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Anticorrosive and heat proof covering of pipes. Production line

Heat insulated pipes are widely used in transportaiton of petrol and natural gas via pipelines, municipal hot water and heat supplying systems, water drainage during construction works .

The line has prominent heat -proofing properties as well as relatively low specific density, moisture adsorption, good water resistabce, anti-corrosive properties, frost-resistance, fire-resistance etc.
Under the temperature of  50-150 C wast industrial areas are provided with extra heat .
The line is equipped with melted plastic extrusion machine, extruding module,. water cooler, fixator, active and passive pipe bed control, pedestal with support bushing, foam-former, permanent temperature automatic control etc.
Special features:
1. Process automation reduced the intensity of labor abd number of workers ;
2.Simultaneous performance of several operations including extrusion of a work-piece, feeding metal pipe, foam formation, cooling greatly increased the efficiency of labor ;
3.integral and flow line method reduced power consumption, saved usable operating areas, decreased material and power consumption etc  .
Main technical specifications:
Model  SJ-120 SJ-150
Auger diameter (mm) Ф120 Ф150
Length/diameter ratio  25:1 25:1
Auger rotations (rpm) 10~50 10~40
Engine power  (kW) 45/55 55/75/100
Heating power (kW) 30 50
Bed capacity  (kW) 4( 4 rolls) 4(4 rolls)
Bed capacity feeder power (kW) 2.2 2.2
Aspiration plant power (kW) 2.2 2.2
Foam former (L) 9 9
Productivity (kg/hr) 100~150 150~300
Pipe standard (mm) Ф25~273mm Ф426mm
Outer size L х Wх H (m) 30×4.5×2.5 35×5×2.5
Weight (kg) 6000 8000


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