pitch which is the remnamt of recitification of tall oil  (no less than 0.5 of the coal weight).  The drawback of this invention is availability such ecologially-unfriendly ingredient as tall pack in the bricjquet. 

14. Sulfite-yeast liquor and  oil bitumen the latter plays the part of hydrophobizator at the consituents' ratio as followws.%: 
Sulfite-yeast liquot r  - 2,4-6,4 
Oilbitumen - 1,2-4,2 
antracity cull or coal fines - the remaining part  
Manufacturing technology: the coal is crumbled first, then it is conveyed to the mixer, binding substances are added (if the quality of the coal leaves much to be desired), then fuel briquettes are pressed in the molding machine 

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